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Home For Holidays

Albuquerque, NM

#1 Dec 28, 2009
It was good to be home for the holidays to visit family and see old friends. But what is happening to our town? Thugs and bums wandering the streets at all hours. Shopping gone to hell. More loud and pushy Texans than ever before. Restaurants closed and out of business.

For example one evening I went downtown to try a pizza place. Of the two that were recommended, one was closed and the other was out of business. Went to KFC and they were out of chicken.

Buffalo Smokehouse was out of business. What the heck happened to that place? They used to be great, and people were always eating there.

So went back home for sandwiches, then went out to WalMart to pick up a couple of things. Very busy, being the day before christmas, but there were only THREE checkouts open in the whole place. The self-checkouts were broken also.

Encountered these sorts of experiences almost every place I visited and every day during my stay. Whatever the hecks going on back there in Trinidad you'd better pull to together soon, or I fear the worst for my hometown...

Shanghai, China

#2 May 20, 2010
I'm not from fact right now i live about as far away from it as can be (China), but i bought a lot on Cougar Canyon a few years back thinking the place will develop and seeing signs of redevelopment in the quaint downtown area. Then the financial crisis hit and i keep reading and hearing about the losses - Trinidad Brewing Company, Buffalo smokehouse !!(place was packed whenever i ate there in summertime) and then i find out last month, that Cougar Canyon is filing for foreclosure while they tie up other investors. Is the town going to make it ? it seems that demographics favor the place and it has a charm to it that would attract alot of people. What do you hear ? Do you think this is a temporary letdown for the town ?

Colorado Springs, CO

#3 May 31, 2010
It seems the town isn't even trying .I've been back here for four years and watch it deteriorate daily.The Legacy on Santa Fe drive has been open for over a year and not even half full.The East Peak Pub,The Brewery,JoJo's Pizza and other businesses pfft.With all the empty buildings around downtown,why the the Chamber of Commerce doesn't promote new business growth is a travesty.Politics,as usual,is the main culprit of no growth in the 'Dad.There is allegedly some stimulus money coming in May.I hope that it is used wisely.

Trinidad, CO

#4 Jun 4, 2010
The Legacy has to compete with the TSNH ,the staff and residents there at TSNH are very happy.
the pubs had such a limited appeal and were undercapitalized the could afford little advertising.
jojo's i believe competed with itself(hubby and wife were in competing businesses)
The economy is down nationwide but the SBA is more concerned with new businesses than business retention .the failure rate(new business) there is 80%.
just one more big blunder of the fools in Washington. I know business owners that have refied away from SBA adding fees etc as the paperwork and restrictions are stifeling
Loud and pushy TEXAN

Perryton, TX

#5 Jun 9, 2010
I guess I am one of those loud and pushy Texans that over taking Trinidad. We lived in Denver area for several years and it makes you appreciate Trinidad. We have enjoyed Southern Colorado and it's people for the past 40 years. My parents and now myself and family, still have the cabin up around Stonewall. I feel like Trinidad is still a great little town and I know it will come thur with flying colors. Maybe that is what it needs, is for the economy,(LOUD and PUSHY Texans, Jayhawkers, Sooners, and Tourisim in general).
HANG in ther TRINIDAD, you and its people will do fine

Colorado Springs, CO

#6 Jul 12, 2010
Bad John..Joe didn't compete against his wife's business next door.Women's clothing versus pizza?Washington has nothing to do with it.T-dad government seems to have something against creative investors.There are so many empty classic buildings that need refurbished.City Council needs to be more creative.Being a former employee of the Legacy,it is ill managed yet can solved by actually defining itself.As of now,it is an Alzheimers facility.Peace..

