This opinion is flawed from its opening premise. The Albany County Family Court handles over 20,000 cases a year and the ideal Family Court judge has years of experience in Family Court and thorough knowledge of the law. This is a heavily burdened, hard-working court serving real people with real needs.

The children and families who appear before the Court rely on dedicated professionals like Rika Murray to ensure their cases are heard and resolved quickly and fairly. The attorneys who represent these clients are skilled professionals with years of experience and knowledge of the law. Placing an inexperienced judge in this situation invites lengthy appeals, delayed decisions, backed up cases and needless suffering for those the court serves. This is no place for on-the-job training.

Rika Murray has dedicated the past 25 years to serving the children and families of Albany County in the Family Court. She has heard thousands of cases and written thousands of decisions in the Family Court. She knows the Court inside and out. Rika’s deep and extensive knowledge of family law and her years of experience in Family Court make her the only choice for Family Court judge.