Calling ONLY current & former Brooksh...

Clyde, TX

#143 Nov 30, 2010
Earth to Red Dawn....Nov. 2009....HELLO, IS ANY BODY HOME?
red dawn

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#144 Nov 30, 2010
hello hello PLUTO, MFC are you home? pluto burger boy do return to the subject (brookshires brothers) this is not a stage for your political OBAMA praising, BUSH bashing socialist rants. even a chat about a grocery store has to turn into a BUSH bash.

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#145 Dec 3, 2010
What Is A Low Keel wrote:
<quoted text>
You are correct, this thread was incorrectly named "Calling ONLY current & former Brookshire's employees." Brrokshire's is a Tyler-based grocery and Brookshire Bros. is headquartered in Lufkin. They supposedly have an understanding never to locate in the same town.
May be 2 different companies but it is essentially the same family - just different branches on the family tree.

Crockett, TX

#146 Dec 3, 2010
Actually it is not the same "family". One of the companies isn't owned by any of the Brookshire family at all.

It used to be one company, originally. But years ago the company split up into two, then one of them sold out completely to their employees, who now "own" the company in a profit sharing plan.

The Brookshire Bros in Trinity is one of the employee owned stores, based out of Lufkin, as are the Huntsville and Crockett stores.

Crockett, TX

#147 Dec 3, 2010
From having had several family members over the past couple of years work for the company, I can say that of the 2 companies the family owned stores are run much better and treat their employees much better. Unfortunately we do not have any stores from that company locally.

Mr. Maliff at the Trinity store is alright, though the store does not get the financing to make it as fancy and well stocked as some others are, but it has a decent location. Crockett has it even worse.

Over in Huntsville, the Store Director, Mr. Gustafson, is a total douche bag in "real life" with little regard for employees, but he does put on a decent smiling-faced front for regular customers. His wife is a real "ice queen" as well so they are a good match. Ironically Gustafson has employees who are married to his corporate superiors. Mr. Watson, in Huntsville, is his total sidekick, and equally as bad personally, but Mr. Lopez is actually a decent guy.

There have been some charges of discrimination at the Huntsville store, and the company is currently under investigation by the EEOC and TWC Civil Rights Division in Austin, as well as being currently under investigation by OSHA for unsafe conditions.

The company has also had some major recent financial problems and had to lay off more than 50 people at their Lufkin office a few months ago, and dump their workload onto the staff that were left. Though denied by the company public relations department, they have also been cutting some of the workforce in the stores as well.

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#148 Dec 4, 2010
Silly wrote:
Actually it is not the same "family". One of the companies isn't owned by any of the Brookshire family at all.
It used to be one company, originally. But years ago the company split up into two, then one of them sold out completely to their employees, who now "own" the company in a profit sharing plan.
The Brookshire Bros in Trinity is one of the employee owned stores, based out of Lufkin, as are the Huntsville and Crockett stores.
Didn't realize one side of the family had sold out to employees.
The stores in the north- run out of the Tyler area are a lot nicer and seem to be community oriented.
Cpl Flamingo

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#149 Jan 22, 2013
BB is by far the worst company to work for. My friend even works for the company and the district manager Kent Pursley likes to pick and choose his favorites. Allowing managers to run the store while they are only in their 20s and still only babies themselves is a bad idea. I have worked for both the Smithville and Hallettsville store and needless to say they need to completely clean house. The smithville store is nothing but drama and full of lazy people that do absolutely nothing but sit around on company time and gossip. One of the managers there Sylvia Washington has been caught coming out of the dairy cooler with another employee. We all know what happened in there. There has been employees taking items out of the back of the store and black marketing them on the streets as well as employees marking meat down and changing the date on fresh meat to buy for themselves. The Hallettsville store also needs to clean house, store manager Ken Moore is also a kid himself and doesn't have the right to operate the store. He is a liar and I personally have proven him to be one. The Hallettsville location has family members working on board and if your not family or from that town your not welcome in the store. Now back to Kent Pursley the district manager, he will discriminate against you and if you have a sick child he will act like you weren't home with them and then accuse you as a manager for not doing anything to take care of your kids. No but we spent all night at the ER just sitting there on several occasions. Really what kind of manager does that. He also doesn't do anything about situations when they are brought to him. You basically have to go over his head in order to get something done so you have to go to corporate to file a complaint about any little thing. Then corporate will back their district managers up so basically whatever decision he makes is final in their book. I was wrongfully terminated because people were constantly gossiping about me and store manager Ken Moore decided he was tired of hearing my name come up. Well TWC is now paying me for wrongful termination and what is sad is corporate lied to TWC about my termination and BB will continue to pay me 3,000 bucks. If BB decided to be in the stores and get involved with what is going on they wouldn't have issues like these. Why doesn't someone from corporate send someone undercover to work at each store and figure out the issues and make BB a pleasant stress free work environment?

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#150 Jan 22, 2013
So does this mean their hiring?
hear this

Katy, TX

#151 Jan 24, 2013
under the family leave act sign by the prisident bill clinton , they cant fire you are demote you because your sick are someone in your family an you have to take off from work!
go ask most any lawyer outside of trinity county

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#152 Aug 6, 2013
I have a question & am hoping this thread isn't closed, as I really need some advice.
I worked for Brookshire Brothers (full time) for 5 years, found another job, gave notice, did all the things I was supposed to do. I had good reviews from my superiors, and was offered a good raise to stay, but felt my next job would fit my family better.
I contributed to ESOP, and at the time the company started this, the handbook stated that after an employee left BB, they would have to wait 5 years to access their stocks.(I'm going from memory here, so if anyone here knows any different, please let me know). Well, 5 years later, I called HR and told them that I wanted access to my stocks. I even remember the ladys' name that I spoke with. She told me no, that I could not have access to my shares, and gave me some line of bull that I don't think she even bought, because there was no concrete reason for denying me.
Unfortunately I did not keep the ESOP handbook we were given when it first started, so I don't have any documentation from that time.
Does anyone have any advice for me?
I'm at a point in my life that financial desperation is driving me, even if I have to find a lawyer.
Thanks for any help

Trinity, TX

#153 Sep 3, 2013
I quit working for Brookshire Brother a year ago and called about my stocks. They told me that I had to wait 7 years.

