Neighbors in Semmes against annexation

Neighbors in Semmes against annexation

There are 17 comments on the WPMI story from Aug 20, 2008, titled Neighbors in Semmes against annexation. In it, WPMI reports that:

August 19 - Local leaders say they were caught off guard. Neighbors in Semmes are outraged.

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Ben L Baldwin Jr

Charlotte, NC

#1 Aug 20, 2008
I was raised in Satsuma and have lived in Mobile County my whole life. For the last fifteen years I have lived in Semmes.
I love living here. There is a community spirit here that I have never experienced. One big neighborhood of people with common interest.
I know from experience that the people that live in Semmes will never be happy as part of Mobile. We are different, and in a better way.
We cannot allow the City of Mobile to steal our tax base, that would be the end of our chance to govern ourselves. We have to be the leaders of our own future.
We need to Incorporate, and do it as soon as possible. Ben
Rob Stephens

United States

#2 Aug 20, 2008
Message I sent to Steve Nodine and Chad Fincher...

Gentlemen, Let me first say thank you for your service and conviction for a better place for all of us to live here in Semmes. My name is Rob Stephens. I live in Semmes on Oak Hill Dr and have a catering business in Tillman's Corner. I attended the meeting last night at MGM and let me just say that I am more than upset at the City's attempt to annex the Moffett Road commercial district area for the sole purpose of the tax revenue for their benefit. It makes me feel like I am not living in America but in some Communist country. However, I left the meeting Tuesday evening feeling educated on the proposed City annexation but somewhat confused as to a specific plan of action as how to combat and prevent it. Here are some of my ideas for what they are worth. You have to rally the people of Semmes - they are all ready to help. 1. 2 teams - 1 working on the incorporation of Semmes and 1 working on stopping the annexation 2. 75 - 100 pp (or more) committed to attending the County Commission Meeting next week voicing their concerns 3. 75 - 100 pp (or more) committed to attending the City Council Meeting next week voicing their concerns 4. Team of folks going door to door at local businesses and more importantly in the King Branch area - educating folks on the tax increases they will incur (I strongly believe this is where the battle will be one) 5. Make up signs ("Stop the Annexation") put up on Moffett Rd and down Meadow Lane and Pinetucky Rd entering the Kings Branch area reading the same or more like " Property Taxes will Increase" or You will pay more at Walmart! " 6. Have everyone in Semmes show up at the polls if it goes to vote and protest - Also attempt to vote. The West Mobile vote is believed to be invalid due to unregistered voters that were allowed to vote. I believe that the city is playing "dirty pool" and it wouldn't be out of line to give them a taste of their own medicine. 7. Legislation needs to be introduced to prevent municipalities from having the ability to annex areas solely for the purpose of gaining the revenue from the commercial entities encompassed in said area without these areas absolutely benefiting from the annexation. Furthermore all property owners in the annex area should be able to vote on the annexation regardless if they are a commercial or residential property owner. This is clearly a form of taxation without representation which we fought against well over 125 years ago. Again, I appreciate all you've done for our area - and hope we can stop this effort by the city, in turn Incorporating Semmes and creating an area that people want to be a part of. If there is anything I can do for you... don't hesitate to call me. Thank you, Rob Stephens

Since: Jul 08

Semmes, AL

#3 Aug 24, 2008
My name is Judy Hale. I live in Semmes AL. I am working on the incorporation committee to make Semmes a city. I greatly oppose Mobile's annexation plan to split up our community!

I encourage everyone to have a voice -- make a stand -- fight for what you believe in!

Attend the following meetings and let your elected officials know how you feel.

The next County Commissioners' Meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 25, 2008 @ 10:00 AM.

The next Mobile City Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 26, 2008 @ 10:30 AM. You will need to get there early to get a seat! We will have people scheduled to speak -- but we need everyone there to show that they oppose the annexation efforts!

Also, the Semmes Citizens Against Annexation will be having a meeting on Thursday, Aug/28 @ 6:30 PM at the Semmes Community Center. We invited everyone possible to attend this meeting. We will be organizing groups to go out into the community and give our citizens the facts about annexation.

Panama City, FL

#4 Aug 27, 2008
I moved to Semmes in 1984; wasn't a whole lot here then. I've watched it grow,I've supported local bussinesses as they came to town because I wanted them to stay here. I have volunteered at SRCC, helping distribute food boxes and water ,and feeding National Guard and other clean-up workers after Ivan; the efforts of community wolunteers,local leaders, and Mr.Nodine helped Semmes earn the position of a FEMA 'designated distribution/relief center'. We've got our own Boys and Girls Club chapter,Franklin Health branch clinic ,a community center and playground and soon we'll have a library. Semmes has become a thriving community that deserves to be it's own city; last time I checked, Semmes '36575' starts on the west side of Schillingers Rd, so Walmart is in Semmes and is part of the community, just like the rest of us. And we will ultimately be paying the bill for King's Branch folks to be within Mobile city limits.
Sandis Gowns

