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Hollywood, FL

#21 Jul 6, 2007
Aaron wrote:
Your well educated than you shoud automatically know that spelling is a major part when you speek, write or even post a comment. And he is right you retaliate, because he corrected you politely....again you give us a bad name for us stoners
Spelling is a major part when you 'speek'...that's too funny. Stoners correcting stoners. I make $90,000, nah nah na nah nah.

Kokomo, IN

#22 Jul 8, 2007
I was just diagnosed with lung cancer. I smoke pot and cigarettes and have done so daily for 27 years. I'm giving up the cigs but suffer from chronic pain,(no I'm not a loser or whiner I have worked full time for 27 years)I'm very scared to give up the pot, anyone out there with a similar situation?

Riverside, CA

#23 Jul 19, 2007
smoke e wrote:
i smoke weed all day every day hold down a 9 to 5 and raise 3 kids my only regret is i can't grow my own. but in 18 years after the kids are gone im growing a huge field then light the bitch and fire and smoke out the whole county
Ron Paul for President

Los Angeles, CA

#24 Jul 23, 2007
The only reason pot is not legal is the government will not be able to control it's distribution.

Since: Jul 07

Millington, TN

#25 Jul 25, 2007
RoxluvsLes wrote:
I love to smoke pot, but am unemployed, and can't afford to buy any. The previous writer should realize that when one is stoned, it's spelled 'high' not 'hi'. Poor spelling/grammar makes a bad name for us stoners.
you should be so proud of yourself we should all look up to an unemployed stoner that can at least spell.
will Bolton

Dallas, TX

#26 Nov 1, 2007
Janitor wrote:
<quoted text>
Speak is spelled speak, not speek. And, how can spelling be an important part of speaking. Is someone going to know whether you properly formed the spelling of the word or words in your mind, or if you used some phonetic spelling?
By the way. Some of the most intelligent people have been lousy at spelling. Edison is a good example, as was Marconi. Several of the greatest writers were poor at spelling as well. It isn't a mark of intelligence, it's simply something people, as a rule, don't bother to correct nearly so often as punctuation or syntax. And, since High, or Hi, as a descriptive term for being under the influence of marijuana is a colloquial term, it really is a matter of preference.
couldn't have put it better myself.. ha
billy bob

Reading, UK

#27 Feb 3, 2008
Aaron wrote:
Your well educated than you shoud automatically know that spelling is a major part when you speek, write or even post a comment. And he is right you retaliate, because he corrected you politely....again you give us a bad name for us stoners
speek is spelt S P E A K not S P E E K
fun times

New York, NY

#28 Feb 12, 2008
this is a fun post, but you ppl are 2 serious sometimes, relax, and smoke one son...yyyeah.
Smoking though makes life more livable, it makes me forget about why i hate my life and gives me reasons to love it
Cristhian Acosta

Brooklyn, NY

#29 Apr 2, 2008
thanks for the insight!! keep on truckin

jersey is in the building!!

South Porcupine, Canada

#30 Apr 3, 2008
Listening to you guys makes me want to quit!

Atlanta, GA

#31 Apr 22, 2008
I used to be such a good speller and then i started smoking pot! I mst admt im much happpppppppppppppier though!
ex smoker hacker

Pasadena, MD

#32 Aug 13, 2008
You're f*cking morons! Do you see any of billionaires smoke pot? Actors and Actresses are inexcusable.

Novi, MI

#33 Nov 5, 2008
heyyy heyyy heyyyyyyyyyyyy ..........smoke weed everyday

Coldwater, MI

#34 Mar 28, 2009
Aaron wrote:
Your well educated than you shoud automatically know that spelling is a major part when you speek, write or even post a comment. And he is right you retaliate, because he corrected you politely....again you give us a bad name for us stoners
First off, it should be "You're,", not "Your." I burst into laughter after reading your comment. Secondly, it's spelled "Spea," not "Speek." That would be like spelling "Week," like having no strength "Weak." You're obviously not capable of realizing your own mistakes, and are consumed by the idea that you actually know what you're talking about. Absolutly wonderful.

Arusha, Tanzania, United Republic of

#35 Oct 25, 2009
meeee....n ki2 ni usipime man.kinakufanya ujisikie mzuka ile mbaya even magal knows bot t.usijambe.vunga.R chugaaa.... huh!

