Tomah Police Department takes Oath of...

Tomah Police Department takes Oath of Honor

There are 37 comments on the Tomah Journal story from Jul 31, 2006, titled Tomah Police Department takes Oath of Honor. In it, Tomah Journal reports that:

Law Enforcement Oath of Honor On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character or the public trust.

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Schaumburg, IL

#1 Aug 11, 2006
Oath of honor?I have witnessed Tomah police officers abusing their authority and using unnecessary exessive force.Since when does a female need to be tazered for talking back to an officer,with no forwarning whatsoever?I personally am frightened by the Tomah police and their "trigger happy" policies.

Sturgeon Bay, WI

#2 Oct 6, 2006
Your frightend by them? try living here

Plover, WI

#3 Oct 14, 2006
the tomah police are a joke. oath of honor my ass. I was just lied to by tomahs (finnest)
Tomah Resident

Fennimore, WI

#4 Dec 7, 2006
The tomah police department is not a joke and the use very professional tactics when dealing with other people, post number one here says that someone was "tazered for talking back to an officer" That is complete non-sense, i am a current criminal justice graduate and can tell you that every time an officer uses a tazer, there is about 100 pages of paper work and several formal reviews with the chief of police, i am guessing that the girl did deserve it and the tomah officers used their knowlege and training to make the best decisions possible. Just remember that the tomah police may be the most worthless, unproffesional and half ass IN YOUR EYES, but if you live there and need police assistance; who is going to come to your rescue?
Tomah Life

West Salem, WI

#5 Sep 9, 2008
I will disagree with the Tomah resident that said the police department uses professional tactics. I am witness to officer's perjuring themselves in court, to lying in their statements, and to using extremely excessive force in dealing with situations. They have thrown complaints away, have told a resident that they would not enforce a restraining order, because he was a man. These officers that I have witnessed trample people's rights and scare the citizenry. As far as needing police assistance, I won't call them anymore, I would rather just deal with my own problems. But like everyone else in this town, I have no choice but to pay for their nice new building. Isn't a police force supposed to deter crime? Not just ticket everyone so that the county gets revenue?

Oshkosh, WI

#6 Oct 6, 2008
The comments that i have just read, except for one (Tomah Resident), are outrageous. You people find any little thing that you don't agree with and blow it way out of porportion. To say that the Tomah Police Department abuses their powers or that they have tasered an individual for no reason is just plain stupid. You people need to find a hobby and quit trying to place blame on those who are out there working their behinds off to make sure that we all live in a safer place. Get a clue!!!!!! The Tomah Police Department is staffed with some of the most professional officers around. They do a hell of a job dealing with people like you.
Sounds right

Neenah, WI

#7 Nov 11, 2008
All these cops are the same whether its tomah or oshkosh. They will continually lie,trick,and persuade. Unfortunately when these things are brought up they are disregarded because of simple minded people just saying "that's stupid." Anyone who doesn't believe these police dept's act like this obviously haven't had any "first-hand" experience. I bet they all get together for an "all hail stalin" salute before shifts
Proud Tomah Resident

La Crosse, WI

#8 Jan 29, 2009
I am ashamed of almost all of the comments listed above. Why would you critize a dept. that works very hard to serve and protect? I am a Tomah resident proud to have the Tomah PD serving us. Not only do they respond promptly to any and all calls but they are professional and polite. Complaining and whining like a bunch of juveniles is only going to compound the rumor that the Tomah Police aren't doing their job...if you have a problem do something about it! The people who have made the above mentioned complaints are probably the same people who are in the police reports and on the news who have caused problems and justice was served. Too bad for you that you didn't get away with your crime and were reprimanded for being the nuisance that you are!

Ozark, MO

#9 Mar 15, 2009
Actually, The Police here do take it a little too far. I got stopped and searched for smoking a cigarette in military uniform and being at least 18. Why? Because officer Jones had a past run in with me before I left for the military.

