Haunted: Purgatory area in Constantin...

Haunted: Purgatory area in Constantine, Michigan; Reported: March 16, 2008

There are 215 comments on the MyUFO story from Mar 31, 2008, titled Haunted: Purgatory area in Constantine, Michigan; Reported: March 16, 2008. In it, MyUFO reports that:

Message: Have you checked out "Purgatory" area in Constantine, Mi? Creepy area! A house once owned and used to hide by Al Capone sets in this area. via MyUFO

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Coldwater, MI

#163 Aug 14, 2012
Cat wrote:
You all ar so stupid I can expalin most of the ghost stories for the last 30 years or so Ive lived there my whole life I can explin 75% of what you idiots have seen especialy the partiers and the people who go out ther to"park" Ive walked throught there extensively in the dark and at night there is nothing there
whats the 25% that u cant explin thats what I want to kno about u can get ahold of me on fb duke sexton
Brad Rentfrow

Hart, MI

#164 Sep 21, 2012
I use to live in this area. It's so effed up. Why would it be this way? Why does it have to be this way? I sure as heck would like to know what's happening there but am too freaked out to go by myself. You could lose your license if you drive around out there drinking because I know that the police do cruise around out there. Hunting season is coming soon so please be careful out there. You have a bunch of redneck hillbillies running around out there with loaded guns. That in itself is scary.
Jeff G

Granger, IN

#165 Sep 23, 2012
I just went out to the rock yesterday for the first time in ten years. I thought it would be a cool place to check out with my kids. Nothing strange happened, but you can definitely feel a strange energy in this area of the forest. It also has the biggest vines I've ever seen in my life. As big around as my arm. The rock is easy to get to and worth checking out. From M-60, go North on Patterson Hill Rd. Then take a left on Bald Hill Rd. It will become a dirt road and go into "North Purgatory", the Crane Pond State Game Area. Take the dirt road to the first curve to the left. It's a wide curve so people can park there. Park, and to the right (North side of road) there is a path. Take it, you'll come to a fork in the path, stay left, walk down another few minutes, and when you come close to the pond, it will split again. Go right and the rock is right there at the base of Bald Hill.
I'm going back there today to show the rock to my son and after that we're going to Purgatory rd and the cemetery to see if we can find anything interesting.
Also, I would really like to start a paranormal investigation group for the Michiana area. Anyone interested, email me at [email protected]

Millersburg, IN

#166 Oct 24, 2012
Melissa wrote:
What Mansion are you talking about? I am originally from Constantine...please let me know. I am headed back this November and want to check it out. [email protected]
<quoted text>
hey Melissa I'm origonaly from Constantine as well as far as I know there isn't any mansion there I have lived there for 8 years and was born and raised there. I've been to pergitory at night and camped out and during the day I walked around and never found anything there... I'd love to talke to you more about it..:)

Millersburg, IN

#167 Oct 24, 2012
austin mccann wrote:
i live on the road leding to them woods
hey did you attend Constantine highschool?

Millersburg, IN

#168 Oct 24, 2012
Cat wrote:
in reply to mgs member last year I was not saying you were stupid I was saying the people who go out there to tear up the area and party are stupid. As for the coments about cars chasing you and seeing lights a few years back I can explaine all of that the light was a hand held spot light with some one dressed in black and yes I did chase some choise people with my car. The devil dog there have been familys out there for years with generatins of white german sheppard dogs that roam the area there is no devil dog. the power plant used to dam up the stream and the marshy area behind where the house was used to be a large lake according to some familys that lived out there before it broke it was a well stocked lake when the dam broke they said the you could just stand there and pick up the fish as the water crossed the road. The house had a courtyard in the front that was filled in when some one drowned in it. and according to the gentelman that I had talked to who is sadly now passed it was a house of "ill repute" but it had beautiful grounds and many imported trees on the grounds. Mgs member I also am a paranormal researcher so I was not calling you stupid and growing up in that area and hearing the stories and knowing the truth are one of the things that made me interested in the paranormal. I have also witnessed first hand the destruction the the uninformed idiots have done to this beautiful area.
ok so I like completly agree with what u are saying. Idk where these people are getting these stories from and as far as the devil dog. Really people come on. The dog is out there to keep watch of the family that lives there of course ur going to get chased off... Commen sence people, I hevily believe in super natral but I have seen and spent several nights in pergitory.. IT'S NOT AUNTED!!!!

