Criminal police is the base of a Nazi...

Criminal police is the base of a Nazi gestapo

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Fitchburg, MA

#1 Feb 28, 2013
I was raised and educated to follow the Constitution. What is happening in America? Are some Americans such as Stamos becoming desensitized to having to abide by the Constitution?

The RMV operates completely outside of the Constitution. Then there is the issue of protecting criminal police.

This goes a long way in a democratic society. Society as a whole has completely lost faith in government abiding by the Constitution. This is why small things are not so small as they affect the larger picture.

As the words Integrity and honesty are still the main principles of the police oath it is becoming more common that rogue police do not follow the law.

There is an officer in the FPD who I am very surprised with as he is corrupt. He looks honest and acts like an Eddie Hascal and appears to be as honest as Apple pie but he is corrupt.

Knowing this he continues to ride around in a cruiser arresting citizens and writing reports. How on the planet earth could you EVER trust such a person???

Then some people out here post that I cannot be trusted. Really? So, I follow the Constitution and I cannot be trusted? Reverse phycology possibly?

As the Mayor so articulately stated that the "publics trust is severed". What does this mean? Let me attempt to explain to Stamos and others.

A police officers honesty is behind citizens getting executed in this nation. It is behind innocent people being incarcerated for decades.

So, people like Stamos feel that the word and the honesty of what an officer states under oath doesn't need to be honest at all. in fact Stamos fully supports criminal police.

Let me tell you, guilty people are being let go as jury's do not trust the word of the police. This is so counterproductive to a democracy. It puts innocent people in jail because the officer does not like the person.

Stamos states that I have been vocal against criminal police and that somehow I am lying about this fact! I am vocal and I will die being vocal as Martha Luther King did during the civil rights movement. Just facts once again posted that I should move and not run for office as my family will endure pain.

Stamos, I will once again tell you that I fully support law abiding police, I will assist them and support them. I do not and will NEVER support criminal police no matter how many years on the force or "service" as you put it.

Yes, there are Nazi techniques that are commonly used in Fitchburg and the RMV. This is a fact of life that I will explain to everyone that wants to listen. This fact eliminates the Constitution.

Stamos believes that Wealth and Power position should decide who abides with the Constitution or not. I will always disagree. You do not put someone in jail SOLELY because you do not like them!!!!!!

It is true that police are in danger as some in society have guns and will use them wrongly. I support the police as they capture such murderous weapons. My position is that I strongly feel that criminal police bring harm onto law abiding police.

It isn't how big a funeral can be as much as it is not having to have a funeral at all. In other words you cannot fight fire with fire. We cannot have police pushing violence forward. This is unhealthy and puts people at risk.


Fitchburg, MA

#2 Feb 28, 2013
The OJ Simpson case is the perfect example.

Vanatta destroyed the case. It was found that OJs blood that was found at the crime scene on the white fence had blood testing chemicals in it. They asked the chemist if "humans bleed this chemical" and they said absolutely not!

2/3 of OJs blood sample went missing! Vanatta admitted that he took the vial out of the police station and went over to OJs house and the crime scene.

This is NEVER done!!! NEVER!!!!!

You need to have an open mind here! It becomes more than the victims as it becomes a civil rights issue.

You just cannot ignore that the police attempted to frame the case. We cannot allow this at any level or stage in America.

Have an open mind for a moment. If you take an innocent person and put him in jail knowing that he is 100% innocent for say 4 years. In that 4 years, the prisoner suffers a stroke due to very poor health services. Say that prisoner looses his parents and has to choose the wake or the funeral to attend in cuffs. This prisoner looses everything.

So upon getting released, could he enact revenge? Say he kills 5 people responsible. So now what? You have 5 people dead and their families suffering. Do you think that big flashy funerals make it better? Say an innocent bystander gets killed in the process like maybe 3 innocent police officers who are truly law abiding.

This happened in the Dorner case didn't it?? Instead of abiding by the Constitution all hell broke loose. Reading his manifesto gives you insight. Officers lost their lives that were innocent. What do you tell their families??

You make it more dangerous for law abiding police. When you put honesty and Integrity on the back burner in order to protect criminal police at all costs you lose the trust of the community; you make honest police jobs more dangerous.

You cannot think in a narrow scope.

Buzzards Bay, MA

#3 Feb 28, 2013
The RMV too? My, My. This conspiracy against you just keeps getting bigger, doesn't it?

And how, pray tell, is the Registry of Motor Vehicles corrupt? What did they unjustly accuse you of? I'm sure that you were completely innocent, of course? That you were...what was that tawdry term you used in previous posts...Oh, yes. "Framed?"

Enlighten all of us, please.

Since: Feb 10

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#4 Feb 28, 2013
Ok Lynch, because you're on another cycle I'll post here what I posted on another one of your crazy threads.

Lynch, I agree with you, any cop that abuses their authority should be fired, prosecuted and sent off to prison for whatever their criminal actions warrant.
However, you have been on here for years now accusing every Tom, Dick or Mary of corruption and advocating violence against them though anonymous monikers when claiming youíre an advocate of non-violence. You also have a history of violence. Is that not true?
What does that say about you? So why are you so surprised that people on here are calling you out on it after youíve spent years on here condemning individuals by names without any due process of law? You do realize these people have families too right? And you do realize these same people are being denied the right to defend themselves against you and your accusations here, right? So again Lynch, why are you on this local anonymous internet site attacking the integrity of individuals and their families who canít defend themselves from your accusations?
Why are you attacking people through an on-line political campaign? Can you not see your own injustice? Can you not see why you have created an army of enemyís?

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