What a joke to see law enforcement specifically Lapd just in full fear. Come on, you shoot a matching truck of suspect dorner and you don't even bother looking who is inside, you don't attempt to do a proper tactical traffic stop, you just see a matching truck and start shooting like a bunch of cowards. So in other words, if those poor ladies who obviously don't look like Dorner were dead by their bullets, well that is murder, a pure assassination. I am pro law enforcement but to see that sad bad shooting is a joke. Those officers will get away with that, which makes ok to just shoot at any suspect matching description or vehicle. Lapd can't police itself. I hope those ladies get paid millions and lets see what happens to those officers? The same goes for Torrance police, my God. They panicked as well and just started shooting. How seriously embarassing that law enforcement was that scared. I hate to say it that Dorner had them peeing on themselves. Pretty damn sad. Lapd and some other police agnecies need to be revamped, restructured and started over fresh. What a joke