cult reportedly in Sedro-Wooley
Old Friend

United States

#45 Apr 29, 2014

I want to thank you for the information you provided. I was friends with Dianna during our teenage years up until she moved to the camp. I had attended one of Victors fellowships with her when he returned to MN up in Rush City. I had seen Dianna slowly change after Victor moved back to MN. I know she adored, even idolized her brother, but they had a crazy childhood so I could understand at the time. Victor is very charismatic and could see that her and Don were very taken in by him. What saddens me is that the person I knew was very loving, kind, sweet, without a mean bone in her body so to think that she was so overtaken by him and to treat others badly or to have the slightest clue what was going on makes me so sad and mad, that is not the person that I knew. I have a million questions going through my mind. Is it true that their mother was there for a time? I know Dianna had children who are now adults, were they treated differently than the other children or were all the children at the time treated the same? I had met Victors wife Stephanie and thought she was very sweet but didn't know her, but can't imagine what she endured. I also know he had children, were or are they still involved? I know one is not. I am sorry for what you went through and am grateful others will testify as well, I am very proud of the girls who had the guts to stand up and say something. again I want to thank you for providing some insight.
Jeff Sjolander

Duluth, MN

#46 Apr 29, 2014
I can see why dealing with all of this is tough for you Old Friend. Thanks for asking, but especially for listening. Thanks for being proud of the women that have stood up, I can relate....they are heroes of mine. :)
Old Friend

United States

#48 Apr 29, 2014

would you be kind enough to answer my questions so I might be able to get a better picture of what was going on as it pertained to those I knew. I would appreciate it and maybe will help for me to just move past my huge disappointment, saddness but most of all my anger. I hope they find him soon so those involved can see justice done and can move on with their heads held high. I for one, support anyone who was involved and endured whatever it was that this person thought he had the right to do, no one has a right to hurt or ruin anothers life.
Jeff sjolander

Duluth, MN

#49 Apr 30, 2014
Old Friend,

I would be happy to answer anything as best I can. Some things I may not know because pretty much everyone has avoided me since I was kicked out over ten years ago. Some things mat be too personal for me to want to share with a stranger. Some things may just trouble innocent victims., Some things may best be left for the trial.....
Jeff sjolander

Duluth, MN

#51 Apr 30, 2014

This video is Jess Schweiss talking. The adults pictured in it are Barnard and John & Katie Schweiss.

When Jess said that she does not even consider John & Katie to be her parents any more it makes me both sad and grateful for Jess' courage to testify.

P.S. I have heard that Craig and Susan Elmblad have moved to Washington state as well. Barnard used to call Craig his "true son in the faIth".

Given that people called Barnard a "true son of Victor Paul Wierwille" and that the late Wierwille is a reported abuser as well.....this doesn't really bode well for what kind of man Craig Elmblad will end up being in my opinion.
Jeff Sjolander

Duluth, MN

#53 May 7, 2014
Here is a link that includes contact information where this Barnard scumbag's whereabouts can be reported to the police.

Broomfield, CO

#55 May 17, 2014
A new article to keep the pressure on to find this pervert.
Jeff Sjolander

Duluth, MN

#56 May 22, 2014
Here is a new story with a fair "Christian" perspective as to this Barnard bottom-feeder fella.
Jeff sjolander

Duluth, MN

#57 May 29, 2014
Yanno, back in the day about the time these allegations of abuse happened it was mostly Pam Roark, Sandy Simon, and Leslie whatsername that claimed that this perv was not abusing the girls.:O

I can't wait to see everybody in court.
Jeff Sjolander

Duluth, MN

#58 Jun 2, 2014
Here is some free advice. Maybe my old acquaintances should compel Barnard to turn himself in and then take to heart this next bit from an advertisement.


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No matter what you’ve been charged with Time is NOT on your side, so call us immediately. Take advantage of a free case evaluation by calling..........

Minneapolis, MN

#59 Jun 3, 2014
What happened to Randy Roarke? I have seen and hear Pam's name, but never Randy. Mark and Jean were my twig coordinators for a while, until they moved to Blaine. Then we moved to Mora, MN. Victor and Stephanie moved up there about a year or so later and lived with our then Twig Coordinators. That relationship didnt last long, and Victor and Steph quickly moved out. They got the farm very soon after. The people they were living with were not invited to continue on with the ministry. My husband and I were invited not to return shortly after that, Hubs started talking to Randy, warning him that there was something off about Victor. I was not submissive enough.... And a few other reasons. We had already made the decisson not to return anyway. I know Pam and Randy's girls were some of the Maidens. But it makes me sad to think that Katrina F was also.
Or any of those children. And it was allowed by the parents. I think they should face charges also.
He defended Dirk when he molested his step-daughter. Of course he would!! Dirk's wife never really cared what happened to her, but you mess with her kid, and she was not nice! She promptly had Dirk arrested and divorced him. Protecting her daughter.
Jeff Sjolander

Duluth, MN

#60 Jun 4, 2014
I'm glad to see another soul's post here Ruth!

