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Muncy, PA

#1 Jul 21, 2007
I had the misfortune of having to spend a week in T or C on company business, and found it to be the least friendly of any city I have traveled to thus far. While the inhabitants are friendly enough, the business owners and clerks are exceptionally rude. Most act as if they are doing you a favor, and very rarely even say thank you for your purchase.

There were two small dive bars in town, and both cater to the drug scene. One in particular called "Rockys" even had a slightly built male bartender with a ponytail and baseball cap want to know if I was interested in something harder than alcohol. When I said "no", he then asked if I was "holding". I proceeded to call him a few choice names and was promptly asked to leave.

A drug store which I visited not only refilled my prescription, but every remaining refill available, providing me with enough to last for the next thousand yers. When I raised a fuss, the clerk asked if she should call the police...all because I wanted a refill and received 5 months eworth.

Other business have a tendency to appear a bit annoyed at you bothering them, and are usually very discourteous when asking questions.

Again, the individuals in the town seemed friendly enough, but the businesses have very little customer appreciation.
Other traveler

Philadelphia, PA

#2 Dec 13, 2007
I experienced very similar situations. The shop owners don't say much to strangers. Also very curious was the large cross on the lawn in front of the Sierra county courthouse. That's not exactly legal is it?
worried mother

United States

#3 Dec 16, 2007
My son Arsalan Serajian, 26,made a serious mistake.He took the exit at ToC on 10/09/07.He was seen on the surveillance video of super 8 motel at 3:30 pm checking in for one night.Later he was seen in front of his car in parking lot.My son disappeared since then.His car was abandoned at Gila Cliff Dwelling.PLEASE if anybody knows anything about my son email me

Oaxaca, Mexico

#4 Dec 31, 2007
USA Traveler, I agree. There is a health food store there, Little Sprout, nice enough name, but about a year ago, a stocky middle-aged woman, acted liked she was annoyed she had to ring me up at the register. Believe it or not, McDonald´s min. wage workers were more enthusiastic for my business!

Truth Or Consequences, NM

#5 Jan 6, 2008
Try dealing with a police force that is very prejudice and compounded by alot of unexperienced preppies buying cheep businesses and that is why this town will not grow The Steve Greening of Trc let a very few people make $ and the hateful business owners are the only reason this town is not prosperios

Truth Or Consequences, NM

#6 Jan 15, 2008
I will never patronize any part of that hateful city. While in a coffee shop I beleave called Coffe or Tea on the main drag, I encountered the predudical side of that city. I left a half of cup of mocha after being soooooooooooooooo tired of hearing a bunch of over - caffienated bigots airing out everyones dirty laundry, which disgustingly was encouraged by the owner and his wife or girl friend.
Resident 2

Truth Or Consequences, NM

#7 Jan 17, 2008
After reading these stories I wanted to comment. I came to this town 4 years ago because I liked the "cosmetic side" of the down town. Then it was very nice but quickly the town was presuaded to become a gallery town that only manifested a few local grade school art. And alot of new young business owners came in and formed an allegence in this downtown are that allowed who THEY FELT appropriate to be comfortable in there stores. And granted hateful business owners have always been the down fall and disillusionment of many who live here. It is unfortunate that there is soooooo much seperation in this town being so viable as a hot springs resort IF the vacationers werent ran out and took there vacations over time elsewhere.
The police have always been preduice in ther profiling anyone who IS DIFFERANT and openly talks degrading to the many mentally ill here and the fact of the matter is THIS TOWN has many disabled.
If it wasnt for a loving and caring family I too would MOVE.

Since: Nov 07


#8 Jan 18, 2008
I have been here off and on for 25 years and can tell you that it has changed drastically in the last 7 years. I left in 2000 and it was just another small town doing it's best to survive, I came back in 2007 and it has turned into an Artsy-Fartsy, snobbish tourist trap.
Fran Slaugh

Rock Springs, WY

#9 Jan 28, 2008
I guess i do not have the same complaints as others I havent been back to Tor C since my Grandpa Bryant passed away in the 80s. The only thing i can say ive been trying to find any Chatfields or Bryants.and emailed a lot but no gets back to me.You see my mom was Mary Francis [Bryant] Renick.My grandparents were Hubert and Rosie [Barbra]Bryant.I have a cousin that used to be the chief of police David Bryant.All we would like is some information. So if some could help it would mean so much to us. Thank you Fran Slaugh
Jesse Anglin JUDGE

United States

#10 Feb 7, 2008
I can not believe that anyone in their right mind would vote for Jesse. She stated that she would be an unbious Judge, whatever!! She needs to worry more about fixing her home life then " The Village of Williamsburg". She claims that she is the mother of five kids! Let me correct that. She is the mother of TWO kids! One of the children that she is claiming has NEVER spent a night in that house with her. Her "Fianacee" doesn't even claim that kid, and she doesn't want him around! He hasn't spent any time with him in the last two and a half years! He wants nothing to do with him, and is fighting NOT to pay child support for him! Another one, they hardly see, except in the summer and everyother Christmas. And when that child is there it spends more time with HIS parents then them! One of her kids doesn't even know who is real father is! At one point she was married to a state police officer, who wanted nothing more then to adopt him, but before he could she cheated on him and he divorced her. Don't get me wrong I am sure they had their problems before that, every marrige does, but that I can say without a dought, is her M.O. She has by no means a good reputation. Or you can say, she is VERY well know by many people! Many people have even wondered if her youngest child is really her "fiancee's". With a great reputation as hers I wonder why!! And this is who wants to the make The Village a better place. Please stop me from laughing!!! Take care of your own affairs before you try to mess up anything else!
Resident 3

Truth Or Consequences, NM

#11 Feb 19, 2008
This place has the worst criminal justice system and no one in the system knows (or cares) about the law, speedy trials, human rights, investigations. They do know profiling, stacking charges, etc. People are afraid to say anything cause all that will do is get you arrested for something!
Come here on vacation, leave on probation, return on violation.
No I have not been arrested!

