why is compton such a horrible place ...

why is compton such a horrible place to live ?

Created by MICK DUNDEE on Apr 24, 2010

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black people

black men

black women

black kids

old black people

black dogs

all of the above

420 Toker

Charlotte, NC

#47 Jun 2, 2013
Do you know what a blood clot is? A traffic jam in Compton.
Serrano Red

United States

#48 Jul 20, 2013
it's just a dump all those peacful people
Black momma

Huntington Beach, CA

#49 Jul 20, 2013
I was born in Compton grew up there around the 60s during a time when mr Chico liquor store. Both parents were in the home. Compton drive in make sure you got home before the street lights came on. We moved when tookie came in. I was devastated but also happy that my father was very properous. I miss dancing on the porch with my little friends we could not relate to Good Times I didn't know what the projects were. We moved to Lakewood cherry cove cul de sac maybe a total of 8 black families. I was a sweet little girl I was very sheltered I could not believe the hate we received from the parents not the kids. Hey that was the good weed era so it was all cool in the game. I turned them on to R & B but I was already into led zepplin, ac/dc, The stones, I was a head banger to disco queen to punk, I had a great life. My exposure to all types of culture was great. No one can Bar B Q like southern people and no one I mean no one can bake like white women but good ole soul food big sistas from the church. And no one can party like mexicans Vicente Fernandez, Ana Gabriel, Juan Sebastian is on te voy a cambiar su nombre and yes I speak Spanish. Mariposa no regreso contigo just wait Prez Santiago is next.
Ahhhhh ha ha ha I can't wait white folks will lose there minds.

Laconia, NH

#50 Jul 27, 2013
Expat from Hong Kong wrote:
I certainly won't live in Compton regardless, even if I become totally broke. I would move to the poorest village in China and not to Compton. Compton is the worst place I had seen so far in my life. If there are worst cities in the USA than Compton, I think the USA really has a very serious problem. I went to Compton to look at an apartment when I first arrived at this country and the vibe there really scared me. Then my friends told me there were people who got shot everyday. Compton makes the worst of the worst neighborhood in Hong Kong look like paradise, cause at least nobody was shot to death there. Compton is bad because of the failed government policy, not the people there. If it were in Hong Kong, our government would send in special task force and clean out the hood inside and out, and make it look better than Beverly Hills by evicting the gangs, building good schools, nice residential buildings and relocating the poor people and their kids to safe government housing all over Hong Kong. We used to have ghettos in the 50s and 60s, but not anymore. The Hong Kong government just cleaned out all the ghettos and turned the off springs from the ghettos into a group of highly educated and very productive citizens. Singapore did the same thing. But the government in CA is so corrupted it totally wasted people's tax dollars. I have met lots of smart and very nice Black people since I arrived (but they don't live in Compton). Race has nothing to do. It's the corruption in the government. From the poor English I see on this board, I do see that public schools in the USA are really failing the people. This is so sad.
there are much worst places in the u.s. than compton and yes the u.s. does have a lot of problems but it could be worst compared to some countries. all the stuff you here about compton like people get shot there everyday is a lie. i mean yea people get killed in gang related violence once in a while but its not as bad as it used to be. there are gangs there but as long you dont do anything stupid you'll be fine. and sending the military into the ghettos would just piss people off. and isn't china communist.

Houston, TX

#51 Dec 19, 2013
compton crip n****s aint nun to f***kwit comptom pirus aint nun to f**k wit compton essas aint nun to f**k wit but they f**k wit me an b***h i love it this the motto

Saskatoon, Canada

#53 Jan 5, 2014
Compton is rough anybody who says it ain't has never been there I live there
a real ghetto

Canoga Park, CA

#56 Sep 11, 2014
I moved to cpt at an early age from a nice neighborhood. My mother couldn't afford the rent anywhere else. The first year of living here I got jumped by a group of racist black girls for no real reason at all and got my nose busted. My brother was getting into fights at school on a daily basis and my mother had her car stolen and couldn't get to work on multiple occasions. Worst place I have ever lived in I try to move on from everything that happened in my childhood but some of the trauma remains. Blacks are the most racists out of all people. Hispanics are the most humble I am a proud latina (into martial arts) and will register my gun soon, so try me. Keep your heads up eyes peeled my fellow latinos brothers and sisters.

Houston, TX

#57 Dec 22, 2014
If yhu ain't live there yhu cant say nothing how about yhu stay there for a week n see that it may look different
Then yo neighborhood but its they say don't judge a book by its cover.
Some guy from Lawndale

San Diego, CA

#58 Dec 27, 2014
What a ridiculous survey! Yeah it's quite racist in an ignorant/stupid sort of way. I'm white. I've never lived in Compton. I have friends both black and latin that live in Compton. They aren't thugs. From what I understand there are parts that are decent and parts that are very unsafe places to live. This has less to do with "BLACK" and everything to do with inner city culture, gangs, drugs, corruption, and everything else that plagues any other poor neighborhood.