United States

#169 Dec 16, 2012
the mansión has been leveled for atleast 15 yrs. and was owned by joe Louis!!

Lansing, MI

#170 Dec 26, 2012
I have a friend who camped there, he had never heard any stories, only knew it was a wilderness area and free to explore and camp in. He said he never had been so afraid in his entire life and never slept due to hearing foot steps all night. He said he felt as if he were surrounded by people. My grandfather is 87, he grew up in Elkhart and has been in Three Rivers since the 1950's. Our ancestors helped the slaves to freedon via the underground railroad. He states Purgatory was included in the route on the underground railroad. My grandfather says many people were ambushed and killed there by the KKK and that the KKK have had meetings there. My father used to hunt there. My dad told me he got lost there after dark in a swampy area and had to stay the night. My dad will not give details of his experience, he said it was terrifying but cannot be explained and to never go out there alone or unprepared. One more thing, there are puma/cougar out there.

Amherst, MA

#171 Jan 27, 2013
I was out there in 1986 or 87 cant really remember. We went through the hole house. from basement to attic. I remember all the rooms , each had a bathroom. The house was shaped like a L. There was an old organ. My friends brother has the stool from it. The basement seemed to have a lot of fill in it. Like they filled in some tunnels. Not sure. The pitcure of the building that someone posted is actually a water turbine. The story goes that they would open the gates to fill the pond and then at night open the gates to turn the big turbine motor to make electricity. The trubine was there When I was there. but thatg was over 25 years ago. I also heard Joe Louis or sugar ray had a boxing camp there. Not sure about this though. Sorry to hear it was torn down.

Indianapolis, IN

#172 Feb 28, 2013
Me and my boyfriend went out there in december/january and I was a big sceptical...we drove around many times and it is plain creepy out there...the woods look creepy its always dark no matter what time of day...and you never hear birds....odd...but this one night we went out at about 3:30 am....we were drving around and went into the cellar or whatever it is....nothing happened I just had this creppy feeling...then we parked on the bridge shut the car off and nothing other than my phone battery drained....then we went to dead mans curve and looked around and I. Had a horrible erie feeling the whole time...then past dead mans curve we parked on the right side of. The road and shut the car off...my boyfriend got out of the car and was talking to me...he asked me if I saw that and pointed forward....I looked up and saw this tall black figure running towards us...it was running super fast...my boyfriend hurried up and jumped in the car this whole time we see this black figure running at us...he then turned the car and the lights on and it disappeared....the rest of the night I felt odd....and just kept thinking of what I saw...it was the darkest feeling ever and my heart felt like it fell through the floor....my family has messed around with haunted things all our lives and my family all has some way to communicate with spirits and things along thos

Indianapolis, IN

#173 Feb 28, 2013
E lines.but that was the worst feeling ever
Angie Birdsall

Freeport, MI

#174 Mar 7, 2013
Hi, I am a correspondent for the Three Rivers and Sturgis papers. I live in Constantine and I'm interested in doing a write up on Capone's house. I'd love to know what the paranormal researchers found out there too. I get vibes of energy out there too. Contact me at [email protected] thx.
Angie Birdsall

Freeport, MI

#175 Mar 7, 2013
I'm very interested in this house.. reason being I live in Constantine and am a correspondent for the Three Rivers and Sturgis news papers. I can't seem to find any indication the home was owned by Capone or Louis and I just sent an email to the paranormal investigators from Indiana who were there (and didn't find much para. activity.) I'm curious how you came by your knowledge of the home being owned by a Chicago lady? I don't know if I can come up with enuff info. for a write-up but I'm working on it..lol If you can help email me at [email protected] thanks!
MH formerly Constantine wrote:
A lot of stories here few on facts. As one person posted Al Capone could not of owned or visited the house. The timeline does not fit. Joe Lewis never owned the house. Joe Lewis did visit there in the summer. Old timers who lived in Jones can tell you when you saw the black Cadillac pull into town it meant ice cream. The cabins across the street from the house were not slave cabins. They were built by a black religous group in the early 1970's. The religous group owned the property for a number of years and the camp was used mainly in the summer. I don't know what happened to this group, maybe they went bankrupt. The house was used for several years by another group and then it was shuttered.
The house itself was a two story stucco Spanish style with red tile roof. The "pump house" as someone described was nothing of the sort. It was a elctric generating plant. The house was self sustained. There is a stream that runs through the property, altough it does appear to be much these days it produced power to drive the generator.
The house was built by a Chicago "lady" as a residence outside of Chicago. In its day it was a hell of a party house.
Mark Rice

