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Upset mother

Winfield, TN

#1 Aug 28, 2010
I have noticed when I go to pick up my children at school that the principal and teachers are saying to the students STAY ON THE SIDEWALK but how are these kids suppose to be on the side walk when there is so many parents standing on it?? I cant even see my kids. And when they get to the bottom they cant get out HELLO does noone else see this. And another thing is the teachers not all of them just a certain few are so hateful why do they feel the need to be rude to the parents and students both. Also I realize people have places to go but I barely have time to get my kids in the car before they start moving traffic I am amazed kids have not been ran over yet. But maybe its just me being concerened with my kids safety..

Gibsonton, FL

#2 Aug 29, 2010
Dear Upset
Think about it:they have them stay on the sidewalk so you CAN pick them up.If they were running all over the driveway then some of them would get HIT and no one would be abledrive through.If you have trouble finding your kids ,why not tell them to stand at the same place everyday(by a post etc.)
The teachers are (hateful and rude) because they have been dealing with your little darling X 30 or so ALL DAY LONG. Most of which have no disapline at home. Because now aday everyone is afraid if they make little Jack or Jill mind ,they want love mommy or daddy anymore.Or they just don't give a D---.As for being rushed after you pick up your kids ,Their safety is your responcablity. SODON'T FEEL PRESSURED TO HURRY UNTIL YOU HAVE THEM SAFELY IN THE SEATS AND BELTED IN .
Next time if someone blows their horn at you, politely walk back to them and say I'm sorry did you want to speak to me ? Then apolagise for taking so lond ,but you already got 2 tickets for not having you kids in there seat belts.
But then again they might be honking because they have the same attatude as you.
Upset mother

Winfield, TN

#3 Aug 29, 2010
by the way if your not from Tracy City dont comment please..A person who don't see this everyday shouldnt put their opinion on it.I understand the kids on the sidewalk but the parents should stand in the grass or beside the sidewalk duh!!
Tracy Elementary Sucks

Columbia, SC

#4 Aug 29, 2010
hey St.Petersburg ,FL i think that u need to live here to comment on this sucky school cause u have not lived hear to see whats going on this school has lost alot of kids and the school test score are very low and teachers and sports coaches has got away with mentally and physically abuseing our kids and it is really gettin to our kids mentally and in this county u can not get anything done so as a parent we are tired of this so people we need advice on what to do next think about if it was your kids what would you do and keep in mind every child stands a chance . these people post mean things when u try to express your feelings and they think that its based on income the way you get treated .

Greeley, CO

#6 Aug 31, 2010
Sounds like a complaint needs to be taken to Chief Bess with the Tracy City Police Department.

This is a public school and it does concern public safety.

United States

#7 Sep 1, 2010
Just because it says some other town, doesn't mean your not actually in Tracy City. Hello?
Mine never shows where I really am... unless I sign in. And most folks aren't going to sign in because you would know who to harrass.
upset mother

Winfield, TN

#8 Sep 1, 2010
I thought that adding my opinion to this stupid topix thing could get me some info and find out if anyone else has problems same as I do with the school. But instead I have got no help all I have recieved is a bunch of smarta** comments but I thank each and every person for not thinking about children or anything other than trying to start mess over locations,spelling,signing in every freakin topic except the only one that I am concerned with which is MY CHILD!!! nevermind I will leave you all to your attitude problems and work mine out some other way..Leave it to Tracy City people to turn an innocent Forum into a total freak show. It wouldnt be Grundy County any other way..
Tracy Elementary Sucks

Columbia, SC

#9 Sep 1, 2010
u al can go to h*** and i dont care for people knowin who i am cause i am ready to whoop some A** so come on let me know were u want to meet this is how it goin to be this is grundy county and we do care about our kids there is some that is not on the dope and are actally normal so when ever your ready bring it on this is the old way but the only way we can get in thing done in this county so start whoopin these teachers and sports coaches A** off school property and show them we mean bussiness ok how do you all like this we cant butt our kids a** but the teachers and sports coaches can mentally and physically abuse our kids O H*** No not goin to work so if u dont want yours whooped dont mess with the our kids plan and simple dumb A**** so blow it out your A** and we see how important your kids are to you u dont give a crap !!!
Tracy Elementary Sucks