Borger, TX

#12 Feb 24, 2008
Resident 3 Arent you the hater who has the photo shop? You and your angry bigot friends who own businesses here ARE the reason it has been so unfriendly anymore. Should I mention the name RAVEN> we all know, and hear your prejudice towards the gypsies who have bought homes here since the 60's.
Were you there when the police falsely aressted him on trumped up felony charges he beat 2 times? Were you there when he was attacked infront of Coffee TRC by the local hippy hater Leo Karpunkski while he tried to blame him for stuff he wasnt even in town for during the time? Were you there also when your friend David who owns the store waved a state policeman away as he was being assulted and wound up with a gross negalence civil suit now pending? I will answer NO!
There are 38 people {and Growing} who are now actively envolved on exposing business haters and holding the local business establishmnet accountable for there prejudicial hatered as THE MAIN REASON this town can not be the abundant Vacation spot it used to be BEFORE the Steve Greening of trc and cattering to these businesses who are encouraged to buy into this old sysytem that is not tolerated anymore here.

Borger, TX

#13 Feb 24, 2008
Why don't the people who are actually concerned about this just take a voice against it? Tell these business owners that you are not going to support them or allow your family to do so either?
Who really is the worst here? The predjudice or the quiet customer who just says nothing as it is exposed to them BECAUSE it isnt projected at them.
Until we change these things inside us They will always exist and always be around us. I can change my heart but have no power to change others.
Am I just as responsible as the hater if I just quietly turn my head when I see it around me? Well I guess this is a personal issue for each individual to decide. Personally HELL YEAH I would.
Charles TorC

United States

#14 Mar 3, 2008
Wow.I can't believe what I am reading. Aside from "worried mother" (to whom my heart goes out)I have had nothing but nice things to say about this town.A few "less than cheerful clerks" aside I have found the townspeople to be very nice and most store workers or owners the same. Perhaps I have traveled enough in the north east of the US to have a different perspective on what constitutes rudeness but really I like it here very much. Time will tell I suppose. If nothing else I will try to be extra nice to try make up for the other ones
Ellen Evans

Los Angeles, CA

#15 Mar 5, 2008
Fran Slaugh wrote:
I guess i do not have the same complaints as others I havent been back to Tor C since my Grandpa Bryant passed away in the 80s. The only thing i can say ive been trying to find any Chatfields or Bryants.and emailed a lot but no gets back to me.You see my mom was Mary Francis [Bryant] Renick.My grandparents were Hubert and Rosie [Barbra]Bryant.I have a cousin that used to be the chief of police David Bryant.All we would like is some information. So if some could help it would mean so much to us. Thank you Fran Slaugh
David last went to work for Dona Ana county Sheriff's office in Las Cruces, NM
totally shocked

Albuquerque, NM

#16 Mar 17, 2008
I was amazed when i found this site on the web. In reading the above messages I Hear a lot of anger and dissatisfaction. What thrill would you get from bashing another person on the net? Does that make you any better of a person than the one you claim to be upset with. I was raised in T or C, left for 10 years, and have been back since 89. In general the residents old and young are very hospitible. I feel the residents here are very accepting of change. Take a small time town and move the artsy shops in and you are not hearing a lot of fuss.... Take time to see how you present yourself to others. Everyone is entitled to a bad day....
Vindictive Ex

Albuquerque, NM

#17 Mar 17, 2008
Thank you for your commentary, even though only one or two things are close to accurate. Everyone knows how ex's can be and the things they say. The First Amendment is a lovely thing. Your interpretation is just that, those who know Jessie know the truth behind this all.
Ellen Evans

Albuquerque, NM

#18 Mar 17, 2008
ATTN Fran. David Bryant is my nephew. If you want any info on David e-mail me at I will get you in touch with David. RJ
Fran Slaugh

Albuquerque, NM

#19 Mar 17, 2008
Hi Fran I am David Bryant Aunt. If you will contact me I will get you in contact with David.

Jesse Anglin JUDGE

United States

#20 Mar 17, 2008
Thank you to the person who responded "Vindictive Ex" about the comments. I am glad there are so many of you who have approached me and feel the same way about the post. Ex's are just that...Ex's... and for a reason(s). I did not feel a response was initially necessary to the Jerry Springer type commentary by the San Antonio blogger, but I did want to thank the person who responded to the comments. Oh by the way T or C, Williamsburg, Elephant Butte and surrounding area have wonderful people, I wish I could apologize to those of you who have had bad experiences here, but there are bad experiences in every city at some point. I couldn't help but read some of the negativity that was said about the area. That's too bad.

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