GYERO (now 100% AIDS-free)

GYERO (now 100% AIDS-free)

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“Head Moderator”

Since: May 08


#1 Jul 21, 2008
Strictly randoms and comments about randoms folks.

“Head Moderator”

Since: May 08


#2 Jul 21, 2008
- Sorely disappointed in my finish in the Cornhole Tournament. Finished a wretched 6th place. My partner, though eye candy, killed us. b&b should be also be disappointed in his 2nd place team. They should have won because they were the only male-male team there. b&b just couldn't handle teaming up with an "icky" woman.

- Did not watch one shot of the British Open. No Tiger. No care.

- First taste of real football is 13 days away. Hallelujah.

- Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year. I believe it. Completely miserable out there. Heat index is 108 right now. I'm not kidding.

- Little man's 18 month checkup today. He went last week because of the fever so he remembered the traumatic event that is having your ears looked into. He went nuts as soon as we walked in the door and didn't stop until we left. It didn't help that he had to have 3 shots today. Poor fella. He kept taking my hand and trying to pull me to the door. Good news is there are no more scheduled shots until he is 4.

- Wife's cousin's wedding is Saturday. Is it wrong that I'm hoping for labor this weekend? Not a wedding guy at all.

- What junk food could you not do without? I could probably give up sweets forever if I had to, but take away my chips and I'd likely die. I love them all. Regular Lay's, Barbecue, Sour Cream and Chives, Wavy Lay's, Ruffles, Doritos, Fritos, Cheetos, Pringles, Tortilla Chips, I love them all. The only one I don't like is SunChips. God, those are awful.

Best chips to eat by themselves:
1. Barbecue Lay's
2. Cheetos
3. Doritos
4. Regular Lays
5. Pringles

Best chips to eat with dip:
1. Tortilla Chips
2. Ruffles
3. Wavy Lay's
4. Fritos

Best chips with chili:
1. Fritos
2. NA
3. NA

^^^^Is how GYERO is done. Take notes if you want to join in. Personal insults will not be tolerated or responded to in this GYERO. However, insults to one's internet persona are and have always been fair game.

Glasgow, KY

#3 Jul 21, 2008
Other tidbits from the weekend festitities:

-Summer outings should be changed to fall outings. Still a great time!

-Tenderloin on the grill.....stupendous.

-Glasgow/Barren County gyero men....we all definitely married up.

-Nuisance dog = hyperbole

-Cranium board game is one of my strengths.

-I really, really suck at Call of Duty IV.

-My training for next year's cornhole tournament begins Tuesday night.

Glasgow, KY

#5 Jul 21, 2008
In regards to the eye candy, if I'd have been single, I'd have been trying.

“Finding An Important Lesson.”

Since: May 08

Parts Unknown

#6 Jul 21, 2008
^ Makes me wish I was there. Sounded like a blast, gentlemen. I have to admit, I wasn't expecting a mixed-doubles cornhole tournament. I could really see myself making a chick cry if I didn't win the tourney... because after all, it would have been her fault. Speaking of that, I hope buddyp won.

- Kettle cooked BBQ potato chips is better than anybody else's favorite chips. I love those suckers especially with a 6 pack of be- uh, soda. I like Sun Chips also. They look like they should suck and some do. But the new ones in the green bag are good and the cheddar ones are good too. I have no idea what flavor the green bag is, but I like it.

- I feel refreshed with this GYERO. It's like a much needed penicillin shot.

“Putting the sizzle in T-Vizzle”

Since: May 08

Glasgow, KY

#7 Jul 21, 2008
Been busy all day. Just now checked the board. Did I miss anything?

~My team clinched 3rd place in the tournament. I was pleased with my performance and felt like our placing was fair and just. Cobra Kai beat us fair and was just their time IMO.

Much kudos to BuddyP for hosting the event and providing a helluva meal. My boy forked out quite a bit of money for us to have a good time this weekend and he needs to let us help out on that some if this becomes an annual affair.