Fort Worth, TX

#154 Oct 21, 2013
Ya after reading all of this it seems like to me all the store r the same shift way I work for one right now n I started off as a grocery bagger n then transfered over to be a night stocker because I really am n need for money and I was promised a raise n if been a night stocker for 5 months now and still yet to c a raise I'm still being paid $7.75 n I bust my ass every night doing my job my coworkers jobs n the 19yr old dairy managers job I'm the lowest paid person there on nights but I'm one of the hardest workers I have to work at least 40hrs a week to get paid $250 which is a big rip off if I say so and then we r not allowed to leave when we finish our job once we finish our job we have to do what the dairy manager hasn't done all night because he's young n throws his power around but he never gets n trouble for it we get blamed for everything which is one reason why they r cutting my hrs now from 40 to 30 but the managers don't care because they only cover there asses to be honest n they r really starting to push me to the point I'm gonna quit n punch them n the face because I'm working 9days with no day off n having to be told that I'm going to slow n I'm not doing my job right by a manager that is at home sitting on his ass while I'm working to get out on time n the last 3days they have put me under so much stress I haven't been able to sleep my blood pressure has been getting very night n honestly I think this job is killing me n a sense I have no life I work nights to try to help pay the bills n a house full of 6people if I got a well needed raise I wouldn't be so mad but I mean they hired 3 people with 0experince n started them off with $9 an hr n I'm still getting $7.75 I think that is total shit n this store is just filled with asshole managers that have let their power go to there heads n I just think its shit n then customers expect so dam much from us I mean I'm a stocker I don't handle any of the produce tell me why this old lady asked me were something was n I tried to help her out n she screamed flipped me off n cussed me out n said that I'm a stupid piece of shit cuz I work here n don't no wut she's looking for n then I got wrote up for if......I hate brookshires I also hate the fact that I have tattoos n I have to cover them up but the black people do not
Nice Guy

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#155 Dec 13, 2013
I work in a Brookshire's store based in Tx, and working there is a complete nightmare. I spend many nights in a cold sweat rolling around in my bed because I'm panicked to go back to that shithole. While I'm at work, I basically have to work as a manager on a McSlave's pay. I would love to get another job, but after countless applications, no one has given me a call. I'm one of the fastest cashiers in the store, I never fail to put on a fake smile (even though I want to pimp-slap literally every idiot that walks in the door), and I was promoted to the level of office cashier at age 17. Fuck 'em all.
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#156 Feb 25, 2014
I am a former employee. I would have to say I would never work for the company again. during my year of work there my mother became very ill and once I got the call my department manager, deli at the time, told me I could not go because she had no one to cover me. I told her that I would return my stuff the next morning. needless to say right before I left department to leave she told she would see me the next morning. and that just one issue. the same year I was in a major car accident and when I returned brought doctors note and everything that I could return to work but could not do any heavy lifting. when I would ask for help to get heavy stuff out of out freezer I was wrote up. at this time there was a John Moore working as assistant manager. I had to call in almost every fifth day I was schedule due to doing the heavy lifting by myself. john moore called me on my third call in and told me to either come it or turn my stuff in. I turned my stuff in the next day. this company has no regards to policy or laws either.

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#158 Nov 19, 2014
I use to work for brookshires and yes they are that way. They dont care if your family or loved ones or anyone is sick or anything. One month i had a fever and it was a bad one and i couldnt get out of bed and i told my wife to call them and when she did the next day i got a write up slip cause i had my wife do that. They will work you so hard and cut hours and they could care less about you. They promised to make me a groccery manager and everything but they lied about that so yes i know the feeling so i just quit im like ill go find me another job now i work for a christan store and im a manager a produce manager so God is good
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#159 Mar 20, 2015
What is brookshires policy on tattoos
Tattooed man

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#160 Mar 20, 2015
tattooed woman wrote:
What is brookshires policy on tattoos
No tattoos on private parts.

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#161 Apr 10, 2015
I currently work for brookshires and I'm not liking it very well. Everyone says they work around school, but they don't. I'm having a hard time completing my homework whenever i get home at 9:30/10:30pm, and need the sleep. The store director is rude, and doesn't treat everyone fairly. I intend to find another job and quit as soon as possible.

Weatherford, TX

#162 Apr 10, 2015
tattooed woman wrote:
What is brookshires policy on tattoos
You have to have them covered up completely. You're required to wear long shirts under brookshires shirt, and it's ridiculous.

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#163 Jun 26, 2016
I'm a current employee of B&B and I've been told I have my prioritys mixed up because my uncle was put on life support and was about to die and they told me I was unreliable and I've also been working there a month and not received the first penny I do other people's jobs and they keep saying my pay card will be in tomorrow and well they been saying that for a money so basically I've been working for a month for free and I tried to request off today because I had to take my sister to the doctor and they told me if I take off I would be fired for being unreliable so when I go back to work tomorrow I will no longer be an employee of B&B

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