Police overtime bruising budget

Police overtime bruising budget

There are 181 comments on the Connecticut Post story from Aug 9, 2008, titled Police overtime bruising budget. In it, Connecticut Post reports that:

Police officers racked up nearly $9 million in overtime last year, contributing to the city's fiscal year-end budget deficit of a whopping $19 million.

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upyourblogospher e


#1 Aug 9, 2008
"McCarthy said one problem is police must provide protection during shows at the Arena and Ballpark at Harbor Yard. None of those hours are reimbursed under the lease between the city, which owns the facilities, and the arena and stadium operators."

Of all of the city property that should be unloaded to the private sector, that absolutely-contraindicated albatross of an unnecessary piece of municipal real estate should be unloaded immediately!(Another example of one of the "wonderful things" that Jailhouse Joe did to "save" Bridgeport!)(Wasn't it nice of Bridgeport to create a safe, secure entertainment venue for the suburbs! We were even nice enough to throw a few hundred Bridgeporters out of their homes so that the folks from the "burbs" wouldn't have
to feel uncomfortable during their entertainment excursions here!... Of course, our hospitality is appreciated by the "genteel folk"...)

Whichever of the city's legal and development geniuses negotiated such an idiotic, damaging lease -- if they are still in the employ of the city -- should be fired!
There should also be an investigation to see if "kickbacks" from the lessees were involved in the negotiations...


Piscataway, NJ

#2 Aug 10, 2008
Bridgeport has been actively seeking ways to get people into the city to provide income for the businesses. When they do they blame the cops and list them in the ComPost?

We should be thanking these officers for sacrificing their personal lives and families to cover this overtime.

I know the ComPost listens to the scanner as I do. I often hear Bridgeport call for overtime and many times there is no reply.

Don't blame the cops, don't ask them to work the overtime then.

And yes, there should be surcharges on tickets to the cover the overtime for the Arena and Bluefish games.
Joel Gonzalez

Glen Cove, NY

#3 Aug 10, 2008
Que pasa upyourblogosphere? I am not sure about any kick backs from the lessees. One thing is for sure the City sees less. I was skeptic about the stadium when I was in the Council and I went along with the agreement that building it would not cost more than 7 million and the owners would pay for policing the stadium. The construction cost was double, the contaminated dirt on the site was part of Ganims scam and we are paying for the policing. Dennis Murphy, Joe Ganim and Mike Freimuth get all the credit for this. These are men (If we can call them that) of no word. Don't expect any changes, the team owner is Chairwoman of Bill Finchs' Committee.
Joel Gonzalez

Glen Cove, NY

#4 Aug 10, 2008
Try running this City without overtime. As I recall, during the 5 years I served with Finch on the Council, there was always police overtime and he never complained about it. One way to look at it, is to admit that the overtime budget was underfunded when considering the man shortage, vacationing, retiring and injured police officers. If you are short 10 bodies, ten others must make that up. If 20 are vacationing, retired or injured, others must take their place. I guess hiring Seasonal cops hasn't caught up yet.

Seymour, CT

#5 Aug 10, 2008
why is this guy Bigelow always the top person every year...my friend tells me this is a type of person who would cut your heart out for a dime....someone like this should be removed from working O/T

United States

#6 Aug 10, 2008
"Police officers racked up nearly $9 million in overtime last year, contributing to the city's fiscal year-end budget deficit of a whopping $19 million."

Good Morning All.

Is it me or is this first sentence a bit misleading? When I first read it I understood that the BPD had contributed $9 mil towards the deficit of $19 mil. But then I read more and it seems that BPD went over budget by $1.3 mil.

My question... is the $1.3 mil a great increase in what the department has gone over budget in the past? Or is this average?


"Figures released by the city show police logged $8.8 million on inside overtime during the 2007-08 fiscal year, which ended June 30. That's $1.3 million more than budgeted."
Fire the chief

Maitland, FL

#7 Aug 10, 2008
The list are guys who arnt even doing police work, joe santillo, what a joke.

Joe Gaudett, coward, I havent even seen him in 10 years.



Fire the chief now.
OT This

Norwalk, CT

#8 Aug 10, 2008
These abusive pigs are just plain thieves!


#9 Aug 10, 2008
It is time that Norwood did his job. Instead of being just a token minority chief. We presently have 418 men and women on the PD. There are 100 supervisors counting the chief. That is a ratio of 1 supervisor for every 3 patrolmen. Are you kidding me.Pretty soon we will have all supervisors and no patrolmen.
Norwood do you think you can come up with any more specialty units to add to the horse patrol, Segway patrol.motorcycle patrol, bicycle patrol,ATV Patrol. Disband these units and get these people back into patrol cars.How do Deputy Chiefs make that much overtime? What the heck do they do. The published list shows only 2 patrolmen and the rest are supervisors. Why is that ? It is time to fire Norwood as he does not seem to have a clue. He is never seen and never speaks in public. Does he really come to work?


