Tomah Police Department takes Oath of...

Tomah Police Department takes Oath of Honor

There are 37 comments on the Tomah Journal story from Jul 31, 2006, titled Tomah Police Department takes Oath of Honor. In it, Tomah Journal reports that:

Law Enforcement Oath of Honor On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character or the public trust.

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Im Scared

Winona, MN

#22 Jan 9, 2010
I went to grade school with Weaver and he was a big meanie. He used to push me into lockers and take my milk money. I told the teachers about it but they just laughed at me. One day I said enough was enough and I stood up to him. He punched me in the face so hard I thought I would never wake up. He did hurt his knuckles on my teeth though so I feel good about that.

Winona, MN

#23 Jan 9, 2010
I wish fricken "taser machine" would get a life and pick on someone his own size. That murderer is always messing with me and my buddies for smoking a little pot and we're sick of it! I hear he gets to go to more training than any other cop in the department too. Thats ridiculous. Get a life Weaver...

Black River Falls, WI

#24 Feb 3, 2010
what every one is saying about the TPD is true. There rude, cruel, and crooked. Not all of them are but 60% are and the other 40% most of the time have no choice but to go along with the higher up 60%. I have seen people talk about officer weaver on here, that guy needs to be in prison. I have made many complaints about him and others and nothing ever comes of it. when I was 15 I was walking down the side walk and then was surrounded by the TPD they came at me with a dog and weapons drawn. It was a case of mistaken ID and when I was put into the car with weaver he sat there and joked about how he was very close to putting two in my chest and one in my head. because they had to tell me to get down on the ground 3 times and i kicked the dog when it started to bite my leg. Then after they noticed there mistake they acted as if i did some thing wrong. They are dangerous and need to be shut down and replaced with Monroe county police.

Winona, MN

#25 Feb 7, 2010
someone wrote:
They are dangerous and need to be shut down and replaced with Monroe county police.
DO THEY???? What a rich.

New Lisbon, WI

#26 Mar 30, 2010
I just had my first situation with Officer Weaver. All I am going to say is I hope everything he did last night was on video and audio. I am an educated woman and will not put up with profiling!
Tomah Business Owner

La Crosse, WI

#27 Sep 15, 2010
I am not surprised by the emptyheaded and moronic statements made above. The majority of the Tomah residents fall into a catagory best described as "mentally deficient." I moved here from a small town similiar to Tomah and the people here are just bizarre. I have had some positive and some negative experiences with the Tomah PD and all I can say is...if I had to "Serve and Protect" a community as irrational and insolent as Tomah, I would probably lose my mind. The Tomah PD do a fine job and have been helpful and polite with several issues we needed them for. They responded quickly and acted professionally. Keep up the great work guys! This town is full of crime and people who believe they are above the law and simply dont like to be repremanded because they take a hit to the ego...

Sparta, WI

#28 Nov 2, 2010
anomonous wrote:
Oath of honor?I have witnessed Tomah police officers abusing their authority and using unnecessary exessive force.Since when does a female need to be tazered for talking back to an officer,with no forwarning whatsoever?I personally am frightened by the Tomah police and their "trigger happy" policies.
Oh, I hear you loud and clear.

A couple of years ago, a man who had called friends to threaten suicide wound up in a standoff with Tomah and Monroe County PD. This lasted several hours, and when police were concerned with the welfare of a child they claimed was a hostage, the man sent the child out. The woman with him was there of her own accord and sitting with him on a bed in a back room when they finally rammed the door open, placed a stun grenade very poorly, bashed the man's head with a rifle butt, tazed him _5_ times and manhandeled the woman, even though in court the directing officer admitted that neither had offered _ANY_ resistance whatsoever.

This then-13-year veteran of TPD was making first-day rookie errors left and right, and they never did account for the holes in the wall of the apartment, which matched the size of the man's head.

In the interim, they tried to take him out with sniper rifles (again, he offered no resistance) and claimed they could not get a clear shot because of a curtain in a window. As anyone knows, police have access to sophisticated imaging technology the fire department (also on scene at the time) uses to find people trapped in burning buildings.

Again, all of this was according to actual testimony in court and available on public record.

I would say far more, but the rest is not well-enough documented, as this is.

