Pastor Ronald Diggs
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Fredericksburg, VA

#1 Feb 18, 2010
Hey, does anyone know anything about this guy in High Point?

All I really know is that he preaches "health and wealth" and might be about to switch churches. Oh yeah, and I've heard him say swine flu and the recession are basically shams, like just scare tactics or something.

What all does anyone else know about weird things he's saying/doing ?


Lexington, NC

#2 Feb 21, 2010
Close your mouth. You are just Jealous of this man of God.

Eden, NC

#3 Dec 6, 2010
He preaches wealth and health.He is more interested in building buildings than saving lives. His church does no commuinity work. They are very interested in money not d word.If u want to have a good time go to his church.Very greedy.He like to drives very expensive cars. He is a lover of things in Satans world not Jesus world. Take church money to purchase expensive houses. He took church money and built a gym on site. Abandon his first wife. Broke up a church.A follower of the false prophet.He does not train anyone to teach in the community.He wants your money money. Many false prophets will rise in the last days. I ask one of his 20 year members about the 1000 years during the time Jesus rules heaven and earth. The person was lost. But he dress very nice and drove a nice car. He knows very little about the bible.He do not no how to teach the bible. Listen to him he talking about what he thinks. his members cannot teach anyone anything because they have a very bad instructor. His church is like our schools. A lot of money but very bad results. He will be one the ones to tell Jesus look all the work he has done.Jesus will tell him to get away from him. He do not know him.

High Point, NC

#4 Dec 9, 2010
This preacher is helping keep the young people off the streets. What are you doing to make this a better world?. Tell what the devil is doing. Leave God people alone.Are you living right?

High Point, NC

#5 Dec 20, 2010
Yeh I have seen him to.He is caught up on wealth and health not Gods Kingdom. Let thy kingdom come.When the king of kings returns. You ever see brother Diggs doing any preaching on Washington Street. When the last time he visit the shelter.This where he is from. I guess he wont fill right around the people he grew up with. He cannot get much money off his old neighborhood. He will get his clothes dirty. Some body may ask for a quarter. He wants to follow in Kenneth Copeland.He looks down on the poor.He profit off of Gods Word. Satan is very proud of him. He is a servant of the false prophet. He will do well in Satans world. He is pretty good.

High Point, NC

#6 Dec 21, 2010
Washington street have churches about 5 or 6. I haven't seen them come out and saved no one.Where are you? What have you done. The word of God is out there. People have to accept God way of living.

High Point, NC

#7 Dec 26, 2010
I live around Washington Street and ate breakfast at one the churches. Some them have cook outs. One the Preahers walk the streets and teach the word.One the churches give out clothes. Their is some fine churches on Washington Street that do good for their community. I know Diggs from High School. I sold him drugs.Hung out with him and other friends on Washington Street. He looks the other way and do not speak now. That is his business. Just leave the churches on Washinton Street a long. They dont have the money your church has and dont teach Properity. They are good churches. May you seek the Truth. Truth. May God blees you and Diggs and lead to his true word.

High Point, NC

#8 Dec 27, 2010
If it's that good then you all don't need Pastor Diggs.God bless.There's always more people that need help.Are everyone on washington street save and off the street and going to those churches now. Then keep up the good work. So I guess I want see you laying around drinking and dopping no more right. Now keep those street people out the street. And stop gossiping about brother Diggs.

Eden, NC

#9 Dec 27, 2010
You can tell the God you serve from the tone of your post.May you fine some where to get sprital help. May God Bless you. May God BE With YOU. John u need to study the bible and speak more kinder about people. If any one is dopping and drinking they need help just like you need help. Pastor Diggs can do what ever he wants to do. That is his business.This is a Post people can say they feel. Free Country.

High Point, NC

#10 Dec 27, 2010
This man is the proud owner of $850,000 home and a $250,000 home. He dont have time for yall poor people any more on Washington Street.Yall quarters and dimes wont support his church.Thank god that Jesus died for us. Just believe in him. It is free to learn the truth.Remember the woof will come in sheep clothes.Leave Diggs alone. He will do well in this world. He does the work of the fallen one.He will be rewarded the gold and silver of this world. Follow the teaching Jesus and you will recieve everlasting life.