Trinidad, CO

#7 Jul 12, 2010
I wss born and raised here and came back after spending 34 years in the Coast Guard. I had to set my watch back 50 years
You mentioned the Legacy I stayed there after my heart attack and after a few months dealing with that psycho manager you can see her at she has chased any cognitive residents out so now they only have alzheimeers residents. One walked away and they found him severl hours later wandering in the woods.
The local city and county govt. is loaded with Italians that do nothing but think of ways to get re-elected.
The local pubs? One called the Lucky Monkey did show some promise but after it became so cliquish people styed away in droves.
The housing mkt is so depressed houses are just abandonded
We do have some African Americans here they play basketball at the local junior college that its only claim to fame is Spencer Haywood played here in 1969.
Don't blame washington for the problems here, hell no one in the nations capitol even know care that we exist.
Between the loud and pushy Texans and the fact we are being Californicated damn if only they would all go home.
The youth here are all gangbanger wannabe posers that flash gang signs and speak in east LA ghetto talk whatchagonnado?
So come to Trinidad and in a few weeeks you will be taking anti-depressents.
There I said my piece for what it's worth no one that needs to ever comes to this site.



#8 Jul 13, 2010
Every summer I like to come down to Trinidad and spend a couple of days relaxing and exploring. When both the East Peak Pub and the Trinidad Brewing Company open for business- all I could think about was great things to come. Now both are gone. Is Trinidad dying? No, it won't die out. It would be nice for small businesses like this to survive. At the same time it would be nice if Kroger/ City Market came to town to create jobs. I mean between Pueblo, CO. and who knows where, New Mexico many large retailers are missing on a vast select of interstate. This is both the New Mexico/ Colorado port of entries. I don't think Trinidad is dying, but I do think it's suffering. It needs jobs, the whole area does. Besides, Wal-Mart needs a run for it's money. It's places like Wal-Mart that will end up doing the most damage to a jobless area.(This is why you won't find a Wal-Mart in Boulder).

Colorado Springs, CO

#9 Jul 13, 2010
WAlMart is a big reason the mom and pops closed up and smalll businesses closed.I heard Soopers tried to come in but was stonewalled by Safeway and town government(politics).Wally World is always taking applications but rarely hire anyone.From the # of jobs lost since their expansion,I would think they would make it up by hiring a full staff.Between Springs and Raton,I can't think of a single place for a Soopers to open.Pueblo has one or two.

Trinidad, CO

#10 Jul 14, 2010
Growing up here it was nice to just walk a few blocks to the Oak Street Grocery and spend my allowance on a bottle of root beer nd penuts. you dropped the peanuts in the root beer.(try it Sometime).
Krogers AKA King Soopers AKA Loaf n Jug should open a store or two gas stations here I would love to see that money gruber Duran that owns all the JR's stations run out of town on a rail. I used to be a firm believer in spending my money locally but Duran is such a price gouger I fill up in Walsenburg whenever I get the chance.

Trinidad, CO

#11 Jul 16, 2010
wow hat a day I had here in T-dad.. I was crossing the street coming from Safeway. When I was in the cross walk a car pulls up starts revving its engine appearently to get me to move faster). The car then started inching foward and the woman in the passenger seat starts yelling to "move my ass".
I said I would call the police and report an agressive driver and he said I am a cop. I asked to see a badge. It is federal law a law enforcementy officer must produce ID when asked. Turns out its the chief. I admit i got angry when his passenger started geting mouthy. When he said I need to be careful when I talk to others i told him I have been hit by cars 3 times in crosswalks in this town. and that he needs to muzzle his wife. I then turned and walked away leaving him fuming because there was nothing I could do I'm sure he wanted to arrest me soooooooo bad.
tired of hearing this BS

