Hello Bluegrass Brothers.....as I miss the Bluegrass of Kentucky.
I was blessed to attend filming at the Monroe
Home in Rosine,Ky. I was home visiting from CA.
Well I'm still here for now but can't forget
meeting "2" and talking about Ky. and a fellow
he was fond of that's in LA..DwightY.
It was memorable sitting right in front of Ralph
Stanley while I was eating my very own Ky. Fried
Chicken that I had made. The Bluegrass festival
was such a wonderful experience. I thank my friend
Lee Stinnett for taking me that time.
I was suppose to meet up with Bill Monroe for an interview in Nashville and also possibly with Ralph's band as I wanted to get together and write
with you all.. but for some reason I was under the weather for a couple of weeks.. and I had go come on back to L.A.
Good luck to all of you and if you'd like to get
in touch with me .... here it is.
By the way the jamming I heard in Rosine was some of the best that exists.... God Bless You All