the towns bells were a sound that us locals had come to love because some of us did not were watchs and that was a way to let us know the time .as a kid it was the waning that we ,i would have to heed home
there are many thing to spend your time worring about in truro other that the sounds of harmony ,such as who is going to run into you on the hi way and were they are from,if the person a the beach is going to take there trash home with them or not
also if the school is going to have a there budget inorder to take are kids on great field trip that will give them life experinces that they will engough for the rest of there lives .not weather or not if a bell is going to wake some one up or knot and further more if u moved close enough to the town hall were the bells that have been since i can remember thhen you have to ask your self if you belong in trur or not.because there are many of us who cant afford to here those beautiful sound coming from those bells.
I suggest that you pack you bags and move because those are the sounds of truro that us local peopl come to love !!!!!!!!!! p.s get up and go for a walk on the beach in the morning u won't have to here them or better yet move back to you townhouse in the city were all hours of the day and night noise pace threw your ears.