The reality is that he is unlikely to be given consecutive sentences.

Typically they set the sentences concurrently (I know, I don't agree with that either). More than likely there will be a plea agreement and he may get 10 to 15 and with good time he will be out in half.

As I always, I hope the the District Attorney looked at his computer and checked if there was child pornography in it. Turn that information over to the US Attorney and prosecute him in Federal court on child pornography.

The Federal law has more teeth in it and he will probably spend more time in prison if prosecuted under Federal law. I hope the District Attorney follows through and, if he is guilty, makes sure he is locked away for a long time.

I only give this guy the benefit of the doubt out of deference for Law Enforcement Agencies which I wholly support. Though the actions of this guy tarnishes the Border Patrol's name, it is not representative of all the good officers that help protect our borders.