I'm very glad that you-all did not continue with the Fellowship. Actually even though I didn't realize just how badly Victor was off until it was mostly too late....(or at least come to terms with the type of man he really is).....I can only be glad that at least some people saw enough to walk away.

I feel badly for all the Maidens and I actually knew all of that first group of girls that Barnard organized.

I can tell you this much with certainty that the situation for the parents is freakin terrible. I can only guess at which point for each individual how to come to terms with their own unique perspective as to where victimization ends and culpability begins. But I am certain that Barnard victimized all of them and that he was a skilled enough manipulator to actually groom some twisted and sick active accomplices.

As for me I am willing to give the parents a break if they deserve it but I would also like to rub all the accomplices' noses in their own shit.
Jeff Sjolander

Duluth, MN

#61 Jun 4, 2014
I've heard that this Barnard sick puppy fella ordained Randy Roark and Craig Elmblad into the Christian ministry....cough...gag. In practice this (from what I've seen) will make them thugs and kiss'ups with a huge ego.

Minneapolis, MN

#62 Jun 4, 2014
I just cant believe Pam and Randy or Mark and Jean would allow that to happen to their kids.
I got to know Victor a little when he lived with my friend and neighbor M&K in Mora. Victor promptly took over the household and started treating everyone like shit. He expected to be revered.
He treated his wife like shit, his kids he ignored. K ministed to Steph a lot because Victor was also hitting her.
We got out of there, We likened Victor to David Koresh. We found him truely scary.
Im so sad to know that the beautiful, innocent amazing little girls that I knew, grew up to be treated in such a horrific manner.
Im happy as you can believe, that we didnt fall under his spell and got out of there before our girls would be claimed by him

Minneapolis, MN

#63 Jun 4, 2014
and what is going on with the Simons? Last I saw P&S, they had no children, but now I am seeing S's name in the news. But without P. I went to school with S.
Some of the reasons we were kick out were
1) we were not abundantly Sharing ( at this point we were the only family that was working and we were having car problems- we couldn't give more than the thythe.
2) Fred was telling RR and MF and DC and pretty much everyone else that Victor was scary.
3) I was not submissive enough.
) we were still talking to M & K
5) We werent abundantly sharing.(this actually should be inserted after every reason. since we were the only working family at that time.)
The fellowship was very small at that point. There were only the familys that were part of M&Ks fellowships that hadnt been kicked out by victor. Cant figure out why he kicked us out when we were the only income he had... But 60 bucks a week wasnt enuff for him. So he got rid of us..
I think we were only with him for about 3 months maybe... prolly not that long, after he got the farm. I rememeber a few fellowships there, but yea, we were prolly only there for about a month
Jeff Sjolander

Duluth, MN

#64 Jun 5, 2014
I never heard that Barnard had hit Stephanie. Even after everything that I have actually seen about him this does two things (one a surprise, the other kinda fits) in me.

#1. I'm surprised to hear something that can still lower my opinion of him.

#2. He is obviously well skilled in using fear and intimidation as a manipulative tool. And like most predators how he reads a person determines what he will try to get away with.

That's why I am not too quick to call out the parents without knowing the details. It may be hard for an outsider to relate to how manipulative he is and just how much mental pressure he is capable of putting people under.

At this point I am mostly certain that Barnard has actually promoted the parents' feelings of guilt and condemnation to keep them from getting angry with him, and even probably to keep them from opening up to the rest of us. When for me...if they realized the callus level of his manipulation they deserve to be even more angry at how he controlled their perceived reality.

As to the Simons, I've heard a couple of different things but would prefer not to guess myself or say something that I am not even close to certain about.
Jeff Sjolander

Duluth, MN

#65 Jun 9, 2014

If you idiots don't get Barnard to turn himself in you and your kids will have to deal with the memory of him playing "Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane" for the rest of your lives...maybe your grandchildrens' too.
Jeff Sjolander

Duluth, MN

#66 Jun 10, 2014
For the benefit of everyone else in the Sedro-Woolley area:
This Barnard fella and his active accomplices are fully capable of having people give their daughters' futures to him and have the parents actually thank him for the privilege of letting them give their daughters to him. They are capable of taking any domestic marriage issue and turning it into a situation where the wife is letting him bang her while the hubby is thinking that he is a bad hubby and his wife needs Barnard's support. They are completely capable of running your own daughters' lives while having her tell you that he is a Man-of-God.

The top few people are extremely dangerous manipulators, but most of them are just straight victims being fooled.
Jeff Sjolander

Duluth, MN

#68 Jun 19, 2014

To my old friends...seriously people!!!??? And as to the women he hit on, at what point did you think it would be OK for him to control the maidens?

I am so angry at you all that I don't KNOW if I want to give you a break or not.

Union City, NJ

#69 Jul 11, 2014
Did the Bankeys know? Was Aubree a maiden?

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