Cassopolis, MI

#176 Mar 7, 2013
I grew up in the Constantine area. I visited Purgatory often. I am 41 years old now and the place still scares me as bad now as it did when I was a teenager. There have been many deaths out there. Some of them were accidents ie: car wrecks on Dead Man's Curve. Some of them were not accidents. The KKK is and was prominent in the area, and are "rumored" to have executed blacks in these woods. One previous poster shared his story about a run in with them and I believe every word of it. Something similar happened to me as well. I remember driving my girlfriend through there one night and the headlights on my car kept turning off and on for no reason. My girlfriend thought that I was doing it to scare her, but I did not. There was a "goat man" that lived way out in the woods out there. He was a spooky old bearded man. He was blind but could navigate that woods as if he could see fine. He was a hermit and lived in a shack way back in the woods. I believe that the evil entities that live there are the tortured souls of demons killed out there long ago. The sayances and satanic writings out there give me the heebie jeebies. I'm glad the Joe Louis mansion is gone, everyone whoever lived there were freaks. I used to talk to a Mr. Norton that lived down at the corner of Bair Lake St. and the gravel road that the mansion set upon. His father and grandfather ran an old gas station that sat on the corner there. Part of the old station is there. I do not recommend that anyone goes there for any reason. It's really not worth it, unless you have a death wish.

Sturgis, MI

#177 Mar 11, 2013
purgatory is hunted. My dad told me these stories about it he was there in 95 him and his buddies were horsing around in the blizzard there when all of a sudden there was a truck that was up on there tails and as my dad saw a field they turned there lights off. After a few mins my dad and his buddies went to get out of purgatory it happened again. my dad said that no one was out there in the blizzard except him. Another time was at 12 am he and his buddies went out and drove by what they called it troll bridge. his friend casey said look and when they did they saw a troll like figure. Another time my dad said it was creepy was he went there on holloween and her stopped and went out of the car and saw a deers heart right in the middle of the road it wasn't bloody or nothing. My dad said DO NOT GO THERE BY YOURSELF.

Haslett, MI

#178 Mar 11, 2013
I wrote the earlier post about my grandfather stating he knew purgatory was included on the route of one the paths for the underground railroad. I've been curious enough to go on a few drives and even hiking in purgatory since my last post. Im pretty sure its harmless. Its very beautiful there, I even took my kayak in and went on a long trip by myself. I had to get out alot and go over fallen trees and through shallow water but nothing scary there as far as I can tell. I saw alot of deer and alot of coyote tracks. I took a map, good thing because my phone died quick but thats to be expected when you're in the woods away from towers. Theres the occassional beer can or name carved in a tree but overall seems like all the stories are mostly for fun.

United States

#179 Apr 5, 2013
Several friends and I have been to this area MANY MANY times over the years starting in 2002- I have collecred ALOT of information and habe pictures that show that there is def some paranormal activity going on out there in various places- would love to go back again as its been a couple years since weve visited i have alot of stories Id love to share with n e one intrested too- u can email me @ [email protected] put the subject as purgatory :)

Vancouver, WA

#180 Apr 17, 2013
andrea wrote:
I've been there. I was wanting some info about the camp across the street from Al Capone's house. I've heard stories but I wanna know what actually happened there?
There was a fire and most of the campers died. They isn't really anything left. just over grown stuff. said ghosts got to them.
Suzy Knepple

Gobles, MI

#181 Jul 16, 2013
There is so much more to the story of the hauntings and happenings in purgatory. I cannot go into them all on here. After reading all of the posts, the majority of what has been written, is true. I didn't see anyone mention the UFO sightings and attempted alien abductions that have taken place there. Purgatory, in my opinion, is much like the Bermuda Triangle. Some kind of negative energy or force is at play there. It is no place to mess around with. People have died and people have been severely injured. Your best bet, is not to go. To the above poster, yes, the campers died. They were never able to determine the cause of the fire. 20 people lost their lives that night and nary a word of it written about it by the papers or the news. Strange...

Columbia City, IN

#182 Jul 24, 2013
I'm going to go up with my boyfriend and some other friends, i didnt know if i could get someone to tell me more about the town and what happened there? Or of anyone has pictures of the town? You can email me and [email protected] thanks you.

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