Tulare, CA

#12 Jul 16, 2010
As a board member of economic development in Trinidad I can give you an insight into what is happening in Trinidad. The past 5 years as a board member, our board has hit its head up against a brick wall trying to work with the city as a partner. The city lacks leadership and thats with a capital L. The fork in the road in Trinidad is NOW while they are processing applications for the new city manager and God help us - lets hope for a person with vision, can creatively resolve issues and understands cleanliness and tourism. On to the next point, DO NOT point the finger at the Chamber. Let me explain by saying this: to move, relocate or expand a business takes hundreds of thousands of dollars for the infrastucture only. Now add in the employees that need to be hired. Pass a pee test? forget it. Why work when welfare checks come regularly. The Chamber and ED work tirelessly to try to retrain workers for newer better jobs and often times fewer than 50 people show up. ED has procurred a Revolving Loan Fund and cannot find people intelligent enough to fill out the application. Truth - the ugly truth.
On to the bar scene - I have a personal stake in Elm Street,(the brewery). The tenants were not business savvy but would daly with waitresses, not wit on customers, etc etc. They left town with another sugar daddy leaving us $10000 in back rent. The Monkey is a building that doesn't have a commercial kitchen and cannot function as a restaurant efficiently and its not big enough for a convention hall. As with many old big buildings, which by the way are owned by absentee owners, to retrofit and build to code is astronomically expensive - so the locals and downtown merchants sit and mess with what the absentees have left behind. The city, likewise, doesn't enforce building codes.
I could go on but I think that about covers it, Greg. You should do your due diligence before you attack and make stupid remarks about no one doing anything. The only people not doing anything, are the drunks on main street.

Trinidad, CO

#13 Jul 17, 2010
Economic development in Trinidad what a contridiction in terms that is. We both know the new city manager post will be filled by a relative or a good ole boy. We will be lucky if that appointee has a GED!!! I will point my finger like a compass at the chamber. They fought like wildcats to keep new business out of town back in the 70's and 80's.
Yes it is easier to collect welfare but anyone on anykind of public aid should be required to take random drug tests. They should then be given a choice. Complete rehab stay clean or lose all benifiits thats includes unemployment insurance too. How you gonna get job if your test comes back dirty?
You make some valid points I was pleasently surprised to read them.
So tired of hearing this bs? You need to grow a thick skin because like it or not this is the way people feel about our do nothing officials. And i disagree with what you said about greg none of the remarks he made were stupid, just not what you want to hear.
The chamber ok lets give an example. Over the last few years Santa Fe Trail days has gone from a fiesta to a yard sale. Vendors complain about the high booth rent.(some venders I know didn't make enough to cover thier booth rent). Th first one I attended after I returned was held on Commercial and Main st. Ever since they moved it to the park It hs become a flop. The chamber was even trying to charge admission to get into the food area. I went to McDonalds there was no way I was going to pay to eat over priced food. Why was the food so costly? Simple because of the increase in booth fees. So when it was on the main streets downtown and even walking was difficult due to the crowds the chamber instead shot themselve in the foot.
Maybe it's time for a plebicite get rid of all the people in local govt and replace them ALL yes tht includes ED.
People are saying the good old days are coming back but it isn't going to happen. The only thing that can save Trinidad is to legalize casino gambling. W0w thats a thought. think of the jobs it would bring in.

Colorado Springs, CO

#14 Jul 17, 2010
tired of hearing..your point is made but by calling me stupid adds nothing to your point.I have money to invest but where does it go?I've at least tried.As far as gambling,I call BS.The voters of CO have said no more than once and will time after time.I know people that couldn't even reach their booth rent at the festivals,so that is true.Do you have any other ideas?Your nice radical idea of replacing local government is well taken.This town has been too corrupt for too long.
tired of hearing this BS

