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Devens solar plant to shutter - Sentinel & Enterprise

There are 71 comments on the Sentinel & Enterprise story from Jan 12, 2011, titled Devens solar plant to shutter - Sentinel & Enterprise. In it, Sentinel & Enterprise reports that:

Evergreen Solar Inc. -- one of the region's largest employers -- announced Tuesday that it will close its manufacturing plant in Devens after a year of shifting its manufacturing to China.

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Leominster, MA

#21 Jan 12, 2011
Luther Manning wrote:
Hey it could have been worse, Patrick offered $78 million to Evergreen, they settled for $58 million.
And the CEO got a bonus also! Wonder what our local senators and state reps have to say about this ?
They said thank you and then went to the bank to cash their check.

Maynard, MA

#22 Jan 12, 2011
DM Lyddy wrote:
American Taxpayer - I'm with you for the tarif on Chinese goods. I am also for lowering ALL wages of the entire company's personnel so that cost per unit is lowered (company makes not as much profit) and those manufacturering jobs stay in my backyard.
My idea would require that middle & upper management salaries would take more of a reduction and the big cheeses would take a higher reduction than all levels of management.
The goal must be to keep the manufacturering jobs in the Commonwealth!
On that note I am off to Walmart to get a BIG screen TV before the prices go up!!

Berlin, MA

#23 Jan 12, 2011
Based on the formula in the grants, Evergreen will have to pay back around $4M to the State.

The company expects it will owe the state between $3 million and $4 million, he said.

The taxpayers cost for this debacle has been about $33K/yr/job.

Overland Park, KS

#24 Jan 12, 2011
Fool me once wrote:
So our tax dollars effectively subsidized their expansion in China. Do these people have allegiance to anything other than money? The state needs to hold the CEO of Evergreen accountable for this.
Fool Me Once???? You are too funny!!

Overland Park, KS

#25 Jan 12, 2011
Fool me once wrote:
So our tax dollars effectively subsidized their expansion in China. Do these people have allegiance to anything other than money? The state needs to hold the CEO of Evergreen accountable for this.
I should have added that the only one accountable is the Governor Deval Patrick! Enough said!!!
George W

Salem, MA

#26 Jan 12, 2011
Repeal NAFTA NOW!!!(North American Free Trade Agreement)

Charlton, MA

#27 Jan 12, 2011
Yeah, how about them high tech jobs staying in Massachusetts.

Fitchburg, MA

#28 Jan 12, 2011
The unions building that place put them behind the ball from the get-go! Unions are a disgrace to america with there ballooning wages that are awful.....retards

Charlton, MA

#29 Jan 12, 2011
When you have a Governor whose job was a lawyer for Coca Cola, this is what you get. You reelected this bozo! He gave away $58 million to these people and they will have to pay us back $4 million.
Apparently, understanding the value of other people's money was not part of this guy's previous experience.
The Insider

Gardner, MA

#30 Jan 12, 2011
They started building the plant in China a year and half ago and had already planned the plant closing in Devens back then. The State aid was not actually money given to the company but it was in tax breaks. The deal was that if they keep a workforce of at least 700 people employed for 3 years they will receive the $58 million tax break for those 3 years. They kept 700 or more people employed for four and half years which covers the terms of their state aid tax break. The new plant built in China is located in a very remote section with no developed cities or towns around them. Mostly in a jungled village area. Some employees were offered jobs there but who would want to move there. They stated they will build living quarters for any of the employees that would relocate. The panels were getting too expensive to manufacture so they redesigned them recently and constructed them to be thinner and smaller but they were also less sufficient and sturdy than their original product. This hurt their sales. They will employ the local chinese for less then $1 an hour in the manufacturing line. June is the actual offical plant closing. Originally they were going to keep a limited number of employees for sales and marketing at Devens. They were also going to keep manufacturing some of the other parts except the panels but that changed.
No Worries

Leominster, MA

#31 Jan 12, 2011
That $300 per year off the salaries of all those state hacks will pay for this in no time!

Oh yeah -- this is Bush's fault.

Southbridge, MA

#32 Jan 12, 2011
Figures we help big industries so they can send these products overseas....We should not invest in big companys or we should be very cautious about it...We should be investing in the small to middle ones...We need to get moneys back from them from our tax paying investement.
The Insider

Gardner, MA

#33 Jan 12, 2011
So to clarify it in simple terms the State did not loose any actual money. They lost tax revenue but that was used to keep 700 or more people employed for the last 4.5 years. If there was no tax break to compete with China back then they would have closed 4.5 years ago. They hurt themselves trying to develop and manufacture a cheaper product that was not up to standards to many companies here. Instead of manufacturing the panels that would last a lifetime that they started with they started manufacturing panels that would need to be replaced every few years.

