Ok the local reports are fuckin retarded! Why would Lloyd idolize Desi's ex? Supposedly this guy was gunned down by Dec. 17th ok. But Lloyd was sayin he loved her just a couple days after that.... Now if i was fallin for someone, i damn sure wouldnt respect or idolize the person im tryin to get them away from. does that make any since to anyone? I mean how stupid are people? I tried to keep my mouth shut but come on, if you ever started sleeping with someone in a relationship did you respect or idolize the person they are with? Let me answer that hell no. When i was in that position I was clownin on that person taking them for a joke. So what Im askin is for any idiot that is retarded enough to believe that please find that lever that ingages your brain, engage it, and for the love of God and everything good KEEP IT ENGAGED.