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jackie spencer

Memphis, TN

#22 May 4, 2010
this is a big problem in gisbon county,i know 4 women who cant get there child support or help from the courts.WHY?? its the judge and he is in office for 5 more years , he cant be touched but you all watch on election year he will kiss our asses to help us.but why do some go in front of newell and some go in front of ellis over childsupport.every woman that goes in front of ellis gets nothing with newell you will get something.

Gadsden, TN

#23 May 4, 2010
I have to go in front of Ellis as well. My ex is about $38,000 behind. He pays when he wants to and we he doesn't feel like it he doesn't. This has been going on for about 5 yrs. He has only went to jail once and that was for not showing up for court. Nothing is done about his failure to pay child support or arrears. I heard through the grapevine that Ellis didn't like the lawyer I used for the divorce because they had had a falling out prior to me hiring him. Of course the lawyer didn't suffer, my childred have. I just keep on doing what I can and when it is all said and done, all the wrong parties will pay.

Gadsden, TN

#24 May 4, 2010

United States

#25 May 4, 2010
I too do not know why some have Newell and some Ellis. I had my child, now 15, when I was 17. We were never married and I thank God that we did not get married. I do not regret having my child. I wish I would have taken the precautions to not have been pregnant at such an early age, but I would not change a thing. If I had made a different decision I would not have the same child and I can't imagine my life without her. It also made me grow up very fast. I had to make decisions for r future. Unfortunately, her father did not grow up. I broke up with him a month after she was born. At first he did great until he finally realized we would not get back together. Then for the next 14 years of her life he has never been there for her. What he has done over the years I could wright a book on, as I am sure the rest of u could. As a mother, I can not imagine not wanting to see my child or even talk to them. My mother was my support system. I know some have not been so lucky to have family support. I know that I would not be the person I am today if I didn't choose to have my child and my mother's support. I would not have grown up if it wasnt for having my daughter. I would probably would not have went on to school to better r life and might have possibly stayed with her dad and got drawn into the drugs as he did. My mother has also the one who made me who I am. My mother was the one who convinced me AND her father to go to Maximus and got him to sign papers to get $50 a week before she was born. That is how I got in the system. At that time he made the payments. In the begining after he got behind Maximus didnt help. So we got a lawyer, got my child support raised and they started garnishing his pay check. At one point and I am not sure if it was before the lawyer or after I did sign up for AFDC. They would send me a check and then they would go after the father.

United States

#26 May 4, 2010
I think I signed up for the AFDC before we got the lawyer. Of course the parent who has custody is the one who has to fight. But please dont give up. I never did. He actually took me to court to reduce his child support cuz he didnt have a job. At that time the judge was Ellis and my layer was Robert Kinton. That is when not only did they deny the reduction they raised my support. made him responsible for her medical insurance. Kinton told the judge since he was behind he requested him to be put in jail. Lol Of course they gave him one more chance and he HAD to get a job and had to pay support whether he had job or not. I recieved $31 a week in support and $15 in back pay until he paid off his arrears which was around $4000. When u go throug Maximus and the parent is in arrears and they file thier taxes, the state flags thier income tax. I was suprised to get a $600 check. U will continue to get thier tax return, if they file, until they r no longer behind. He finally got a job and of course never reported he got a job because he didnt want his support to go up. U have to do the work for Maximus but if u do it u will get your support. I found out he got a job and told Maximus and they set us up a court date. At that time it didnt change cuz when I took him to court, due to not getting any money, the judge based it on minimum wage. He never reports a change of address or a job change. So in the mean time Newell came in. Years later I found out from my neighbor, small world, that he just so happened to work with her. So again I had to take him to court. U dont have to get a lawyer when u go thru Maximus but u need to make a stand and even if u have to take them to court every six months do it. So after ten or so years of getting $42 a week it finally raised to $360 a month. Actually it doesnt add up right but i have fought over and over and it paid off.

