Stop Sexual Harassment

Stop Sexual Harassment

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Disgusted Woman

High Point, NC

#1 Sep 13, 2013
I'm a woman with traditional morals. I don't believe in homosexuality, adultery, sex outside of marriage, or interracial relationships. I ride a bicycle as my main transportation, and I do so because I *have to,* not because I want to. Every time I ride my vehicle, it is for IMPORTANT reasons like going to work, shopping, eating, paying bills, etc.- ALL the same things rich White women in High Point do. I never ride for stupid reasons like mere pleasure. I simple do all the SAME things that everyone uses a car to do.

I am also a loner. I believe in keeping to yourself, and focusing only on your own family, your chosen friends, and any authority figures over you. I believe it is immoral and wrong to speak to strangers or even notice them, or to speak to anyone who doesn't speak to you first.

I simply want the right to be IGNORED when I am in public and allowed to do my important business without minority members and low-income people approaching me for sex or acting like I owe them something.

I am sick of feeling trapped in my own home and not being able to go out without ANY stranger men approaching me like they own me and being so arrogant as they think they have a right to notice me or any other self-contained, independent woman in their own world.

The last time I was out, some patronizing, entitled-feeling, Mexican with excessive libido yelled out his car at me like I was some kind of whore while I was out riding my bike as part of a computer service call I was going in. I felt so utterly degraded.

Each time I am approached by someone outside my ethnic group, I feel like I am being targeted because of my race. I get tired of people claiming that ALL races are equal and then trying to force themselves sexually or romantically on people outside their race. If they truly felt everyone were the same, they would have to reason to single out women outside their race who have a different culture from them. The majority of non-White men who approach women feel that people of their race are superior and that White people are inferior. So they see the "inferior" race's women as no good but to rape, harass, and use as sex objects. My heart goes out to the women of my own race who date outside their race and let themselves be used as trophies and sex objects, but yet are too naive to see it. Having Stockholm Syndrome must be quite blissful.

I shouldn't have to face sexual harassment and unsolicited interactions with men because I am White and ride a bicycle everywhere. I deserve and have earned the right to be left alone and ignored - just like the rich White women who drive cars.

What can I do?
Disgusted Woman

High Point, NC

#2 Sep 13, 2013
Maybe it is time to hit the town where it hurts until they stop ALL sexual harassment of women on Main Street, English Road, and other places in High Point. So how about each time I as a proud White, born-American, non-Hispanic woman get sexually harassed by men outside my ethnic group, I try to do what I can to hurt the furniture market? I don't want to do so. This is my town, and harming its economy would be shooting myself in the foot.

I am not a whore, everything I do is for me, and I should have the right to do things and be ignored and treated constantly as a stranger whom nobody can know. If you see someone on a bicycle, you are obligated to treat them 100% the same as if they are in a car. Just like you don't approach a car that is moving or has its windows up, you should give cyclists the SAME distance and respect.

I don't know why BM and Mexicans in High Point are so insecure, needy, and so sexually perverted. NORMAL people don't think about sex all the time, and NORMAL men are capable of treating women as EQUALS and platonic (non-sexual) friends and can think of women without thinking of us as sex objects. Thinking of women as sex objects as a sign of inferiority, but nobody has to be inferior since that is not a choice anyone has to make.

Miami Beach, FL

#3 Oct 11, 2013
You are completely right, and it is wrong that this is happening to you. I think you should post your experience on or . Both of these websites are created to help stop sexual street harassment, an often overlooked problem in today's society.
Disgusted Woman

High Point, NC

#4 Oct 13, 2013
Thank you for the links!

I've been to ihollaback before. However, I don't know if they would be a good fit for me. I mean, I feel like I am being targeted in part because I am White. It seems members of minority groups are looking for White women around here to make a political statement or because they hate their own women. That site cannot seem to get the race and gender connection, so if you bring the reverse racism into the picture, they will likely brand you as a racist. I had considered starting a IHB satellite club. But they are very tight about who they let start one. I know their reasons are good since they fund the websites, provide the training, etc., so they want new clubs where they are needed and will become self-sustaining. But maybe I should apply. I am not sure I can abide by their bylaws, but they are the biggest game around it seems, and their influence would help the area. Besides, IHB's approach might get more here on their side. Even if I started being the local leader, that could always change, but the priority should be to start it first.

High Point, NC

#6 Apr 10, 2015
Hey, if anyone wants to be an activist in helping stop street harassment in HP and the surrounding area please email at:

ts_research at

(replace "at" with @ and remove any spaces)

I've contacted Hollaback and related sites, called their numbers, etc., and as of yet, none has gotten back with me.

As for what we could do, I have a few ideas:

* We could organize a protest, and I am willing to pay the required fee, apply for the permit, and act as the "marshal" if necessary. We could carry signs during the event.

* We could put up fliers in places where it is legal and appropriate for doing so. It is not legal in High Point to put fliers on telephone poles, and it is against postal regulations to put fliers on mailboxes.

* We can write as many people as possible. Businesses would be a good target. A number of warehouses and showrooms have problems with their dock workers harassing women. Problems in retail businesses can be addressed too.

Any other ideas?

Los Angeles, CA

#7 Jun 25, 2015
Spotted Gurl what is it about you that make people think you need help? From your blog you can't go anywhere without people jumping into your life to help I mean rape you. You must really stand out somehow if people I mean rapists stop traffic to stare at you. Your neighbors sound nice I mean too stupid if they want to help I mean rape you with your attitude. Why can't they figure this out? Maybe you should move to a neighborhood with more apathy and fewer Blacks or are you waiting for all the Blacks to move remember they are all too stupid rapists who won't stop getting in your face every time you step out and with your attitude not changing their tolerance and forgiveness of you they won't learn their place and stay away. Surrounded by horny Blacks and poor White trash fatsos and each and all of them rapists I feel sorry for you you poor thing. Really consider moving to a White neighborhood full of self-centered brothers and sisters who will at best stand around and cellphone video you when you need rape I mean help. But you can always come here to Topix for therapy because the Tales of the Sputtering Gargoyle remind the rest of us how lucky the rest of us are to not have to deal with such inconsiderate evil in our daily lives. You are truly brave to face this alone and God is obviously on your side. You are a blessing to us all. Consider what the other bloggers say because you mentioned thoughts of violence, revenge, hate, guns and how you wish some people would die and how the court declared you fit for society even if you are surrounded by stupid people who notice you and are drawn to you in public as if you are a shining beacon in the dark night. I am finished now so go make your report to the Topix mods because that is clearly part of your therapy and we know the mods are anxiously waiting for your daily contact. God bless you.

Greensboro, NC

#8 Jul 10, 2015
Biracialscooter, why do you have a problem with White women fighting for their rights? Why do you accuse every one of us women of being the spotted being you are so obsessed with?

Are you going to be an activist to stop street harassment, or are you just going to bully those who actually want to help stop it?

Are you deciding to be a blessing or a curse?

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