Wisconsin / Citizens paying to rebuil...

Wisconsin / Citizens paying to rebuild the face of a killer

There are 17 comments on the TwinCities.com story from Oct 12, 2009, titled Wisconsin / Citizens paying to rebuild the face of a killer. In it, TwinCities.com reports that:

Daryl Strenke called to his former girlfriend to come out of her Comstock mobile home so the two, who had recently broken up, could talk.

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Saint Paul, MN

#1 Oct 12, 2009
I can cure that problem.
Common Sense

United States

#2 Oct 12, 2009
It is incomprehensible to me why I should be paying, not just for the surgeries, but just to keep this man alive. I agree with his mother, he shouldn't be made to suffer any longer. A swift injection should put an end to his suffering. There is no rehab possible here, no doubt of guilt, no reason why an obviously unstable person should be kept around.

Minneapolis, MN

#3 Oct 12, 2009
Smartass wrote:
I can cure that problem.
So can I but I need a little help from a chair. And some power from Excel Energy.

Minneapolis, MN

#4 Oct 12, 2009
Should rebuild a gallows and hang the pile of chit.

Dayton, OH

#5 Oct 12, 2009
He was a real winner, that's for sure.

Minneapolis, MN

#6 Oct 12, 2009
If working stiffs can't get decent health care, why is this total waste of skin and air getting anything?
not afraid

Bloomingburg, NY

#7 Oct 14, 2009
Are these people for real? Reconstruct his piece of trash face? Give him another chance and reload a shotgun for him. Maybe he could finish the job he started in the first place and kill himself. And his dear mother should watch as punishment for raising this piece of trailer-trash garbage. And, also my sincere condolences to the Verby family for their loss. My heart goes out to them.

Tampa, FL

#8 Oct 15, 2009
In answer to "not afraid" above, apparently you have no family, i.e. child(ren), and if you do, I feel very sorry for your family. When they do something wrong,(not IF), you will find out that the best you have done in raising your child(ren) does not always mean that they will be good citizens. Parents, for the most part, do not raise "bad offspring", so in your vindictiveness towards Mr. Strenke's mother is in very bad taste. I find that what goes around, comes around. Maybe you ought to learn some compassion. Oh, yeah, you gave your heart out to the Verby's, but you don't sound like you even have a heart. You contradict yourself. Besides, we don't know the whole story and you, myself or anyone else for that matter are not to judge. That is for a much higher court who really knows what happened. Oh, by the way, why did you call the Verby's daughter trailer-trash????
tax payer

Saint Paul, MN

#9 Oct 15, 2009
1. appalled...please reread not afraid you goofed.
2. State of Wis, before yo spend a dime more on this killer, help the working poor.

Tampa, FL

#10 Oct 15, 2009
To continue, I would like to address "common sense" who thinks we should just give him the needle and be done with it. Who are you to make a judgment? When your child(ren) does something terrible, and I find that many children are not being raised by moral standards anymore, are you going to feel the same way towards your child? I bet not! So, when, not if, your child is in terrible trouble, just remember what your words were towards others. You will be judged, but not by me or anyone else. Too many people are uncompassionate and this will come back at them. The way you raise your child(ren) may come back to haunt you with your own words. Wouldn't that be ironic? This man can barely eat, barely talk and there is a lot more to this story than any of you know about. He should have been given medical attention right away, not years later. I have researched this and find that there is a lot more to this incident than anyone is being told. Not necessarily what you are reading is true. Maybe the truth will come out someday and you will all eat your words. In the meantime, don't blame the family and criticize their upbringing, especially when there are so many of you out there that are not doing such a hot job yourself of raising your children. Americans better wake up because most of your children are being raised without both parents, no discipline anymore, no values being taught, the kids are left alone too much, they need love and attention, instead of buying their love and no time to get to know them. Oh yeah, then you wonder where it all went wrong?

