Forestport Twin Bridges

Forestport Twin Bridges

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North Billerica, MA

#2 Dec 29, 2012
Didn't he say at one point that it would only get done over his dead body? It's not hard to see he's gonna pull any shit he can to drag his feet.
tax payer

Little Falls, NY

#3 Dec 29, 2012
Idiot wrote:
Didn't he say at one point that it would only get done over his dead body? It's not hard to see he's gonna pull any shit he can to drag his feet.
the time has come for the people put that drunken idiot on a recall vote and get rid of the drunk for good. THE PEOPLE RULE TIME IS NOW

Indian Lake, NY

#4 Dec 29, 2012
start a petition I'll sign , even the people against the bridges should be mad about this , we had a vote and it was passed , he has no right to go against the will of the people ...

Utica, NY

#5 Dec 29, 2012
Edd wrote:
start a petition I'll sign , even the people against the bridges should be mad about this , we had a vote and it was passed , he has no right to go against the will of the people ...
add to that...I pay foresport taxes for a camp and didnt get to vote...then assumed those who had the right made their u tell me your vote didnt count.
we are even now....I didnt get to vote and your vote meant nothing.
looks like the only one that won was your supervisor. now its your vote again down the road...make a better choice next time.

Blossvale, NY

#6 Dec 29, 2012
Think of our Supervisor's background. Anyone who knows him knows he cannot be trusted to take care of the people. He has to have a motive for taking this action AGAINST the people when he has sworn to represent their majority votes. He has had the mandate, if he blocks this process in any way he should be investigated. Is he for the People? Only if he can benefit in some way. Someone needs to dig into the Contractor's background and the connections in the political world. Look at the payments given the prior contractor before any of us knew what he was doing in town hall, at our expense when it should have been theirs, if they were preparing any bridge specs. That should be done on their own time, at their cost, not get paid to work upstairs in the Town Hall. You can check that out in the Town Clerk's office. We paid them to work in the town hall as they prepared information for the bid documentation.
We all surmised that the Supervisor would fight the people yet he is duty bound to represent our response in that majority bridge vote, which is what made the tiny opening into the background of this connection with the contractor. It needs to be opened more, and aired out for those of us who pay his salary, his retirement, his health insurance and who knows what else we haven't heard of yet. Then there is still the ghost hanging around about a murder in Whitestown years ago, and the wrong person being convicted for it during his tenure as Sheriff. What goes around, comes around.
Data is there to connect the dots, all you need to do is make an effort to find it, and use common sense in figuring it out.
Find the time to go to town hall and look at the monthly financial reports. File a freedom of information form. It is your right to do this without recourse. Most people are frightened of pay back......well, don't be........if it should happen, then for sure he can be charged. HE IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW OF THE PEOPLE IN OUR TOWN.

Johnstown, NY

#7 Dec 30, 2012
Bill H. see kids , this is what happens when you drink , your mind gets pickled ....

Altmar, NY

#8 Dec 30, 2012
Parker Snead wrote:
Hello, I'm Parker Snead. On September 23, Forestport voted to allow the town board to expend up to $650,000 to find a remedy to get the Twin bridges open again.
The town board voted October 10th to use the services of Zangrilli engineering. On December 17th Zangrilli submitted their plan for the best bridge at the least cost to the tax payers. These are one lane with the exact roadway width as the current bridges. They will have a 5'6" walkway and a 21' opening between the guard rails to allow for optimal snow removal. The projected project cost is $495,000.00.
The board voted on December 19th to proceed and ask Zangrilli engineering to draw up the contracts A.S.A.P so they could have the bid documents ready by February the 2nd. The bridges would go out to bid in early March and construction could begin in April.
In violation of state law and defying the will of the town board, Bill H has refused to sign the contracts and time is of the essence. He is determined to stop our bridges at all cost. Please get involved and let your feelings be known.
What about the fact that the vote was for a 17 foot roadway, should this be put back to the people with the right measurements. Did the fact that a bridge that size would cost closer to $600,000.00 have anything to do with the change?

