Should Matt Bingham be removed from o...

Should Matt Bingham be removed from office?

Created by True to Tyler on Jun 21, 2012

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True to Tyler

Tyler, TX

#1 Jun 21, 2012
He is the kind of crap you get when no one votes. Poor little "Bald headed ass Matt" could never make it in the real world where he would not be able to laws up and put NOT GUILTY citizens in jail.
Big Law

Tyler, TX

#2 Jun 21, 2012
Why do I care if our dumb ass DA puts innocent people in prison for life. When a real court reviews the case it gets reversed and they collect millions of tax dollars.Bingham has quite a record of not telling truth or just making it up. Two more years and the little freak is gone.

Tyler, TX

#3 Jun 22, 2012
Is Matt Bingham the DA that cost Smith County $500,00.00 when he tried the sex ring from Wood County and put them in prison for life? O'then the 14th court in Houston said Matt Bingham lied and freed the people. That Matt Bingham?

Benton, AR

#4 Jun 23, 2012
I have personal knowledge of a situation where Bingham knowingly allowed and likely encouraged one of his investigators to submit a false affidavit and file false charges against someone.

Power is all Bingham cares about. He is a sociopath with no interests in justice; only his own power and political career matters.

He learned his dirty tricks from his mentor, Jack Skeen. They are the same.

Bingham lied and withheld (probably destroyed) evidence in the Mineola case. Skeen lied and withheld evidence in the Kerry Cook case and many, many others. He kept a man under indictment for something that wasn't even a criminal offense a couple of years as a favor to KLTV.

Bingham recently lied to the court in the Cook case. Among other things, he told the court that Cook had made a confession that never happened. He also said that he had not heard Cook's name during all the years he's been a prosecutor in Smith County. That is simply not a credible statement considering this case is infamous and has been labled as one of the worst cases of prosecutorial misconduct.

Bingham and Skeen have been able to fool the voters for so long and get away with so much they believe they can get away with just abuot anything (and they often do).

But, this seems to be the kind of "justice" that Smith County citizens approve of.

Benton, AR

#5 Jun 23, 2012
Skeen should also be removed from office. In overturning the Mineola convictions, the 14th court of appeals said that he made up ad hoc rules of evidence to help the prosecution win. That right there should be enough to get him removed. Add to that his obvious, blatant, and consistent bias. I've heard, and believe it is probably true, that he still runs the DA's office. He helps them plan strategy on cases that are in his court. When they want someone kept in jail to force a plea or to get information from them, he sets unconstitutionally high bonds. Skeen has absolutlely no respect for the Constitution or the law. I suspect he doesn't really know much about the law, he pretty much just does whatever helps the prosecution win.

Multiple complaints have been made about him to the Judicial Conduct Commission. After people started filing complaints he managed to get his political crony, Joel Baker, appointed to the Commission to protect him. The Commission operates in total secrecy.

The citizens of Smith County should hang their heads in shame every day that Bingham and Skeen remain in power.
True to Tyler

Tyler, TX

#6 Jun 23, 2012
Right on Hmmm! The Smith County citizens had a small chance to take back the government with Rust. Bingham chewed him up then trumped up charges and arrested four deputies. Then let them go free and arrested his son a few weeks before the election. They destroy people that want to know where the money is spent and are outspoken.

Tyler, TX

#7 Jun 24, 2012
It's not just Skeen and Bingham....It's the state troopers that work traffic accidents and write speeding tickets. The state gives them a cowboy hat and a white starched shirt and calls them a Texas Ranger(that is a joke). I have a friend that has a picture of Brent Davis towing his boat using a state owned pickup.I forget the law is for us sheep not Skeen, Bingham and Davis!

Benton, AR

#8 Jun 24, 2012
To those upstanding Smith County taxpayers who are concerned about government spending, check out this article:

It seems that Gregg County has been able to reduce its population by implementing alternatives to pre-trial incarceration. And, reducing the jail population has not resulted in rampant crime on the streets. If Smith County did the same, there would be no need to expand the jail.

Why doesn't Smith County do this? There are several reasons. First, Bingham, Skeen and others in charge of the criminal system in Smith County want more and more people in jail and under their control. They view this a part of their "kingdom" and they want to expand their "kingdom." The more people that are in the system, the larger their kingdom is the and the greater their power.

Second, there are other interested parties, such as bail bondsman, who make money off the current system. The federal system stopped taking money for bail more than 20 years ago. In the federal system a probation officer interviews the defendant, does a background investigation, and makes a recommendation to the judge. Most federal defendants are released without posting a dime of bail money. But, on the state level, bondsman have a lot of influence because, particularly in Smith County, they make campaign donations to judges, sheriff's and other elected officials. And, in Smith County, at least in the past, they took members of the Sheriff's department on gambling trips and made other various bribes and gifts.