Columbia, SC

#10 Sep 1, 2010
and my spelling is not good but i do know how to take care of my kids ..
concerned alumi

Cameron, SC

#11 Sep 2, 2010
I understand what you are saying about the parents blocking the sidewalk. There are way to many parents that hang out at the school 24/7. Also I agree that there are some teacher who need to back off the kids some but there is also some great teachers there. I have been around that school for years now and haven't seen a coach or teacher physically abuse any kid. Far as I know most the good teachers and their good coaches have left due to disrespect by the adminstration.
i am a parent

Columbia, SC

#12 Sep 2, 2010
yes there is alot of good teachers and coaches in grundy county but they are the few that need to step down and let someone with more patients and respect towards all kids and parents so lets all think about it (all kids stands a chance) and what about the mental abuse dugh think about its as bad as physcial abuse .
upset mother

Winfield, TN

#13 Sep 2, 2010
thank you concerened alumni i appriciate your comment. I am glad I am glad it's not just me that feels this way..
concerned alumi

Oneida, TN

#14 Sep 3, 2010
I am just saying that I have never seen a school where a "group" of parents hang out there all day. Do they not know at a certain age there is a time to let their kid grow on their on. Also some of the adminstration are rude and disrespectful to the teachers and coaches they should be nice to and the ones who cause problems get away with whatever they want. TCES is still a great school but they need to let a certain few go or the school will be to far go to be worth anything.
haha good one

Winfield, TN

#15 Sep 3, 2010
I understand completley. some of the parents looked down on me because after the first week of Kindergarden I stopped getting out of the car to walk my children in. But as I see my kids come off the sidewalk and they are looking for our car and they are not scared. i wasnt being a bad parent I just feel that kids need to be independent because I can't go into high school with them and hold their hand. There is definitley a time when they need to do things on their own. And I have had very few problems with the teachers except when leaving in the afternoon. I think the lady teacher (if u know who im talking about) could loose a little of her attitude. and in the office a couple in there need to calm down and realize they are dealing with kids. My son laughs and says Mom one of these days a parent is going to have enough of Mrs.k*******s attitude and get out and beat her up. I have to smile because I know he is just a kid but he must feel the same way other people feel.
almost satisfied mom

Winfield, TN

#16 Sep 3, 2010
O.K this might be better after recieving the letter that we now have to enter the school in a different way this might help because there will be a big space in front of the sidewalk maybe the parents will stand there now. but I am so glad they finally changed it. It is definitley going to be strange entering in the parking lot where we used to exit..

Greeley, CO

#17 Sep 5, 2010
The management seems to be the ongoing problem there now as it was a few years back. Makes one wonder why they put some of those with attitude problems in a school setting. Not worth getting ones self into trouble over another persons BS.

Have sort of the same type of people in school positions here also.

Robbins, TN

#18 Sep 8, 2010
they need to get sonja oneal out of the parking lot she has no buisness being up there!! need 2 let kinderclass out 1st and work its way up!
TCE Car driver

Mcminnville, TN

#19 Sep 9, 2010
It's to bad TCE doesn't have more involved parents. Sonja Oneal has given a whole lot of time to the whole school and she is just a grand mother. She helps all the time and gets no thanks for it. Maybe you should get out of your car and help the other parents that volunteer to make a safe place for your child. Mr Fugate and the other teacher appreciate their help. Get out and help or leave the ones doing the work a lone............
Satisfied Grand Mother

Winfield, TN

#20 Sep 9, 2010
In the first place I'd like to say thank you to Sonja O'neal and mothers for helping Mr. Fugate by donating their time to get the parking lot at T.C.E.S under control. For the safety of our children, change has to be better than before. People did'nt even have sense enough to park, they just parked any way they wanted to. This way maybe a child will not be ran over. The way I see it, it is for the better. It takes less time to get traffic out of the parking lot. Now instead of gripping, get out of your vehicle and get involved. Thanks again for your help for the safety of our children, Sonja and helpers!!!!!!!!!!
Helping Mother

Winfield, TN

#21 Sep 9, 2010
I would like to give my thanks to Sonja O'neal and all the helping mothers. This new way of parking seems to be better. Change always takes a little time to get used to so just lay off, go with the flow, and try to adjust to it. I just want to give my thanks to Sonja and all the moms who care enough to help. Thanks again.....................

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