If the guy used a gun, he'd be up for life... murder. I think drunk and drugs combined with the death of another is murder. The guy sucked the stuff down, nobody held him and forced it down his throat. I do not believe he can claim he is not responsible; he is, he put himself into a state of drunkeness by his own hand just as if he picked up a gun, pointed and fired. For that he should be up for life with no parole unless he can bring his victim back from the dead or death if his backround shows he has no redeeming value. And lets assume he will find Jesus on the way in to court. Bible says an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth; vengence is mine says the Lord. But this only taking care of business so the perp and family should not take it personally...its just the business of getting it right and not enabling the perp to go kill again in 20 years. Cause next time it may be you or your loved one.