tyrone pa is going down fast

tyrone pa is going down fast

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j e a


#1 Mar 8, 2007
i rember when we never had to lock our doors at night now you have to keep them locked in the day time get rid of all the crack heads and life time welfare bums yes i said bums thier aer alot of people that are just to lazy to work and they have good doctors to keep them off work so i call those people bums get rid of them all


#2 Sep 11, 2007
Tyrone is full of empty building with a bunch of people who do nothing but wine about it.Give them something to look foward to and they still sit on there azz and do nothing.


#3 Sep 13, 2007
No wonder,look at the sicko's running it.I guess higher education did not work.


#4 Sep 29, 2007
OMG Yes,hes a sicko alright.Wish he would do his job and do what he was voted for,lazy bum.

United States

#5 Nov 8, 2007
The reason people have to lock their doors and be afraid is because they do nothing when it comes to activities for the kids. In the eyes of the kids, what else to they have to do besides experiment with drugs which leads to addiction, which leads to crimes to get the drugs.

When their was a few activities for the kids, people complained about that. I know my own children enjoyed going to the underage dances where they could enjoy the company of their friends and let loose dancing instead of having to hang out downtown to entain themselves.

Why can't we ask the kids in a school poll, what they would like to see in place for the Tyrone area for their pleasure and recreation, and go from there on troubleshooting those comments and suggestions. Then see what the borough can do to obtain money to accomodate such projects. As one of the minority taxpayers, why can't we give something back to the children for a better way of life for them as well as the adults of Tyrone?

Things are only going to get worse if something isn't done.

Altoona, PA

#6 Jun 1, 2010
Well, its been 3 years since your comment, and yes Tyrone did get worse.I cant belive the underage kids that are out on the prowl after 1100 pm, i just cant belive it!! iv see kids as young as 14 years old hangtal if the house would have caught fire alsoin at sheetz jumping out ofone car into the next...Why arnt these kids taken home by the cops???...and whats up with all the black hoodies? is it another wa to draw attion to yourselves?, because if it is its working i see someone walking around with a hood up over there head...belive me they have my attion .Burnng churches and cars breaking into homes and most of these are done by kids unde 18 years old..Tell me whats going on why do they let thes kids keep getting away with these things Burning a church a church... thats just wrong.and those people car just to watch it burn that car might have been the ony way to work for those people.Idont understand how you would raise kids in Tyronethese days, kids see othervids doing wrong but then they they see the system turning thier heads time and time again.. Good luck if you live in Tyrone ..

Altoona, PA

#7 Jun 1, 2010
what happenedto the clean up tyrone project? Start with the familys who dont give a sh.. about whats happening around them You cant tell me you live here in Tyrone and ant see whats happining...Young punks taking over trashing other people prop. more orless doing whatever they want because they know they can gt away with it if the parents cant control thier own kidstake them from them and put them some place where they can deal with them .we will all end up paying for it anyway.. Im so tiredof hearing ..the kids wont listen to thier parents Make tem listen , your the parent just dont overlook it it wont get better only worse just saying!!!!!
J Snyder

Warren, PA

#8 Jun 18, 2010
I have very good memories of this little town. My mom and dad were born and raised there. Most of my relatives live there. As a kid,(1968 -72) I roamed the streets in my bare feet with my cousin who lived there. We would go to an ice cream shop called the Fiesta on the main drag. My grandparents lived in an apartment on the main drag ( which was ton down) and we used to sit in the window which hung over the sidewalk and listen to all the cars honking and whatch the cars. I really loved going to the candy store in town my aunt worked at. We used to get fresh hot peanuts. We would go to the park, which, if I remember right was Wild Cat Park for family gatherings. Those were the days when kids played nice and did not have drugs! Sorry your town is in the shape it is. I will always keep my memories

Gaithersburg, MD

#9 Aug 17, 2010
I just recetly got a job in Altoona and was looking for a nice small town to buy a home. After reading what you guys wrote This Place must be pretty bad!!!
I'm a open minded guy who has a well diverse group of friends, how would this town take to "non-white" people around?
Please let me know gott a make a move very soon...

State College, PA

#10 Sep 2, 2010
brad wrote:
I just recetly got a job in Altoona and was looking for a nice small town to buy a home. After reading what you guys wrote This Place must be pretty bad!!!
I'm a open minded guy who has a well diverse group of friends, how would this town take to "non-white" people around?
Please let me know gott a make a move very soon...
Look I moved here from Ellicott City, MD, about 3 years ago. I have 2 children (13 and 5). Every place has their problems and I agree that there needs to be more activities for youth. That said, Tyrone is still a great place to live. My friends that come up from Maryland say it reminds them of mayberry. These issues are not uncommon for any place. It is a very small town, under 5000 people. When you have a population that small, everyone knows everything so you are more aware of those things that can escape your attention in largely populated areas. I will not move from here, I love it. For the most part it is a pretty quiet town. CURFEWS for anyone under 18 can have a very positive effect on this town. There are a few kids causing a majority of the issues here. Why no one has done anything about it, I have no idea. BUT it is nothing like the crime rate in Maryland, and I think you would enjoy it here.

I also think they need to tear down the vacant buildings. I have been seeing children breaking into the vacant warehouses at the end of logan ave by the VFW. Someone is going to get hurt, and they cant be doing anything good in there. People need to band together and report this activity to the police. The more reports, the more they will do.

Does anyone know what they are going to do with the BiLo building?

We need good people moving into this area. We have vacant houses because a large part of our population is elderly.

Altoona, PA

#11 Oct 26, 2010
I have lived in Tyrone my entire life, and yes it does have its problems, but it isn't any worse here than anywhere else. There are a lot of kid running around all hours but that is a problem with parenting. Drugs are around, but name a place where they are not. Tyrone is still a nice quiet town for the most part with mostly good people who like to help their neighbors(atleast in my neighborhood). I think you would probably enjoy our small town.
smelly paper mill

Clearfield, PA

#12 Dec 11, 2011
Hey, you got that paper mill and pubic housing, what more do you want?

Since: Dec 11

Montezuma, GA

#13 Dec 22, 2011

Butler, PA

#14 Mar 26, 2014
I know it's been four years since there has been a comment but I too, am considering moving to the area. I need to be close to State College and thought this would be a nice alternative. I am wondering if things have changed in the last four years. I have a 9 year old son and don't want him growing up in an area with drug issues (yes i know drugs are everywhere, but you know what i'm saying. I also see the school district has comparable ratings to State College, which i was pleasantly surprised to read.(mush higher than Bellefonte, even!)

Brad, did you move to Tyrone?? Inquiring minds want to know.
Any new input is much appreciated!!:-)

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