Leominster, MA

#34 Jan 12, 2011
Anyone who did not see this coming is an idiot. This goes to everything wrong in this country. Give me 58 million so I can piss it away and skip town. I've been saying for over 20 years this country will be just like most of Europe...void of any manufacturing, void of any mid-level employment opportunity. We'll all be living of government subsidies if we are not wealthy or a professional of some sort. Look at France, England, Germany and others. That's where we'll be sooner than later.
If there were any backbone to the current state management (or lack of) they would put a cease and desist on Evergreen forcing them to pay back the 58 million (not just a portion) or they cannot move any of the equipment at that plant. See what happens then.
Great return on investment eh Deval? Solar power has been around for a long time and the margin of profit is extremely low. Installing panels well you can just crunch the numbers. It doesn't work out. If you install panels on your home it takes a lifetime to re-coup the cost tax break or no tax break. Large scale is not much better and it takes a huge amount of space. It's a CAPX and OPX cost vs the return KW. It doesn't pan out. That's why windmills have their advantages. Oh right we don't make wind turbine generators either! That's all built by foreign companies and or major corporations manufacturing in where?? guess where?? come on.. anybody? Bueller? Bueller? Yup the C-Word CHINA!
Yeah I’m pissed off! Are you?


#35 Jan 12, 2011
ok they said they had to keep employd people for 5-7 years, and if they didnt, did they have a plan or penilty

Millbury, MA

#36 Jan 12, 2011
There is no such thing as clean energy, when we all realize that the better off we'll be. The Evergreen plant produced an exhorbenant amount of toxic waste from their manufacturing process. The ignorant liberals need to cut taxes to promote all types of business, idiots.
Lynch for Mayor

Wellesley, MA

#37 Jan 12, 2011
Give me 58 Million and I will make it work! The state helps O small businesses in this state! But they hand 58 Million to these sharks? Our leaders need to pass new laws that protect American workers! Why should we need to borrow billions from China in order to stimulate American Consumer spending that benefits China?

We need pro-American law makers! They are all weak, jelly fish law makers that pass laws to benefit unpatriotic American corporations that outsource all American jobs to China and India!

We need an announcement by the Governor stating that atleast Massachusetts will not purchase there solar panels and that he will request that the federal government place extremely high taxes on their imports into America! When is enough ,ENOUGH??

We need every American registered to vote! Every single American! We then need to stand together and outsource all our leaders to China and India!

Since: Feb 10

Location hidden

#38 Jan 12, 2011
Rather than the marketplace deciding if solar panels/renewable energy sources are a good idea and cost effective, the government is manipulating the energy sector with onerous regulations and grant monies/subsidies/tax credits, etc. They are forcing behavior and product acceptance with Cass Sunstein's "nudge" theory of behavior. The US citizen/consumer is presently being nudged, big time!! And the government is now in the business of picking/choosing winners and losers.

Do we know if solar, wind, hydro...are cost effective? The answer is no...because we don't have an unadulterated, free market for power any more to compare the renewable costs against. Given the constraints that the government has placed upon the power industry, the answer might be "maybe" for certain individuals in certain circumstances, but for the vast majority of energy consumers, renewable energy is beyond their purchasing power (unless the power company makes that investment at the grid level.)

We are being manipulated like never before. Coal, oil, gas and other so-called "fossil" fuels are being demonized under the rubric of emissions and greenhouse gasses. But the real reasons they are in the crosshairs are threefold: to help rich Progressives get richer (think Al Gore and George Soros); to help the powerful get more powerful (think Obama/Reid/Pelosi); and to give government more and strong control over another important aspect of our personal lives (think abridgment of Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.)

If folks think otherwise, they just ain't thinking.

Sterling, MA

#39 Jan 12, 2011
This company has betrayed the American people for jobs.
MassDevelopment Criminals

Leominster, MA

#40 Jan 12, 2011
JMF wrote:
<quoted text>
I should have added that the only one accountable is the Governor Deval Patrick! Enough said!!!
Mass Developments head Bob Culver steped down 2 weeks ago and got a check for over $150k. It's his fault for allowing this to happen. If you are looking to point a finger, point it at that idiot. Deval had a the gonads to pay this DB over $300K a year and this is what he gave us. He should be in JAIL! Crooks!

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