Bangor, WI

#10 Apr 6, 2009
as far as these cops here go i know for a fact that they pull people over for nonsense things cuz i got pulled over for just minding my own buisness and it was 4 in the morning and just becouse i had a crack in my windshield they thought thats a good reason and its not i am from stevens point ,wisconsin and i have NEVER EVER had a problem with cops there at all i had never gotten pulled over or anything! and i come here and what happends. i do nothing but mind my own buisness and some of these people here are rude and mean for no reason they flick u off and some are stuck up just like the tomah cops here. and they also pull out in front of me i understand why the cops would be a little strict here with people as far as the way they drive but still leave me alone cuz i dont do nothin wrong and so far they have been leaving me alone so im fine with that so. i have been here for a year only my hometown is stevens point always is the best town with the best cops always will be i like them. they never bothered me. this is all stated IN MY OPINION its only my opinion thats ok if you dont have anything against these cops here thats fine im just stating my opinion that is all u dont have to disagree i understand i try to get along with everyone i do my best always will. i havent gotten in trouble with the law ever i stay out of trouble as well becouse i dont do stupid things

Bangor, WI

#11 Apr 6, 2009
anomonous wrote:
Your frightend by them? try living here
f i agree try livin here with them yup it is annnoying!
Do not feel safe anymore

Onalaska, WI

#12 Apr 30, 2009
To all of you who THINK they are great and professional officers please read the following.I went in the ditch at 11:30 at night because of icy roads.While i was on the phone, trying to get a ride home from my husband,one of the police officers YELLED across the median to a fellow officer, a very rude and offensive reference to his..well.... private area.After which they shared a good laugh.When trying to file a complaint,i was treated as if his behavior didn't cross a line and as if i were dumb.The lieutenant stood up and began yelling at my husband(in front of my 5 month old)because i wanted him in the room with me and he was telling him to get out.Needless to say... i was completely ignored.
By the way,Proud Tomah resident,I have a non- existent criminal record.I have never even been pulled over.
Tomah Wi

La Crosse, WI

#13 Aug 1, 2009
The Tomah ploice night shift officers are a bunch of B.S. I have been just one of the few that has betten in the back of the head 7-8 times, then a glass borke over my head and got knocked out with 1 guy and 1 girl both hitting me in the back of the head and finaly the cops came. I did not through 1 punch and the officer Jacob Johns pulles his stun gun out and tazer me with it without asking any ?s. Where are my rights? They hit the bouncer and the bar owner that night also before all this happened. So now i get 2 tickets out of it .the bar gets tickets and the cops let the guy get away that hit me in the back of the head with a glass.Its all on Vidio and Audio.. Sence tractor pull weekend, i have had 6 more people call me about there stories and this has got to stop NOW. Wess Revels thinks that his shit dont stink but there are a few moles in his dept that big Wess doesnt know about. I would also like to know about the young kid that was having a dibetic seser in his car and the cops thought he was drunk so they let the tazer loose on him and the drug him out through the window. He was having a sezer and they tazed him. The night i got tazered . one cop turned me around and the other shot me in the back. Give them a gun and a badge and they can do what they want. P.s. ITS all on VIDIO and will be out soon.

justin johnson

Waterloo, Canada

#14 Nov 19, 2009
Get duck tpd ya that's right
Doug Reuteler

El Dorado Hills, CA

#15 Dec 6, 2009
I remember the TPD of the 1970s. It was a kinder gentler PD of a kinder and gentler time.

Try living in the big city and dealing with the LAPD of the NYPD.

Taylor, WI

#17 Dec 23, 2009
Have you ever dealt with the Tomah Police Dept. personally? I've lived in many placed over the years and have had positive contact with officers from many departments. Unfortunately the few times I have had interactions with Tomah Police officers left me bewildered and bitter. Many are young, arrogant men who seem to -prefer confrontation rather than de-escalation. I have never met "professionals" that were as rude and disrespectful as the Tomah Police. The latest incident with Officer Weaver a.k.a. "the taser machine" proves my point as well as many others on this post.

Tomah, WI

#18 Dec 25, 2009
didnt weaver just kill someone that was out of act of abusing his badge?? yet u dont hear about it in the paper or news? why is this being with held from the people who pay his wages? im sorry,he should resign and he should be charged with somekind of charge,he has many complaints filed against him,people r scared of that guy, he should not be allowed to wear a badge or carry a weapon,he needs serious help
I know these fools

Altoona, WI

#19 Jan 6, 2010
I know the tomah pd there rude and abuse the power of there badge I've seen male officers check females with out a female officer present that's not rite at all and they like to come and harras people at like 10:30pm when people are sleeping also they treatin people to I was once told if I called a male officer dude I was going to go to jail..I think some needs to do something about these crooked fools.

Altoona, WI

#20 Jan 6, 2010
I think weaver needs to sit in prison and rot and how come this shot ain't on the news?

Holmen, WI

#21 Jan 9, 2010
I heard the Tomah cops arrested a million people in one night, just because they can!!!!

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