Modesto, CA

#36 Nov 27, 2009
just4singing wrote:
What doctor can tell me what smoking pot does to me? There's no doubt that I smoke (daily) less pot than the tobacco contained in one cigarrette. I use a can to smoke, and I cover the end with paper folded 4 times to stop the brown stain from reaching my teeth (that I change each time I get hi. A can lasts me a week, then I throw it in the garbage and start a new one). I am a responsible adult, I hold a part time job; I'm married (for the 2d time - over 6 years) and we both have adult children. My favorite time to get hi is first thing in the morning and just before I go to sleep at night. My husband knows I get hi (I told him before we married) but I NEVER get hi in front of him. I promised I would never make him uncomfortable about my "habit". But I would truly like to know what long term effects smoking pot has for me.
Dude, youre going to get cancer smoking out of that CAN. Get a glass pipe or some papers, geez...

Modesto, CA

#37 Nov 27, 2009
ex smoker hacker wrote:
You're f*cking morons! Do you see any of billionaires smoke pot? Actors and Actresses are inexcusable.
Ted Turner smokes a joint a day.. Steve Jobs created Apple computers while smoking weed.. Cheech and Chong made a bunch of movies and a bunch of money... Should I go on?
the chan

Ogden, UT

#38 Sep 29, 2010
Lee wrote:
50,000 a year is average.....uhh ok so ha what, your average, oh OK that's funny. Provide some medical "evidence" to support your arguement.
I have smoked pot for 35 years, the last 8 as a medical marijuana patient. I advocate medicinal marijuana for many people, especially like me who suffer chronic pain from an in-operable back condition.
Who in the hell can say that inhaling the smoke of anything that is ignitited is anyhing better than unhealthy is RETARDED. Why say somehting so stupid without any medical support. Who are these Dr's and where is their study? Marijuana does not cause cancer, the SMOKE from marijuana frying the scilia on the lining of your lungs leaves little scars averytime you smoke. After 35 years I feel the affects and wish I could get the same medicinal affect from eating weed. Secondly each time you hold your breath with a hit in your lungs, you are depriving the rest of your body of oxygen, so your heart starts to beat like crazy to try and correct the oxygen deprivation caused by holding your hit in. Your heart only has a certain number of beats.
So no cancer, but smokong weed messes up your lungs. Don't bullshit nobody, including yourself.
In my case it is less damaging than what pain pills do to my liver so I will deal with my choices. But I will always be honest and admit, there is nothing safe about smoking anyting and to lead a young person who doesn't need marijauna and tell them it doesn't hurt anything is complete crap.
First off hahahahaha I just have to laugh at the fact that you think your heart has only a certain number of beats before the oxygen is depleted haha funny.... It is true buuuuuut it is not like a solar panel where the robot shuts down right away. At any given point when you are feeling fine no rapid heart beat from exercise you have about two minutes of oxygen in your blood. I have never held a hit longer than I would say 15 seconds? I don't know but it doesn't really matter..... Ganja is a very powerful and healing substance it helped me with anxiety and depression. I used to be manic depressive and stupid stuff would give me a panic attack.... Now hahaha I am the most emotionally stable person I know, I hope to soon go and learn from some of India's greatest spiritual leaders how to be better myself. I could have used weed as a crutch and you bet that I did at times. It helped me come from the false reality I created and allowed me to experience my life directly as it is. I guess you could say it has brought me closer to enlightenment just closer haha So anyone wanting to say anything about this magical plant just remember all those crazy people that go out raping, killing, plotting, if they were stoners they would just be watching the Simpsons and arguing about how to cook a certain yummy something mmmmmmmmm Pizza!!! Stop the fear of something that is clearly a good thing!
the chan

Ogden, UT

#39 Sep 29, 2010
even though there wont be another comment on here for a few months I just wanna say that its way funny when stoners are bragging about their income hahaha I make 120,000 BOOOHHH YEAH!!!! soon to be more oh and DDDDDAAAIIIILLYYYY SSSSSMMOOOKKKERRRRR oh and to the guy with lung cancer you should have quit the ciggs a while ago but I would quit the smoking all together! Oh and eat some apricot seeds I read online they kill cancer :) goodluck!

Norwalk, CT

#40 Mar 10, 2013
just4singing wrote:
<quoted text>I am well (enough) educated - spelling it "hi" is not an issue. Are you unemployed BECAUSE you smoke pot?
. "Docters". Before you tell someone how to spell "high" learn to spell "doctor". What a dbag. You give yourself a bad name, you arrogant idiot.

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