When they refer to honor, character, and respect for the badge, I agree, it is a very sick joke.
another tomah resident

Beloit, WI

#29 Dec 2, 2010
i another resident have a problem, not with the day shift cops but with a few nigth shift cops they tend to think its ok to abuse the rights of people who they think they can take advantage because they are young or had something to drink one particular sergeant weaver has very many complaints of abusing his badge do to a tempure with a hair thin trigger he also has had very many tickets dropped do to the proof of abuse. sergeant weaver needs to be removed from the police force he is a so called roll model for his rookie officers and all he is doing i creating the next generation of abusive cops in tomah. i and many others have seen it first hand and not all of are juvinile or have records.

United States

#30 Feb 5, 2011
maby cuz they were drinkin or somethig thay need to do that to keep this plces a bether plces in tomah

Chicago, IL

#31 Jun 8, 2011
All the cops in Tomah should be fired and replaced. Start fresh and see what happens. Just a thought.
To the tp fans

La Crosse, WI

#32 Feb 24, 2012
To wow... So your tellin me that tazing a 17 year old boy twice!!!! Is not abuse of power I'm sure any of these fine officers could have managed a 17 year old boy just fine without tazeing him twice

La Crosse, WI

#33 Oct 8, 2012
They are truly a bunch of morons. What people, with the responsibility they have, would leave a man's minor children home alone for 4 hours in the late evening/early morning hours while taking that man into custody for questioning? Answer: Tomah P.D. Before taking the man into custody, they approached his door and used the story that "prowlers" had been seen in the back yard. The kids heard this. They were aware that some homes in the neighborhood had been broken into recently. They had also been victims of a home invasion the previous year. When another adult was finally called to the home at around 2:00 a.m., that adult found one child (who sleep walks) locked outside in the cold. Probably got outside and couldn't get back in. No check was ever made on the children's welfare. In my job, if I was this irresponsible with children, I would get fired.

Glidden, WI

#34 Jun 20, 2013
Where is the video that "Judged " mentioned and I can't seem to find any reports about tazing of suspects let alone a 90# girl getting tazed.
chris kling

Kenosha, WI

#35 Aug 5, 2013
Tomah Resident wrote:
The tomah police department is not a joke and the use very professional tactics when dealing with other people, post number one here says that someone was "tazered for talking back to an officer" That is complete non-sense, i am a current criminal justice graduate and can tell you that every time an officer uses a tazer, there is about 100 pages of paper work and several formal reviews with the chief of police, i am guessing that the girl did deserve it and the tomah officers used their knowlege and training to make the best decisions possible. Just remember that the tomah police may be the most worthless, unproffesional and half ass IN YOUR EYES, but if you live there and need police assistance; who is going to come to your rescue?
. The tomah police department is full of corruption and uses police brutality on a daily basis.I once saw a tomah cop taze an old lady because she was senial with alzhimers disease.

Onalaska, WI

#36 Jan 14, 2014
well dealing with Tomah pd there r some good cops and some nasty ones and yes Tomah pd harass u cause they have nothing better to do then that with r tax money paying them to serve and protect us haha that's funny I didn't know that ment lets give everyone tickets even though they didn't do anything and lets barge right in there house like we Owen it and it happened to me and I was not nice the other officer got him out cause he know I was going to flip and I did but he took him out I told them to get a warrant and they said ok but never did but they don't do there job they r to protect us yeah right my little dogs do a better job then that they need to get ride of hints, salone, but keep marshal,westfult, weaver, Peterson now those cops do there job but hint, salone, well we wont go there.
chris kling

New Lisbon, WI

#37 Jul 23, 2014
anomonous wrote:
Oath of honor?I have witnessed Tomah police officers abusing their authority and using unnecessary exessive force.Since when does a female need to be tazered for talking back to an officer,with no forwarning whatsoever?I personally am frightened by the Tomah police and their "trigger happy" policies.
tomah police are retards i was sober when i got a dui and they halled my wife in for warrents that were aready paid complete retards..

Muskego, WI

#38 Jun 5, 2015
Smith wrote:
I heard the Tomah cops arrested a million people in one night, just because they can!!!!
for that matter do you know what a joke the Monroe County Court system is,do you find it interesting that a woman can walk into the courthouse fill out a sheet for lies with no proof whatsoever and destroy a guys life and have his constitutional rights taken away. without the court system checking anything that she said it cost her some pocket change to do that but in order for the guy to go back to court improve all these things lies these shyster lawyers say right off the bat it's going to cost you ten thousand dollars and no promises they're all in cahoots with each other and their the criminals the whole law system is nothing but a joke a joke because they take all our constitutional rights away from us our forefathers are turning over in their graves.somebody needs to hold these judges accountable somebody in the upper government needs to investigate.

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