United States

#27 May 4, 2010
Ok I am almost done. Judge Newell is a jerk and partial to men. He is too old to be in this position. I registered to vote just so I could vote for someone else. The non-custodial parent is supposed to be responsible for their medical insurance, at least in my case. I took him to court for him getting a new job and again not reporting it and I mentioned since he changed jobs she has no insurance and he asked her father about it. Now her father told me before we went to court he can get her on his insurance in 2 months. By the time we went to court it had been more that 2 months and Newell asked him whats up with that bed poor him he couldnt afford it. It was too much money. Which i believe due to the cost it would be to add her to mind. So the judge told me that i should have gotten her insurance add they would add onto child support. I told the judge that in r parenting plan it says he is responsible and the judge didnt like that I spoke up and said i better have her on insurance before we came back. At the time she hadnt been to a doctor in a long time cuz she didnt get sick but I understood the point. I have another good story about the judge on another incident that i will have to fill yall in on later.

Memphis, TN

#28 May 6, 2010
I'm wondering- does the government take child support out of unemployment checks?
wait up

United States

#30 Jun 4, 2010
Surprised wrote:
I'm surprised to hear some of this. Maximus sucked. Since they left, I have finally gotten some money. The attorney(ADA ?) put my ex in jail, until he paid. He doesn't visit our child but at least I have some money coming in. Chancellor and DA's office made a believer out of him. He will never be worth anything but i'm happy with the gibson county child support system.
Did ya notice that the same folks that were in the Maximus office continue to work for child support--they just call it the District Attorney's office now? LMAO, seriously--look around at the people who work there. I'm just saying...

Cordova, TN

#32 Jun 4, 2010
Curious wrote:
I'm wondering- does the government take child support out of unemployment checks?
Yes they do. Before my husband had custody of my stepdaughter and he was paying child support, he was getting unemployment because he couldn't work for a year due to having back surgery. They were taking almost his whole unemployment check for child support.

United States

#33 Jun 13, 2010
The only way my cousin was able to get help from her kids father she had to sign up for a welfare check. Its so sad that she had to do that but she had no other choice. She knew if she would sign up for welfare they would go after him quicker. Guess what it took maybe two months to get the ball rolling. She being trying for 3 years it took two months to find him when she started getting welfare. She only received welfare for 4 months and she dropped it when they finaly found him.
Ricky Hundley uses woman

Sedgewickville, MO

#34 Apr 14, 2012
Hi, have a little more info to identify Ricky Hundley? age 42? I may know him. know where he lives and where he is working. 148 Green Creek Dr 63026 Brouster Construction. Good luck
jodie wrote:
<quoted text> dont matter how much you complain if they are anything like ricky hundley he never has to pay me nor does his sorry ass go to jail 4 it

Dyersburg, TN

#35 Apr 15, 2012
jackie spencer wrote:
this is a big problem in gisbon county,i know 4 women who cant get there child support or help from the courts.WHY?? its the judge and he is in office for 5 more years , he cant be touched but you all watch on election year he will kiss our asses to help us.but why do some go in front of newell and some go in front of ellis over childsupport.every woman that goes in front of ellis gets nothing with newell you will get something.
The reason some go to Newel and some go to Ellis is because if you were married to your kids Daddy, you go in front of Ellis, if you and your child's Daddy were never married, you go in front of Newell.
Opposite Side of the Coin

Jackson, TN

#37 Apr 19, 2012
My husband pays his child support and when he isn't able to work, I pay it. What I hate is that his boys' mother has sat on her ass for years and doesn't help support her kids. She lives with her parents, has used all her unemployment and no longer qualifies for welfare because she was on it for so long. Then instead of looking for a job, she had the nerve to apply for Social Security Disability at 35 and was pissed when she didn't get it. WTF??!! There is nothing wrong with her physically. Can't say the same for her mental status. We make sure that they get what they need and a lot of what they want. The wants stay at our house because they keep getting lost when they go home to Trenton. The boys are getting to the age where they want to live with their dad and we would love to have them, but she cries and makes them feel bad so they stay with her. She is the picture of a deadbeat mom. karma is a bitch and she will get her's. childhood is only but a moment in a person's life. They will grow up to know who really took care of them and who was just a sad and pitiful excuse of a parent who got the kids because she had a uterus.

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