Third, the DAs office uses unconstitutionally excessive bonds and pre-trial incarceration to extract pleas and otherwise exert pressure on defendants to provide information, etc. If someone is sitting in jail and can't earn a living to pay their bills they have an incentive to plea, even to something they may be innocent of.

Fourth, Bingham admitted that he and other officials in Smith County are simply not smart enough to implement tools that have been given to them by the legislature specifically to reduce jail populations. A few years ago the legislature changed the law to allow for ticket and release for Class B Misdemeanors. At the time, one of the local news outlets interviewed Bingham about the change in the law. His answer was basically that he and the others who run the system didn't know how to make that work. Of course, all he would have to do is call some people in Travis County or others to see how they did it.

So, taxpayers of Smith County, many of you are conservatives who don't like big government, wasteful spending, etc. So, why do you tolerate it locally? Bingham and Skeen seek and larger and more powerful government that wants more and more of your tax dollars. Just look at the attempts over the last few years to expand the jail. Even if their initial proposal for a Taj Mahal jail had been approved, I bet, within 2 years it would have been full and they would have been asking for more. They will fill up whatever space they are given. Someone once commenting on the incarceration rate in Smith County (one of the highest in the state) said that they might as well just build a fence around the entire county. That is what they'd do if they thought they could get away with it.
Big Law

Tyler, TX

#9 Jun 25, 2012
Now I know why Skeen and Bingham are not seen in public. They are worried for their safety. If all this information is true I'm sure the Tyler Paper would have their ace reporter (Kenneth Dean)on the case.Ha old Ken would hide under his bed and cry if he didn't have the AP to pull stories off of!
Turd Ferguson

Tyler, TX

#10 Jun 25, 2012
I'm just glad the little constable from Troup was kicked to the curb with his Daddy..............

Traverse City, MI

#11 Jul 1, 2012
Turd Ferguson wrote:
I'm just glad the little constable from Troup was kicked to the curb with his Daddy..........
Hey Turd did the loan come through for the siding on your trailer?

Benton, AR

#12 Jul 17, 2012
I think we should bump this back up to the top.

Tyler, TX

#13 Jul 17, 2012
bumped! and yes, the courthouse should be swept clean!

Benton, AR

#14 Jul 18, 2012
Bingham's most recent shenanigan (which is pretty tame compared to his run-of-the-mill shenanigans) involves ignoring/stalling an open records request to help influence the sheriff's election. The machine has clearly picked its candidate in that race. It's okay for Bingham to break the law to make sure that candidate wins.

Tyler, TX

#15 Jul 22, 2012
And Hmmmm, that is precisely why the voters need to put in Chris Green as Sheriff. He's not part of the back-slapping good ol' boy network that Larry Smith, Bingham and Baker are in. He's the first of what needs to be a fresh start for several offices in Tyler.

Tyler, TX

#16 Jul 24, 2012
Is there more evidence that County Judge Joel Baker got the position on the Board of Judicial Conduct to protect Skeen? We all know it's probably true, but is there more verifiable info somewhere?
It's telling that the Board works in secrecy--this is the product of a legislature made up of lawyers. A doctor gets in trouble and anybody can go on line and find out what happened. Not so with judges.
What's scary is that even if and when the votors throw Skeen out of office, he can still make a decent living as a "visiting judge" and continue denying citizens in this and other counties of their civil rights. Or, his friends in the D.A.'s office can give him a cushy job, a la Cynthia Stevens Kent.
Judge Baker presents himself as a nice guy, but this is a facade. Having had to deal with him in the past couple of years, I see his true colors. He abuses power and neglects the duties of his office that he finds unappealing. Ask any lawyers who have do any kind of business in probate court (over which the county judge presides) and they will tell you what I mean.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.
up north

Traverse City, MI

#17 Jul 26, 2012
Why does Matt Bingham put so many blacks in prison but will not hire blacks for his staff? He may be a racist!!!!!!

Benton, AR

#18 Jul 26, 2012
Up north, I suspect you are probably right. There is some evidence that the DA's office,under both Skeen and Bingham, have purposely excluded blacks from serving on juries. Apparently, they don't think blacks are capable of rendering fair verdicts. I wish the justice department or someone would go in and take a look at the records for the juries on criminal cases in Smith County for the last couple of decades. I suspect it would show only a very few number of blacks have been allowed to serve on criminal cases. I also suspect if you look at the peremptory challenges made by prosecutors, a pattern of intentional discrimation would be apparent.

Benton, AR

#19 Jul 27, 2012
Let's bump this back up to the top.
Big Law

Tyler, TX

#20 Aug 7, 2012
Mr. Bingham needs to worry about civil law. He won't have tax payer money to fight it. He will have to use the money he feeds his lavish lifestyle with!!!Little Matt won't be happy!!!

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