Daphne, AL

#5 Sep 8, 2008
I think that if we incorporate we will be in terrible trouble if people don't start using their local businesses. I have stated this in another comment forum on this. If you want a city of Semmes then people have to start supportting their local businesses. Your city needs us business owners and you don't use us!!! For example, our schools that are supposed to need us to help them... I own a Gown Shop less than a mile from MGM and have offered a 10% discount AND free pick up and delivery on their dry cleaning of the band and ROTC uniforms. Did they use me??? NO, THEY TAKE THEIR BUSINESS OUT OF SEMMES! Now don't get me wrong, when they want a donation for something every young person, mostly the girls, know where I am. Our adults that run our schools that are probably pushing for the incorporation of Semmes are the ones who send our money to Mobile. Make up your minds folks, if you want a city you need business revenue... THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOT WHAT YOU ARE SAYING!!! Words won't build a city or all those loud mouth poiticians lining themselves up to run Semmes would have already had it done. Ask them if they are concerned about the local business. I will bet you that as soon as they get out of these meeting they turn that car towards Mobile to get a bite to eat. You don't think they are going to stop in Semmes do you? How does that feel to you restaurant owners. I think we all need to think on this. Ask yourself how much of an effort you put to keeping your revenue out here. Unless that changes I feel annexation will help us clean up this area, but if our revenue keeps being poured into Mobile I say we need to be part of Mobile. You can't have a city unless you are willing to support it and not even our schools try to do that so to me we are doomed unless we get rid of that attitude.

Since: Jul 08

Semmes, AL

#6 Sep 9, 2008
Sandis Gowns -- you are so right! We need to support our local businesses first. Also, when we do incorporate, the money we pay in sales taxes will stay in Semmes and help to support our community even more.

Maybe this is something that we need to look at and make people more aware of. We could start a "SHOP IN SEMMES" campaign. I think many people just don't think about it right now -- but, with the incorporation efforts, it is something that we need to make everyone aware of.

Very good point!! Thanks!
Sandis Gowns

Daphne, AL

#7 Sep 12, 2008
I would LOVE to see a city of Semmes stand on their own. I LOVE Semmes. My husband and I looked for over a year taking in consideration the fact that we are over 25 miles as the crow flys from any chemical plants, which is hard to do on the coast, and all the small town atmosphere that someone like me who grew up my first 18 years in a town of 950 feels more comfortable in. After much tought I decided that the area needs a gown shop and an alterations service. All my friends thought I was crazy not putting it in Mobile. I have done great and I LOVE my ladies. I want to stay right here the rest of my life. My husband was president last term at the Semmes Girls Softball park and I donated much of my free time also. We love this area and the people. But as I said previously, we need to invest in our area. We need to make a special effort when we need a service or need some groceries, who is in our area that could do me that service, and mostly OUR SCHOOLS! They send ALL their revenue to Mobile. All our sports organizations need to spend in Semmes. We have new stores popping up all over. We have a developer building behind Winn Dixie soon. I know because a friend of mine wanted to purchase that piece to do the same thing but it is in contract to someone doing that . More investors are buying land and building little strips for business because they see the growth and need for business out here. We are believed to be the fastest growing area to invest in right now. My friends in Northern Illinois wanting to invest in real estate was advised to buy in Mobile area, mostly Semmes AL because of the growth expectancy. I don't know about where you live but within a mile of my front door their is 9 subdivisions being built. More revenye more independence... It's just that simple. So please Semmes, think before you spend. Look around Semmes and say, "even if it cost a few cents more here, it stays out here". In some cases such as mine you can find it cheaper because of less overhead. Please buy in Semmes and we won't need Mobile. Semmes CAN stand on it's own if we support it.

Memphis, TN

#8 Sep 12, 2008
I agree that the Semmes community needs to support local businesses. I do think there are many people new to the area who may not be familiar with all the local businesses. Of course, businesses will certainly help once Semmes is incorporated. Instead of our tax money collected in Semmes going to the City of Mobile, we can keep that money here and use it to better our community. If the area is annexed into Mobile, the tax revenue would go to the City and there is no guarantee that any of that money would be invested back into our community. Mobile's population has decreased and businesses have left causing the City to look westward. Also, what sort of concern do they have for our communities when they omit so many people in the same community preventing them from voting on annexation.

Since: Jul 08

Semmes, AL

#9 Sep 12, 2008
HFloyd wrote: "Also, what sort of concern do they have for our communities when they omit so many people in the same community preventing them from voting on annexation."