I'm certain everyone had a good time and can't wait until we all get together again. Sammich and Mrs. Sammich need to join up as well.

~Much as we all expected, BuddyP was severely exaggerating about his neighbors. Hardly ever heard a peep from the pooches and they spent the entire day Saturday mowing and weedeating. It wouldn't surprise me if they had a talk with BuddyP the next day about his unsightly mailbox. It might hurt the value of their property.

~If I don't see any of you before then, have a good time tomorrow night. I so hate my life right now.

“The Slothman Cometh!”

Since: May 08

Amish Paradise

#8 Jul 21, 2008
* I have tried like vain to post the team names, however, in some time it might appear. This is one ghetto-arse forum.

* My team, Cornhole Rough Riders, came in 4th and I was highly dissappointed. I was the pre-tournament favorite and I just didn't live up to the billing, even though I did throw 4 cornholes in a row on BBBD. His team gritted it out and finished 3rd. Although I have to say that John Holmes & the Cornhole Experience was the best team name.

* My wifes highlight of this whole weekend was beating YSoHS in the tournament. I was pleasantly surpised Proud of it.

* BBBD was correct, relationships were strained, blood was spilled and friendships were torn this weekend.

* My neighbors were relatively normal for once and I think that Kujo was uneasy with so many people around that he didn't know when to bark. However, I can't believe I didn't get one comment on the stairmaster vine that is growing on the side of their house.

* Nacho Doritos is the number one top rated potato chip, I can seriously eat a whole bag and it not even faze me.

“my advatar is cooler than me”

Since: May 08

E-town via T-ville

#9 Jul 21, 2008
Been a while since I posted and it looks like that is a good thing. Good Gawd, a gyero mutany and mutants have lost miserably.

* I can't believe there aren't more golf clubs left on the golf course. I always make fun of people who do that, and then like a bad episode of 'My Name is Earl', Karma came around a bit me in the ass and I left my 3-wood on a hole. That's right... not a PW or SW.... a 3-wood.

* Did I actually think Norman could pull it off when he regained the lead at the turn.... No, I did not.

* I had to shave my ass again. IT IS HOT!!

* Natural Light is underrated.

* Miller Lite is overrated.

* Beer is good.

* Sometimes you just got to bounce a dog of a concrete sidewalk. I'm out!

“my advatar is cooler than me”

Since: May 08

E-town via T-ville

#10 Jul 21, 2008
Oh yeah - I have to go with Cool Ranch.

Versailles, KY

#11 Jul 22, 2008
Hey guys, ain't that much-needed penicillin shot worn off yet? Where are you Shoulder, buddyp, bbbd, bornandbread,Ysohs?

Since: Jan 08

Greensburg, KY

#12 Jul 22, 2008
Insufferable C*nt=4

Stay tuned...

Since: Jun 08

United States

#13 Jul 22, 2008
- Hi guys - been to busy to even think this last week.

- Cheetos most definatley cheetos - more cheese than Doritos and the after effects on your fingers are just an extension of the pleasure..... Cheetos cheese licked off of your fingers taste better than any other cheese on the earth.

- the Monroe county fair is "over" next highlight for the town is the "Watermelon Extravaganza " Do not miss the monumental event.

- "Dark Knight" - is awesome - action action and more action - the Joker is so twisted and the ending is twisted too...... but let me divert from this topic to save those that have not viewed it as of yet...... discussion later over movie when others have participated.

- Am going to have to start cooking again - It has been almost two weeks since I've had time to cook a decent meal....- Pizza does not count.

- BBBD - e-mail me about tomorrows lunch location - may be able to participate in this activity.

“Finding An Important Lesson.”