#10 Aug 10, 2008
How is that just 10 people account for$588,270 in overtime? Are they the chosen few?
f u all

Waukegan, IL

#11 Aug 10, 2008
why is it that cops are always criticized as far as the budget, no one picks on the schools,they get an increase in budget every year and thier test score are no better, crime goes down we get nothing, crime goes up we get blamed.......the millions of overtime being lost is to high ranking supervisors who make $80. an hr. on overtime and ofter suck it to the max during events around the city...look at the vibes, high ranking officers worked 16 plus hr. overtime shifts but no one says squat to them, but god forbid as a patrol officer, i work an extra shift so i can afford to buy gas and groceries for my family to eat i get told we have to cut that back from you......start at the top where O.T is costing the city the most....make Deputy Chiefs a salary position, oh wait they would never want it then......its still a scam and a kickback people, Finch tells the higher ups in the police dept. to do this and that, cut the budget, etc,etc,etc and they get left alone to work as much as they want and do what they want in return to doing what the Finch talles them to do....
how about the Holy NET team, they work unlimited amounts of overtime, no one tells them they need to cut back, there pay comes from the city budget also.....why is that fair to let them have o.t and not state it needs to be trimmed from there also.
leave your working cops alone, Chief Chapman was the only chief that understood this, he took care of his patrol cops, and in return we all worked hard for him, he kept the supervisors in check and made them accountable, and morale and crime was at its lowest peak in the city....you would think with morale and times very bad with in the dept. Chief Norwood would attempt to step up and and least BULL S__T his cops into thinking he cares, but he doesnt even do that....he has made no attempt to even try to improve the conditions with the dept. Buying bicycles, segways,ATV's, and taking 2.2 Million from ther city for these rediculous GAS Guzzling( 5-7 MPG....does the public know this) Charges.....you want to cut some of the budget Finch....a Charger Police Car gets filled up 16 galls at say $4.00 a gallon($56.00) ever two days...times 3 shifts....$11,000 every two days....EQUALS almost $1,900,000........two million a year just for these facy A#$ charges, and that does not include the other police vehicles.....way to go norwood and finch....lets take the most non cost efficiant vehicle and put it out there and complain its the cops who work overtime who really are hurting the budget....SEE YOU AT THE GOLF TOURNAMENT.
Bobby Lupo

Cheshire, CT

#12 Aug 10, 2008
Again as stated...check the list...everyones a Supervisor except for the CAD Sgt. Bigs...THERE IS NO NEED FOR ALL THAT WASTED OVERTIME MONEY PAID FROM THE DEPT. BUDGET....TIME TO CUT THEM OFF NOW...patrolman work day and night to make that money and many guys are divorced or have problems at home because of it...Oh and the City forgets to tell everyone that they add a SURCHARGE onto all private work about $10.00 an hour for every hour worked on OUTSIDE OVERTIME by a policve officer...that account is making the CITY about $850,000 dollars this year off of the Policeman's BACK...funny thats not in the article...CT. POST DO YOUR HOMEWORK..and as far as working for free for a week..STOP SMOKIN CRACK..AIN'T HAPPENING..YOUR A DREAMER MR. MAYOR...SEE YOU AUGUST 15TH..LOOK FORWARD TO IT
Bobby Lupo

Cheshire, CT

#13 Aug 10, 2008
If you don't want to cut the fat at the top better start layin off starting at the bottom..two new classes??? while bums are hanging around NOT DOING POLICE WORK...HIDING ON LIGHT DUTY ETC....PUSH THE EJECT BUTTON...NO SWORN POLICE OFFICER SHOULD BE DOING CIVILIAN WORK...AND WHILE YOUR AT IT STOP THE "FIVE YEAR RETIREMENTS"..stop hiring these over 50 yo for Police work thats a recipe for disaster and the Unions tired of CARRYING these people
mauna loa

Los Angeles, CA

#14 Aug 10, 2008
Is bobby lupo "Joseph Stalin".No Light duty, no five year retirement, stop hiring over 50. I'm sure your the type of person who calls "911" if you hear a mouse FART at night. Typical mercedes riding liberal Pig.

Englishtown, NJ

#15 Aug 10, 2008
How's the gas guzzling SUV doing, Finchie Boy?
Tom Jr

Pompano Beach, FL

#16 Aug 10, 2008

United States

#17 Aug 10, 2008
How in the world Mr. Finch has ask the police officer to work a week for free. He needs to stop smoking. First of all itís illegal to work without pay. He should know that. I am sure if the people in Bridgeport, ask him to get a pay cut he would go crazy.
Also, why are you giving O.T to the supervisors? Please. Finch you need to take a class in accounting, before you open your mouth.

No wonder Bridgeport is in the state we are, with budheads like Finch running the city.
Disgruntled Taxpayer

United States

#18 Aug 10, 2008
Could someone out there with some knowledge of the inner workings of the Police Dept explain why it is necessary to have a Deputy Chief(Honis),working (or if you call it that) numerous events at the Arena. I would think that a Sgt or Lt would be able to command that detail!

United States

#19 Aug 10, 2008
Is Bill Finch going to give up a week's pay?
Horses Rule

United States

#20 Aug 10, 2008
These salaries are staggering. Who is going to want to go to college when you see these numbers. I have a BA and an MBA and don't even come close to what these guys are making. Obscene is the only way to descibre it. Spin it anyway you want, PD members chiming in here. If your base is 55K - there is no way in hell you should double that with overtime. Give some of the otheres a chance instead of hogging it all to your greedy little selves.

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