There are plenty of decent people who live in "bad" parts of Compton that certainly would move to a safer neighborhood if they had the financial means to do so.

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#59 Dec 27, 2014
Some guy from Lawndale wrote:
This has less to do with "BLACK" and everything to do with inner city culture, gangs, drugs, corruption, and everything else that plagues any other poor neighborhood.........
Yeah, just because BLACK CRIME RATES are sky high, how could they ever be responsible......it's everyone else keeping them down.....

Since: Mar 15

Bathgate, UK

#60 Mar 6, 2015
ComptonNorm wrote:
<quoted text>
You're an idiot. The Mexicans outnumber the black population by far in compton and its been that way for a while. There is a big samoan population too
Excuse my ignorance bud I'm not from L.A or the states live in Scotland but is there a reason for the demographic change in the population shift between African Americans and Mexicans ?

Moneta, VA

#61 May 12, 2015
I would rather live in Compton than rotting here in Huntington Wv. And as far as this poll goes instead of race we need to start seeing everyone as our brothers and sisters folks, and stop goofballs like the one who started this poll

Carson, CA

#62 May 12, 2015
I've never lived there and I agree with the comment that there's probably a lot of decent people who live there because it's affordable to them. By the grace of God I want to see the good in people.
just a guy

Beaverton, OR

#63 Jun 21, 2015
I feel bad for the white people that lived there be for the blacks took over the town and fucked it up like every thing black people do name on city or town or country all across the world where black people are on top or leaders I wan't to find one just one kant as you would say clean your shit up
420 blaze it

San Diego, CA

#64 Jun 22, 2015
cali girl wrote:
this poll is terrible. however i am from compton i grew up in compton and just moved away 2 years ago. how safe it is depends on how you live your life. if youre into drugs and gangbangin then hell no it wont be safe for you. i lived with my brother for a few years and yes, our house got shot up..but that was because he was into gang banging. i moved back with my mother and never even heard a gunshot in the area. since people want to be racist, i promise you, A MEXICAN will kill you and rob you for no reason quicker than a black person would here. ive never been robbed or beaten or raped. i have two brothers...one that is in the streets and he was always getting robbed and getting his house shot up. but then i have my other brother who is educated and never been a victim to anythin like that. basically, whatever happens to you (robbed, raped, killed, shot at etc) is going to be a result of the way you are living your life and who you hang around. if youre a drug dealer or hang around them, prepare to get robbed! if youre a prositute or a loose girl running around screwing everybody, then prepare to get raped. if you gang bang..be sure youre ready to die for it. Im not saying things dont happen to innocent people though, but thats anywhere...
that is stupid fact "Mexicans kill faster than Blacks" whats the diffrence between the races with killing and crime.
no name

San Diego, CA

#65 Jun 22, 2015
I think it's a good place to live in, not all people are in gangs, do drugs and shoot up people, even in the hood theres not much crime as they use to in the 90's, and i would know how it's like because i lived there for 12 years until i moved
YY the queen bee

Chicago, IL

#66 Aug 15, 2015
Yaya the queen been :-) I live in Chicago you people might say compton is horrible Chicago had a bad spot to its called : Englewood it's been in the world news so terrible spike Lee filmed a movie here called chiraq everywhere its bad so people don't point the finger if you don't know what you talking about..YY THE QUEEN BEE
YY the queen bee

Chicago, IL

#67 Aug 15, 2015
jeff sanchez wrote:
People who don't punch their ponies Piss me off
I know what you mean
YY the queen bee

Chicago, IL

#68 Aug 15, 2015
Elayne wrote:
None of those listed why does it have to be blacks ?
I hear ya"

Tustin, CA

#69 Sep 14, 2015
Compton is terrifying. I am from Southern California and was driving down to La had to get off the freeway for gas and encountered an old crackhead gangster mid 40's all tatted up who was driving like a crazy person. I was driving the speed limit and even moved over to the slower lane to let this person pass. He proceeded by cursing, tailgating, trying to fight me(a 21 year old woman), break checking me, and even threw something at my car. This guy was seriously screwed up in the head. Anyhow thats my take I wouldn't even recommend driving through Compton during the day unless you absolutely have to and I don't mean because of African Americans. There are to many gangster crackheads who simply like to be violent and screw with people. I would rather pay the same ridiculous amount to live in Newport vs Compton.

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