Tampa, FL

#11 Oct 15, 2009
Taxpayer, we all pay taxes, not just you. I did not misread not afraid. She/he calls Mr. Strenke trailer trash, yet I know the only one living in a trailer was Verby. So, what not afraid is really saying is that he/she has a problem with people living in trailers, huh? Talk about judging all books by one cover. Also, I would like to note that this is NOT a REconstruction. Mr. Strenke never had surgery at all, let alone REconstruction. If this was a cosmetic surgery thing, that would be one thing. The fact that surgery options were taken away from the prisoner is another. Look at this example: Perpetrator runs from police, police shoot and hurt perpetrator. Perpetrator gets sent to hospital to save his life. That did not happen in this case. Even though he "supposedly" shot himself, which I am not convinced that is what happened at all, he still had the "right" to rebuild the roof of his mouth so he could eat, had the "right" to reconstruct his nasal passages, etc, just like any other prisoner would have had done, whether self inflicted or inflicted upon. Can you really tell me from one prisoner to the next, well, that one is ok, he can have that, but no, that one cannot have anything done. After reading the court docs on this case, I believe this case was handled badly by the sheriff's office, there is absolutely no evidence of ANY kind in those records to prove guilt. I believe there was political ambition in the way of this case, it looks like the prisoner had all his rights stripped, like the right to a fair trial. All too often someone is presumed guilty, instead of innocent before guilty. His right to have treatment was withheld. Maybe you all should be reading the court docs and decide for yourself instead of just believing what a one sided storyteller is telling everyone.

Osceola, WI

#12 Oct 19, 2009
I'm discusted that you think it's o.k to smear my family, I raised my children as best I could.We are a close family, we help each other out. When they become adults we can only pray they make the right choices and live by God's word. Why do you feel you have to torment me (are family)we did nothing wrong. Our family hurts along with the Verby's, Samantha confided many things with us but theres a place and time to reveal it.Not on the internet, because were not that kind of people, were not out to hurt any one. Every family has things that they regret from there past. Would you really want to be judged for your past mistakes, like you've judged my son ? We all have to answer for our deeds on judgement day. If Daryl had not been rushed to Judgement his surgery's would have been done already. I still believe that every one of God's children has a right to medical procedures that are necessary.

Cameron, WI

#13 Oct 20, 2009
I do not like the comments that have been stated by the Verby's. Verby stated on his video clip that Daryl shot Samantha 10' away. If he wasn't in Samantha trailer, and was in his house on the same property, like the investagation report stated, that Verby gave to them. How would he know this. Seems like a bit conflicting statements here!
One can never know the effect these statements have on others. We are all glass houses and subject to breakage. And the comments made about the Strenke's and the other family members, are cruel and unkind. I don't think further needs to be said here. I cannot imagine the private hell both parties have felt. Verby's not only lost a stepdaughter, but Strenke's lost their Son, also.

Bringhurst, IN

#16 Oct 21, 2009
What people object to is that there is no REAL medical need for this surgery. He has lived 7 years with this. He plead guilty. Many, many people are in disfiguring accidents and suffer injuries as traumatic as this, yet they don't get the surgeries to rebuild their faces. To the person that argued that his face isn't being rebuilt, what would you call it? Because that's exactly what it is, a RECONSTRUCTION. Which, as evidenced by his being alive seven + years later, is obviously not NECESSARY. He has had multiple surgeries already, to get it to where it is now All on our dime, BTW. Also, he has a brother in prison as well, for child molestation. So that gives you an idea of his upbringing. I think his family should quit sucking from the taxpayers funds; they've already taken more than their share.

Cameron, WI

#17 Oct 21, 2009
We are talking about medically needy. Uses a feeding tube for 7 years. He needs a roof in his mouth so the pureed food don't come out of the two nasel openings. He don't even have a nose! They are not talking about plastic surgury here. And another thing, what does his brother have to do with this? Until you have all the facts, please do not judge this family. You can't even imagine what this has done to them.

Boyd, WI

#18 Oct 23, 2009
he made his decision when he used that shotgun

Dayton, OH

#19 Oct 26, 2009
crowd wrote:
he made his decision when he used that shotgun
They should give him another shotgun shell and let him see if he can do it right the 2nd time.

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