High Point, NC

#11 Jan 6, 2011
to all you people out there practic love ,it is a great lesson

Madison, NC

#12 Jan 18, 2011
Totally wrong focus...
Bob I started to respond to your question and then I realized that got some responses that totally focused on Pastor Diggs the man... I would strongly suggest that you visit and make a decision for yourself. I personally, I have grown spiritually and Ive learned tremendously from his teachings... The past couple of weeks he has been speaking on the love of God and I must tell you it has been awesome. As I change my mindset, it has a direct affect of my family. WE all have a past and we all have made mistaake. Please know that whatever mistake we or Pastor Diggs has made, it did not CANCEL Gods plan for our lives. The more I comprehend the love of God. His unexplainable, unquestionable love for ME/US it overwhelms me.
I also do work and gift to the community :)

Greensboro, NC

#13 Jun 27, 2011
The is a true man of God say what you want I know this man I would be dead if it had not been for his love, and teaching, so those without sin cast the first stone. He can preach about drugs and anything else out there he's been there done that just like the rest of us. He follows no man he follows JESUS CHRIST.

High Point, NC

#14 Jul 11, 2011
I use to attend this church years ago and worked with Diggs for a while.
I find the comments about him baseless. None of the comments have anything to do with the man. You are attacking the word he preaches,which actually comes from the bible.
Maybe instead of spending all your energy on Diggs you really should study your bible.
It is obvious you dont know what God has promised you.
P Diggs

Durham, NC

#15 Jul 21, 2011
It is very important that you watch what you say about the anointed of God, all ppl who are doing great things are not anointed and all anointed ppl of God are not doing great things. That is for God to decide not man. Your job is to serve God with all your might and follow him only. Find a church where you are lead by God to be and serve. You do the will of God and leave judgement of others to God only. Speaking against a man or woman of God can be deadly, please read The Word of God on that. It is hard to sit in judgement of others when you are diligently seeking God for you self and are selflessly giving of yourself to your community. We have to realize that we are cursing ourselves when judging others, we put place ourselves in gods place when doing that.

Eden, NC

#16 Jul 29, 2011
Fact: He follows Kenneth Copeland
Fact: He has a homes worth $850,000 and $250,000
Fact: He preaches the prosperity (wealth & health)
Fact: Most of his members are poor blacks
Fact: He drives cars that cost more than his members annual salary
Fact: He split a church
Fact: He do not live in High Point
Fact He raise money to build great buildings even one for himself

Fact: We use say he was crazy growing up. He still is he can make you laugh.

Eden, NC

#17 Aug 16, 2011
P Diggs How do you know he is anointed.
Can he bring back the dead?
Can make blind man see?
Can he make the deaf hear?
Can feed thousands From one fish and one loaf of bread
Do he he out and help and give to the poor.

Jesus anointed his deciples with great gifts to heal and even bring back the dead.
What gifts do he have besides bring great wealth to him self off of poor blacks in High Point NC and then move 35 miles from the city out of reach in a million dollar house. What would Jesus do?
High Point

Eden, NC

#18 Aug 25, 2011
People will have to answer to God who use his word to to create great wealth for them selves. Jesus died for our sins not for people to make a lot of money off his name. The root of evil is the love of money. Jesus did not live in a $800,000 house off of money he collected from the poor. I think when he started his preahing he did not have a home.

Eden, NC

#20 Sep 15, 2011

United States

#21 Sep 30, 2011
Well wrote:
P Diggs How do you know he is anointed.
Can he bring back the dead?
Can make blind man see?
Can he make the deaf hear?
Can feed thousands From one fish and one loaf of bread
Do he he out and help and give to the poor.
Jesus anointed his deciples with great gifts to heal and even bring back the dead.
What gifts do he have besides bring great wealth to him self off of poor blacks in High Point NC and then move 35 miles from the city out of reach in a million dollar house. What would Jesus do?
Oddly enough, I did attend a service where some one was brought back fro mthe dead. I was also healed from cancer through the faith he instilled in me and him praying for me. I have hear of several deaf people gain hearing and lives being changed and poor people learning how to become prosperous through his teachings.

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