Brighton, MA

#9 Dec 30, 2012
Dissatisfied wrote:
<quoted text>
What about the fact that the vote was for a 17 foot roadway, should this be put back to the people with the right measurements. Did the fact that a bridge that size would cost closer to $600,000.00 have anything to do with the change?
The price looks like it came in well under the approved price, appears Bill is just causing problems because he didn't get his way!!!
Parker Snead

Hubert, NC

#11 Dec 30, 2012
Town of Forestport
Attention William Karn
Re: Twin Bridges

Dear Mr Karn:
Based on the meetings and discussions with you and other Town officials we developed a plan for the Twin Bridges that we at Zangrilli engineering feel will be the best for your town. The plan will include the following:
The super structure of each bridge will consist of 6 concrete beams. Four od the beams will be 4' wide and two beams will be 3' wide. This concept allows for the most efficiant use of the casting beads wich in turn keeps pricing low.
The bridge will have a 15'7" paved roadway and a 5'6" raised concrete sidewalk.
There will be two guide rails. The guide rail on the roadway side will be a standard highway bridge guide railing. The guide rail on the sidewalk side will be a combination highway bridge and pedestrian guide railing.
The new super structures will be supported by new cast in place concrete abutments. These new abutments will be installed behind the existing abutments and wing walls.
The existing abutments and wing walls will be repaired and will continue to retain the earth behind them.
The probable construction cost for the two bridges based on the plan described above is $495,000,00. This cost is based on current New York State Departmant of Transportation prices with a 10% inflation factor.

Utica, NY

#12 Dec 30, 2012
Get a petition going to have him and his little boy deputy removed! They both need to go NOW!! Spoiled rotten little baby low life snakes!
Parker Snead

Hubert, NC

#13 Dec 30, 2012
Town of Forestport
Re: Twin Bridges

There have been several discussions about the width of the bridges. Everyone is aware that the NYSDOT bridge manual does not allow the width of the one lane to change. If they were to grant an exception to this rule, the cost to widen the bridges would be significant.
Widening the bridges would change the following:
1. The sidewalks would have to be cantilivered 1'5" past the outside edge of the facia beam. The sidewalks would have to be able to support the wheel load of the design vehicle. They would also need additional reinforcing to properly support the guid rail loads.
2. A wider bridge means the the approaches would have to be wider. In order to make the approaches wider and keep the existing wing walls, the new abutments would have to be placed farther away from the existing abutments. That means that the bridge beams would have to be longer and the new abutments would have to be wider.
3. The altennative to increasing the length of the bridge beams would be to completely remove the existing abutments and wing walls. This would be very expensive and would also delay the project because this involves working in the riverbed which is a class C stream. Working in a Class C stream is limited in New York State by the New York State Department of Conservation to protect the fish.
4. Wider approaches also involves widening the roadways. This will increase the amount of pavement, gravel sub-base and grading work.

The minimum cost to widen the bridge is $100,000,00 to $125,000.00. Depending on what approach is used it could cost as much as an additional $150,000.00.

The project schedule is another issue that must be addressed. If the Town was able to approve our concept plan as described on Wednesday December 19th, the project schedule would be as follows:

Complet design by February 1,2013.
Advertise for bids by February 8,2013
Open for bids by March 1,2013
Construction could then start as early as April 2013 depending on the weather.

If there are more delays with selecting a concept, the schedule would change accordingly and would most likely have an adverse effect on the bidding prices..The New York State Department of Transportation is bidding several projects in late February and mid March. Bidding on your proiject on March 1, 2013 puts you between the NYSDOT bids. This will attract more bidders which will result in better bid prices.
Albert Zangrilli

Lake Luzerne, NY

#14 Dec 30, 2012
when I voted for the bridge it was for a one lane bridge , didn't matter to me if it was 15' 16' or 17' , all the nitpicking about the size is just a way for the people against it to keep trying to stop it ....

Blossvale, NY

#15 Dec 31, 2012
Right on Edd. Why is this attempt to delay things coming on so strong? Anyone, even hard head Hasenauer should be able to accept the Zangrilli proposal. Most professionals in this field recognize it is the best possible deal. Time is going to cost us more, therefor the delay has to be put at the doorstep of the Supervisor, who has forgotten he is elected to do the will of the people. He is not doing that..........he is putting blocks in the path of the taxpayers who have found a better way..........but then, there isn't any extra cost for grease in those figures of Zangrilli........
It appears to be boiling down to just that!!!!

