You know as I sit in the Oswego library right now...Deadlys rant "they want us to tell Valerie to get her decoratiing ideas off the internet liek she (me) does" you know Valerie was not even smart talented enough to know how to properly clean her own home because as she stated at her mother in front of me in 2012 "MOTHER you never taught me how to clean the house" after I had shown her for 75.00 what clean looks like.. as to her excuse as to why her house was so bad..Her mother said she found a lot of moldy food in the refrig ...So Val wanted to rehire me clean her carpets refrig stove etc..She was shock at art how a clean house really looks and was very willing to pay for more..She was just then learning to how to wear nylons and that ironing clothes is NOT a bad thing either esp for work...YES this self mad eand full of new life changing decisions woman that "HE" IDOLS so much ..Now she's an aspiring actress in FULTON of course launching her career to where "HE" plans to "association: her in all of this... So it does not surprise ME "HE" wants you deadly's to rant this in her ear also...HELLO the surgeon told her they would have to move about 30 pds of skin after her weight loss on a woman who stands about 5 feet tall..OK? Val was shocked that I had said the right amount..before she told anyone..Well you could see it..
YES HE has her copy m,.I was doing a self weight loss then NOT surgical....There is NOTHING natural about the clues.