30-Minute Chase: Man shot, killed by ...

30-Minute Chase: Man shot, killed by police likely unarmed

There are 59 comments on the Charlotte.com story from Dec 19, 2007, titled 30-Minute Chase: Man shot, killed by police likely unarmed. In it, Charlotte.com reports that:

A Mooresville man shot and killed during a police chase Monday likely wasn't armed, an official said Tuesday.

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#21 Jan 24, 2008
yeah emily, tub's my boyfriend. i never got to meet danielle but from what i have heard she is a great loving mother. i met hugaboo when i was still in high school, long time ago, and we used to kick it all the time. then as we both grew up we kinda lost touch but the last time i saw him was when he had pneumonia and my friend nicole and i went to his house to visit. i wish i coulda kept in touch better. i'm still close to his uncle dale and robin tho. and i know that we all have an angel watchin over us.
police no good


#22 Jan 25, 2008
you kno what i think about the whole situation about the chase its bull shit and cops are so crooked and thompson ought to be ashame of his self don was my baby and i knew him and dats all bull shit he aint have no weapons are drugs they prombly planted dat shit on him
wanna know


#23 Jan 25, 2008
Question. I keep hearin that tommy thompson is the one who shot'em. Is this true? has it been made public or is it just rumored to be so?

Charlotte, NC

#24 Jan 27, 2008
What about the children that will grow up without there mother ! Because they took her young life for no reason at all ! I hope there is some good Justice in store here ! And who cares how they were rasied . I wish I were on the Jury .

West Monroe, LA

#25 Jan 27, 2008
wasn't thompson or dyson caught with a hooker in charlotte and some meth???
a man who knows

Charlotte, NC

#26 Apr 3, 2008
I think if the deputies tried to stop him for over 30 minutes..all the time he was in thr wong lane endangering innocent people.......maybe at the time when he drove his truck at officers it is killed or br kiled and the officers I am sure LOVE THERE FAMILY AS MUCH they r protecting us....not the other way around and most likly the reason for the face shot is if u are driving that is the only part exposed...they had to stop him....and I bet if u family was hit by him u would be saying they should have stopped him no matter what...so how can these officers win, they will suffer with this for the rest of there life.....and it was the bad guys decision to run an endager everyone one the road
a man who knows

Charlotte, NC

#27 Apr 4, 2008
uknow wrote:
wasn't thompson or dyson caught with a hooker in charlotte and some meth???
I guess so since they are narcotics officers dont u think if they had been caught it would be on the news
mizzin u

Hendersonville, TN

#28 Apr 30, 2009

Monroe, NC

#29 Jun 17, 2009
I knew donnell personally, we dated for years. Things are not always what they appear to be. I spoke with him a couple of days before he was killed. If anything his mind was very unstable, To say that he was just a criminal is so very wrong. To say that he was not sane is even worse. This man tried so very hard to make it in this world. I dated him before and after he went to prison, and for for a year and half after that, This man kept a job, and prayed to the same god that we all do everyday. Donot think that he was a career criminal, he was a man who with one felony charge on his record as a youth did what he could to survive, He didn't ask for a hand out just for compasion. And i think that it is sad that after he is gone those who never knew him, would speak of him this way. For you will never know what you have to do to stay alive and care for the ones that you love. I know that this is a year later but i just came upon this page and it broke my heart. I remember him the man he was that is why i have his initials and a angel tattooed on my arm. I will continue to drive to mooresville and place flowers on his grave.
give me a break

Charlotte, NC

#30 Jul 31, 2009
go to school, pay attention, and do your HW

stop making excuses for this nonsense.

do the crime, do the time.

Indian Trail, NC

#31 Aug 17, 2009
to give me a break. i would Love to see how you act if you were in the same situation. As far a going to school, how many of your mass murderes went to school and got degrees. As i said before think before you speak. If you belive everything that you see on t.v. and in newspapers you are a fool. Because with this story, many facts were false. Many papers printed 2nd hand accounts and then had to go back and re verify their story. If you dont know the whole story then just hush

Crouse, NC

#32 Aug 24, 2009
Our cops are doing a great job! They do not need to ask questions! If you behave thaey will not shoot your ass off!

Charlotte, NC

#33 Sep 3, 2009
i knew donell also he was a sweetheart and a good father 2 his daughter he loved her so much now she will grow up not knowing her father and to the cops they all crooked any way if he was not armed why they fire off if it was a white person the be here still of today but look hes not and that pisses me off i dont believe nothung the cops said about the drugs on him are anything they probably planted it on him especially thompson and dicen 4rm da derrtyvilleaka mooresville you all are crooked if i was his ma i would have sued due 2 the fact there as of cops are not 2 shot or fire there weapon unless you are armed and bout to fire if i could kill them and get away wit it i would and do them like dey did us black people make em slaves hang em now i know thats not very nice dat wasnt nice wat they did either he was also some ones child you feel me assholes.

Charlotte, NC

#34 Sep 3, 2009
shut up they could have stoped him in another way wat if he would have had his child in there wit him huh think b4u speak shotting him should not have been a option wat about shotting or blowing out his tires to stop him thinkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!