Roseville, CA

#15 Jul 19, 2010
Greg and Bluto, In reviewing my comment, I do not find any comments calling Greg,"stupid", but I said your remarks were stupid and they are. You do not have the facts. A drive through town or a short visit doesn't impart all of the warts and issues that Trinidad is suffering from or attempting to fix. Many of the points you raise are about elected official issues. Incestual elections is common; yes we are concerned about the next city manager but look at the geographic boundaries of the "city" and those able to vote within that boundary. Demographically, this part of the city is the familial voting block of those in power. Also, demographically, the county holds the population base that could change things but can't. Business expansion/relocation as I stated is not an inexpensive venture. Businesses right now cannot get commercial credit so are sitting tight holding onto cash. I've talked to several site locators and the very real truth is the educational system and the labor pool is the hamstring that holds Trinidad at the bottom of site locator lists. Economic development is a term, often misunderstood. In addition to developing an economy, whether through new or current business expansion, we are also charged with trying to "educate" our populace. Talk about an oxymoron. We are always looking for participation on our board. We welcome your attendance.
Bluto, you make an excellent point in your July 16 post. The police department is short handed and when their presence is not visible downtown, you see first hand what the citizens of Trinidad have to put up with. Bring your concerns to city council, write them a letter, do something. Its horrendous. I had a business on Main Street and couldn't handle the drunks, the vagrants, the obsenity, etc. etc. and finally closed my office and moved to another location. When the city is alerted to these issues, its yawn yawn yawn, "Next?
" It ain't easy here. So when I say, "Tired of hearing this BS", I am and its difficult very difficult to get fixed when these comments and stories come from non-locals and carry no weight.
The first REAL issue in Trinidad is that city officials don't care about code enforcements, cleanliness of the city and the current city manager is a paper pusher only and is not involved in how or what to do to help the city.The second REAL issue in Trinidad is that the city doesen't understand Tourists or Tourism. That is a disgusting issue.Also, the city meets every tuesday, either for a work session or regular council meeting. you can check the schedule at their website: . We recently had a gentleman at our board meeting that also included, the city attorney and city manager. This gentleman, new to Trinidad, railed on the city about what they're not doing and these 2 city officials were defensive and felt they were doing a good job. Huh, really? So bring your suitcase, spend the night or two and attend a council meeting.
We new, non-locals need help.

Since: Jul 10

Trinidad, CO

#16 Jul 19, 2010
I'm not here on just a drive through town. I was born and raised in Trinidad. I'm not one of those non locals you mentioned. We both know it would take a miracle to ger start up financing for a new business here due to the high failure rate.
The problem we have with our police dept is that if they were good at what they do they sure as hell would not be working in Trinidad. You get what you pay for. They seem to think all the downtown problems can be solved by putting cameras up. It's the presence of police officers on the street that make a differance. I know I was a deputy sheriff in Texas for years. the police neet to get out of thier air conditioned patrol cars and walk around downtown meet with the local merchants and people on the streets. Maybe write a few jaywalking and littering tickets. I can't count the times I have almost been run down by skateboarders or bicylists. I have been hit in the crosswalk by nonattentive drivers talking on the cell phone.
Trinidad just aint what it used to be. I fully expect the Santa Fe Trail daze to be a thing of the past in the not too distant future.

Colorado Springs, CO

#17 Jul 21, 2010
Hard of hearing..I live in Trinidad and deal with it daily pedant.

Since: Jul 10

Trinidad, CO

#18 Jul 30, 2010
Trinadad is like this topic dying out.
Dreamin Big

Fort Edward, NY

#19 Aug 2, 2010
GEEZ, I've been considering a move to the Trinidad area, no I'm not a Texan, but I have to say that all of your negative comments have placed a big question mark on my future plans. The thing is, I've seen these circumstances in a lot of towns across the country and no one seems to have the answer or action to turn the tide. I believe action starts at the top i.e. city counsel, police department, schools, etc. and would hopefully encompass a positive attitude adjustment. It may sound naive but it all has to start somewhere.
lee cruz

Colorado Springs, CO

#20 Sep 27, 2010
of course this town is going to hell. for every contributing citizen we have 4 idiots breaking laws. and what do the cops here do about it? nothing. the cops and the district attorney make deals with drug dealers to rat out other drug dealers so they can keep selling it themselves. sad things is anyone in the city can tell you and point out the drug dealers. we know the durans, armijjos, abeytas, lamories and all of there little sellers. but does anything happen to them? no. the worst ones though are the snitches. im all for calling the cops if you see a crime, but not for calling the cops so they let you commit more crimes. this town is going to shit if the law enforcement doesnt stop making deals with these morons and giving pr bonds and deals.

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