WHAT IS THE PROBLEM HERE? Someone should remove Hasenauer from his position of authority after a thorough and complete investigation of why he is so personally and strongly in opposition of what the taxpayers approved of......

These senseless delays are causing pricing to go up, and because of that, HE has TOTAL responsibility for this, unless someone else on the board would like to hold his hand in this rebellious attitude of his.

Utica, NY

#16 Dec 31, 2012
Are you sure Isley isn't behind all of this. It seems that Bill cant make a decision on his own without Isleys input! Isley is all about personal gain, always has been always will be! He nearly got the Woodgate cemetery sued for discrimination to get his family and friends a job that they cant seem to do right! I would dig deeper on responsibility's because from what rumors say, Bill cant tie his own shoes without Isley!
open it up

Blossvale, NY

#17 Dec 31, 2012
I understand the deputy only acts in the absence, or incapacity of the Super. Has our supervisor stepped down? If so Isley can act, but if Bill has not stepped down, Isley should NOT be involved in this.
Seems they care little for the vote of the people to repair or replace our bridges at the best cost to each and every one of us.
Why is there so much difficulty over this? Is it because there is something else we are not aware of and if people feel manipulation is being done, the it is MANDATORY that this be reported to the legal authorities and get it out in the open once and for all. Why are the super, and deputy fighting the wishes, and elected mandate to get the job done, best way, best price........which has already been discussed openly.
WHATS THE PROBLEM HERE........SOMEONE HIDING IN THE CLOSET PULLING THE STRINGS?? If so open the door and lets all see if it is Isley, since he should not and officially cannot act in place of the Supervisor only under special circumstances, and I believe collusion is difficult to prove.

New Hartford, NY

#19 Jan 1, 2013
Parker, If you don't run for Supervisor you are crazy. You have my vote!

Speculator, NY

#20 Jan 1, 2013
Bills thing is he says he wants to keep taxes down , so fight the rebuilding of the bridges , don't find a way to lower the health care cost , in 1995 the town paid $ 27,000 a year for health care for the part time people at the town hall , this year its $ 250,000 for the year , most places don't give benifits to part time people and even the full time employees pay part of their health ins. , so I see where we can save money , but polititions will not cut their own benifits ...
Part time

Blossvale, NY

#21 Jan 1, 2013
Where does it say that part time people are eligible for benefits that should be paid only for Full Time employees? Come on.......
The Town is acting like it is BIG BUSINESS HERE.
At least BIG BUSINESS usually has a board that is obligated to keep costs down, so the company can make a profit.
I am sure you can equate our community to a big business........on the way it is being run. The BOARD OF DIRECTORS usually are concerned for business survival.......who the heck worry's about our community being operated economically as long as they can mandate costs levied on each of us in our tax rates each year so they can get re-elected.
Where does it say part-time people earn full time entitlements if that is what is really going on.

Northville, NY

#22 Jan 1, 2013
well if it cost the town $250,000 a year for health ins. out of the general fund and thats not counting retirement thats entitlements , where I work we have a 401K that I put into , and I pay about 1/3 of the health ins., I wish I could get it free , don't you ?
Amen to that

Blossvale, NY

#24 Jan 1, 2013
People on this site have been very informative and I hope it continues. Most of us are either working our tails off trying to keep up with our taxes, and the town employees benefits......(ahem) and don't always have time to participate what with kids and homework and etc.
I have chatted a bit today with friends and we came to the same conclusion..........WE ARE GETTING SCREWED AND OUR REPRESENTATIVES NEED TO PUT THE HAMMER DOWN. Where does it say that OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS can lie, manipulate, twist facts and figures and waste our tax dollars and our time, refuse to accept our vote and just inflate their egos or line their pockets from favors being done for special interests????
Come on somebody, open this can of worms wider so we can prosecute those who forget who they are elected to represent. Our cost to live here is a drop in the bucket to the skimmers and they don't care a tinkers you know what about how hard you and I have to struggle to make our taxes and feed our kids. Enough of this already!!! Do something or button your lip.

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