Since: May 08

Parts Unknown

#14 Jul 22, 2008
- The 3rd annuanl Shoulder Sammich Golf Extravaganza will be held this Saturday at a prestigious course in Bowling Green. All proceeds will go to benefit the Shoulder Sammich Beer Fund. You see, I'm not that bad of a guy. We will play a Ryder Cup-style 2-man best ball format. For the first 9 holes, it will be a 2 man scramble where the best ball of the 2 will be hit. For the second round, both players will play his own ball, but only the player that had the lowest score on that hole will count. Right now it looks like we have 7 two-somes. I would like a good round number of 16 participants so we can have 4 foursomes on the course at the same time. If any of the HDP are interested, email me.

- Also GOLF will be played the way it is intended that afternoon. Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden. That's right chauvanists, it's a guys-day only. I have some old college buddies coming in and we will have fun. We actually have rooms to stay in for that night and everything. Except for the inevitable swamp ass that I will have from playing in the middle of the day, I'm looking forward to it.

- Speaking of warm weather, did the August Heat Wave of last year erase our memories of what hot really is? Wasn't there something like 7 days in a row where the high temperature was well over 100? I can remember the heat index being over 100 well up into the evening hours (like 9 o'clock) for many of those days. Now that was hot. This stuff we're having now is just warm. I think last year helped build up my immunity to the heat. But I'll still have swamp ass, that's for sure.

- And my God, swig. You're shaving your ass again? Didn't you just do it about 2 months ago? What are you, half Turkish mixed with some Sasquatch? You could probably make a brillo-pad with what you scrape off there this time.

Glasgow, KY

#16 Jul 22, 2008
Drawing a big blank today.

“Head Moderator”

Since: May 08


#17 Jul 22, 2008
swig wrote:
* Sometimes you just got to bounce a dog of a concrete sidewalk. I'm out!
- Busy day thus far. Makes the day shorter for sure. Speaking of work. I am in charge of a few folks here and I could care less how they choose to spend their free time. The only thing that matters to me is that they get their job done correctly. IMO productivity would suffer if there weren't little breaks throughout the day.
- Old lady is dilated today. Won't be long now. If I suddenly go MIA for a few days, you know what's up. I'm prepared to be super protective of my little girl. Boy babies everywhere beware.
- Looks like we're gonna get another dose of storms. Maybe it will cool this place down a little. Miserable lately.
- Mancino's for lunch. Reuben sammiches are the real deal, despite what buddyp thinks.

“Finding An Important Lesson.”

Since: May 08

Parts Unknown

#18 Jul 22, 2008
- Here's to little miss YSoHS! Good luck, man. I'll be thinking of you. Hope you get to dodge that wedding too! I'll tell you Humor, when I had my girl I was prepared to commit a small felony just so I could go to the state pen for a year or two. That way, word would get around that little miss Sammich's dad is an ex-con. That would scare the ish out of the little cone-d*cks that would come around the house trying to date my girl. I also have no problem with swatting a 2-5 year old boy to the ground. Nothing too severe, you know. Just a little open palm to the side of a rugrat's head and then a little counter-clockwise shove. Whump! Feet over ass they go. Stay away from my girl, Junior!

- For all of you people that get your kicks out of reading my posts and taking everything I say literally, I'm kidding on most of that ...well, some of it. In all honesty, the most important job a dad could ever have for his daughter is to keep her off the pole. If you can manage that, 75% of your responsibility as a dad is met.

Glasgow, KY

#19 Jul 22, 2008
Poor little suzy wont take it up the ass.

“Finding An Important Lesson.”

Since: May 08

Parts Unknown

#20 Jul 22, 2008
Shiz wrote:
Poor little suzy wont take it up the ass.
Great post. Here's your reward ------->

Glasgow, KY

#21 Jul 22, 2008
Shutup foo

Since: Mar 08

Glasgow, KY

#22 Jul 22, 2008
Beer-thirty is almost here!!!

there will be cornhole and beer!!! double delight!!

I think you guys should all just give up your computers to the FBI and cooperate with the higher powers of TOPIX...just saying

the only question is: do i really go to work tomorrow???

hope everything goes quickly for your better half Your Sense!!!!

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