Charlotte, NC

#35 Sep 3, 2009
give me a break wrote:
go to school, pay attention, and do your HW
stop making excuses for this nonsense.
do the crime, do the time.
what crime did he commit the only crime i c done was a innoccent life tooken 4rn crooked cops
union grove nc

Mocksville, NC

#36 Nov 6, 2009
ok people,how sad is it that we even have to worry about these things and taking time to remind all of the world that we all make stupid and sad decisions,but we must face the consequences of our choices,and sometimes they are not what we expect!!Our world as sad as it is at times does have so many positives as well!!We all need to try to focus on those as much as we can,even though it is so hard at times.I am a mom that is only a young 42 and i have lost two precious little boys when they were very young,i now have 3 wonderful blessings that i (we) have been so blessed to have.Yes i hurt i still cry,and oh my gosh how they are missed,but i try to remember who gave them to me and that I will see them again,even in all the mistakes i know i will make in my future .But you move on as best as you can,take day by day,and do the best you can do with what you have today!! Try to remember everyone,we cant change the past,live for today,and look forward to tom.exp,when you have God on your side!! And let me tell you he is even in your darkest moments.I know,for i have been there.As have so many other parents in so many different situations,love what you have today,for we need not forget that baby can grow up and become a productive part of life and can make this young mans family proud!!!My wish for the family left behind,are happy memories,love,smiles and please please thank God for the time you all had together,for me i was blessed with 6 months of smiles and oh so much love....All of you go out see what we can do for the better of today,and for the future of tom.... Much peace ,to all.... try to Rem. that even in the bad we can always think of the good!!!!!!!!

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#38 Dec 18, 2009
I'm really sorry they didn't kill Ramseur.
Jack Daniels

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#39 Dec 24, 2009
I know this. These damned cops need to keep those guns in their holsters where they belong unless somebiody has a gun, and they also need to stop running around here like it's the wild wild west. I had a girlfreind in High School hit by one of those bastards driving like a mnaiac over 100 MPH with no lights or siren on and blew a red light and slammed into her in the passengers side door. The car looked like a horseshoe, she had glass embedded in her head for months that had to grow out, becasue the Doctors do not remove glass as it causes more scarring than letting it naturally work it's way out. She didn;t wake up for two days, and it's only a miracle that crazy cop didn't kill her. They need to lock some of these crazy nuts up in the cage with the rest of the criminals where they belong. They nedd to obey the same laws as everybody else. NOBODY is above the law.
On top of that, these cops drive like maniacs all the time. They've got a lead foot, and drive like the gas pedal is a damn on/off switch, panic stop, blow stop signs every time they come up on one, tailgate people, we've in an out of lanes like they own the road we pay for, and I cannot count the number of times I have seen cops and highway patrol, and sherrif's cars flying down the road at insane speeds with no lights or sirens on at all. How mnay people have been killed by them I have no idea, but this happens continuously, and I haven't seen one yet that actually did drive like they had some sense. I'd be willing to bet the number is pretty high, and also bet we pay for the resulting lawsuits in wasted tax dollars after they get their asses sued off for it.
These nuts will dang sure write somebody a ticket, but won't obey the law themselves.
As for the comment I read earlier about relying on one? I'd NEVER rely on one, nor would I even trust one around here again. I called on them one time in my life when I could've really used some help, and will never make that mistake again. I'm now prepared to protect myself like I should've been to begin with. The house was broken into, the door was standing wide open about broke off it's hinges, and I ran and called them from a neighbor's house not knowing if somebody was still in the house. I waited for over 45 minutes and then had to take care of myself by going over to another neighbiors house, borrowing a gun, and searching the house myself. I could've been killed and cold by the time they got there. 1 hour and 30 minutes later they drove up, and I just told them "It's over now, I called you guys an hour and a half ago. Thank god there wasn't an armed robber in the house." They actually wanted to search the hosue, and I just chuckled and told them "I've already taken care of it." Later on I got a call to be questioned about my own house being broke into, and the SOB's were trying to imply I had something to do with it. Yeah right, I'm gonna break my own door down and steal my own shit. How stupid can somebody be. NEVER...EVER trust a cop. You can't anyone. The only thing they'll protect and serve anymore is protecting themselves, and serving victims a bunch of trouble. Protect youselves, and your family and property, because you can't trust the cops anymore. Been there done that, and learned the hard way.

Since: Jul 08

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#40 Dec 25, 2009
They wouldn't have shot him if he wasn't acting in a threatening manner. Again, I'm really sorry they didn't kill Ramseur. Really really sorry.
Jack Jackseane Bon Beanie

Pacific, MO

#41 Dec 28, 2009
I think some like Tabby are not reading the story here. Look at the head line "30 Minute Chase". 30 minutes? What the hell was this guy doing and why didn't he stop for the police? Hmm... I wonder... Sounds like this upstanding individual got what he disserved to me, but thanks for the input there Tabby. Moving along.... Tabby & Emily, you both sound like you need to go back to school and retake basic grammar.

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