You are so right!
Sandis Gowns

Daphne, AL

#10 Sep 12, 2008
Now we have a conversation that will produce results if we all are reading these. All the political tricks in the book won't change a thing unless our area changes it's way of thinking. I love the independent attitude coming on here. It has been all about how we like our area before now. I hear intelligent minds thinking here. The only reason why Mobile is trying to get to us is because the big wigs in the city know what is happening out here too. Some think they want to ignore the entire thing when I want to talk to them about it. They want things to stay the same... How many things stay the same??? We have to build on what we have going, and the way to do that is bring more business out here AND USE IT! I know how much we all love this area, but it takes money to stay Semmes. Judy is a go getter, I like what you say and how you stay on this. I just think we are going to be the place to live out here. I think the more we grow the more value we have to the cities around us. We unite and become a city or you best believe we are going to be part of someone else. You do know also that if we ever become part of Mobile they can bus and change school districts until our schools are typical Mobile schools. How many of us came here to give our children a good school system unlike Mobiles? Lets unite together and use each others business. We have a couple new places to eat here and I seen a new clothing store sign, Ruby Blue I believe. If you see a new business go up STOP, check it out and support our area. SOMEDAY IT MAY BE WHAT TAKES CARE OF US! And KNOW that no amount of politics is going to build us up, WE have to build Semmes ourselves. Great start wouldn't you say? I also remember when there was nothing here but an old wooden framed grocery and a gas station. GO SEMMES...

Since: Jul 08

Semmes, AL

#11 Sep 15, 2008
Annexation Meeting -- Thursday, Sept 18 @ 6 PM at Crawford United Method Church in Semmes.
Sandis Gowns

Daphne, AL

#12 Sep 16, 2008

Since: Jul 08

Semmes, AL

#13 Sep 16, 2008
I called on 7 businesses this morning on Moffett Road that are located within the proposed annexation area. It's just amazing -- they are all AGAINST Mobile's proposed annexation....

I can't honestly say that I've spoken to one person that supports annexation except for 2 guys that live in Kings Branch and that was on the day that we went to the Mobile City Council Meeting (Aug/26th I think). They are supposed to get FREE garbage & trash pickup along with a few street lights -- crazy, eh? Like anything is FREE? Come on now LOL

It is going to cost the rest of us (around 15,000 other residents who live and shop in Semmes) who will have to pay the increased sales tax. AND the business owners who will have to pay a 100% increase on their business license tax and they also don't have a voice/vote even if their business property is located in the proposed annexation area.

All of the other residents and business owners in the proposed annexation area can not stand the idea of being a part of Mobile and paying even more tax money to downtown.

If you ride down Moffett, take a look at the yard signs that we've put up. I ran out of signs this morning (going to pick up more at the sign company this afternoon). We'll keep putting up more and calling on all the businesses and residents in the proposed annexation area.

The best thing is to educate the residents and give them the WHOLE story about the true costs of annexation and not half-truths like what has been fed to them by the City.

Hattiesburg, MS

#14 Sep 18, 2008
You are right about educating the residents and the more they learn, maybe the less likely they will stay home on election day. If they want to join the city of Mobile, I wonder why they bought a home in the county in the first place. They should also go experience a city council meeting and a planning commission meeting to see how they operate and who would be making the decisions affecting them. Unfortunately some do not get involved until something happens and nothing can be done. We need to support local businesses and civic groups who support our community. As previously noted, some do not want anything to change - keep things the way they are - that is not going to happen - look at all the subdivisions change has already occurred. Also, nothing will be the same if the city annexes part of our community. The question is whether residents want to be involved in the direction of change or allow the city do it for us.
Richard Moore

Glendora, MS

#15 Sep 21, 2008
I am a resident of Semmes, also. I am definitely against what the mayor of Mobile is trying to do. I am in total agreement with making Semmes a city. The annexation (if successful) would have a negative affect on our country-like neighborhoods and our quality of life. I have noticed some new SAY NO TO ANNEXATION signs on Moffatt Road. I think that these signs are a good idea. What I am really interested in, since this is of such importance to so many people, is why there is no mention of the annexation in the newspapers or on the tv or radio any longer. Is this subject being suppressed because certain people don't want a bunch of people to publically protest the annexation and thus ruin its chances? I have sent a letter to the editor of the Mobile Register about this and they never published it. I wonder how many other letters about the annexation have been submitted and not printed in the paper? I see that the articles from the elected officials get printed. I have not seen any articles about the recent meeting at Crawford church. I was unable to attend.

Daphne, AL

#16 Oct 9, 2008
I no longer hear the buzz about C-Incorporating now. Since the Annexation vote no-one is talking. This is not over folks, this is just clearing our way to move on. If we don't incorporate don't none of you complain when you finally become part of Mobile or Prichard. I own a business so I hear people talking every day. "Don't lay back or the tortoise will take over the race and we will find ourselves out in the cold wandering what could have went wrong." Get behind your local businesses and most of all get behind the incorporation of Semmes. If you think that we are going to be left alone now you are mistaken. Get them going Judy...

Since: Sep 08


#17 Oct 12, 2008
I read an article today about one of the requirements for incorporation being a signed petition from the supporters. Can someone publish where we can go to sign it? Some of us may not be home if people go door-to-door and this would give us a chance to make our personal support known. Of course, a lot of advertisement is going to be needed if we are to get everyone's positive vote and support for the incorporation of Semmes. Some things people want fail because the word doesn't get out to the people affected by them. I live off of Lott Road down Coleman Dairy Road. I moved out here from Mobile over six years ago for the peace and quiet and country atmosphere. I want our community to stay like it is now, so I'm all for making Semmes its own city. The clock is ticking.....

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