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big papa

Utica, NY

#70 Feb 14, 2013
its not bad enough that the part-timers are getting FULL medical, but some are holding 2 and 3 part-time jobs WHO'S sleeping with WHO??????????

Gloversville, NY

#71 Feb 14, 2013
I believe 40 hours a week is considered full time , that is why business owners are talking about cutting workers hours so they are part time , I was on here before that it cost $ 246,000 a year for 14 part time people , that comes out to about $17,500 per person per year for health insurance , thats $ 337.00 a week , and that would work out to over $ 8.00 an hour , if they worked 40 hours a week , not counting their state retirement and pay ... and also the health insurance goes up about 15% each year ...

Blossvale, NY

#72 Feb 14, 2013
I wonder if we can ask other townships for an average figure they pay for their employees?
Not specific per person, but general overall that can be used as a comparison.
Don't care about any individual, they all are being compensated well and equally as it looks, but overall and across the board this should be adjusted.
Also, wonder how long some of the employees have worked for us. These things are a part of what makes the total tax liability. That can and should be cut back some. If it isn't we will be paying handsomely for those now on staff as well as those retired. REMEMBER these are TEMPORARY, PART TIME APPOINTMENTS. The dollar figure should be made known to us all. A quick reminder to those who may not be hired again with a change in will then be in our shoes, and hopefully you will understand our asking these questions.
Please dont get a burr under your saddleblanket over this, it is something we all have a right to know if WE CARE TO ASK!! And no one should be bent out of shape for inquiring as to what our liabilities are as taxpayers, and if those liabilities are getting too expensive for the taxpayers to handle year after year, after year.

Gloversville, NY

#73 Feb 15, 2013
I don't think its to much to ask for the people doing part time work to pay for some of their health insurance , and maybe the town should switch to a 401 K for retirement , as the case for most companys now .. and a few people have said you won't find anybody to do the jobs without free health ins. remember the vol. firemen and women around the area ( I used to be one ) they do all they do with no benifits and no pay , if they can dedicate their time for free , theres hope ..
right on

Blossvale, NY

#74 Feb 15, 2013
Ed you are a breath of fresh air with your above post.
While no one begrudges a days pay for a days work, in the event of those positions being in the Public Service field, good information can be extrapolated from those situations.

One must admit, that today and in our township, it is a good deal to be on government payroll. I don't believe any of these jobs are Civil Service. If they are, we should know that and have open advertisement of tests for those positions. I believe that process is different than just an ad in a local paper.

BUT that does not mean that regular job performance reviews, revisions, oversight and scrutiny are not in order for Town Employees, just as those subject to periodic reviews in the public sector are. These are appointive positions, not elected.

I want it understood that this is being presented in a constructive manner, not because I have a mad on at ANYONE. It just makes sense to monitor payroll and employees. Board Members are not monitored, and the status of their evaluations lies in the hands of the electorate at the END of their terms.

Wasted time abounds in government today, and it is being paid for handsomely by everyone.

Blossvale, NY

#75 Feb 15, 2013
Why does a part time job warrant paid FULL TIME benefits? That alone should be checked out. Do any of the town employees who are part time temps contribute any money towards the insurances that should only be given to permanent FULL time employees?

Are there any Civil Service requirements for town employment?

A temporary hire has A BEGINNING AND ENDINg TIME FRAME. An elected position has a beginning and an ending for each Board Member also. The town may be obligated to part of the costs, but the employee should be picking up half of that also. AND retirement is a whole new ball of, save that for another time.

We have SEVERAL NON CIVIL-SERVICE EMPLOYEES, who are part-time temporary employees who should not be given full time benefits. This includes the Board Members. If this is incorrect, please document what is and isn't applicable and is not accurate.

Think about that. I am going to do some research, because I need to KNOW. I suggest you all do that too!

New Hartford, NY

#76 Feb 15, 2013
Fat Rats have nested in town hall, they are gobbling down your tax dollars as fast as you can pay. They get on the gravy train by appointment and pack together ,they get the best healthcare around for each other ,get many major surgeries done on your buck and let your town go to hell as they keep getting fatter.
upset too

Blossvale, NY

#77 Feb 16, 2013
One thing I question, is why a PART TIME position is subject to FULL TIME BENEFITS, IF THAT IS THE CASE HERE. Check with labor laws.

Gloversville, NY

#78 Feb 16, 2013
Obama care defines full time as 30 hours a week , but of course almost all businesses have 40 hours for full time ....

Gloversville, NY

#79 Feb 16, 2013
If we are paying about $ 17,000 for each of the part timers for health care plus pay and retirement , maybe the town should advertise these jobs at $ 10,000 a year with no benifits , $ 140,000 vs $ 250,000 + , would save alot of money
Part time

Blossvale, NY

#80 Feb 16, 2013
Part time employee, then it should only be part time benefits, if any at all.
Only full time employees should get benefits, if they work 40 hrs a week. That is 8 full hours a day, for 5 days. I don't believe there is anyone in Town Hall for 8 full hours every week. It'll NEVER HAPPEN.
Time cards punched should tell the tale.

Hartford, CT

#81 Feb 16, 2013
It's simple math, cut down the jobs and make them full time.

New Hartford, NY

#82 Feb 17, 2013
Forestport is a very small town, in the old days the town clerk and other officials worked from home .now there are all kinds of appointed (assistants?) Our small town Government has grown to the size of a large municipality ,why? We cannot not afford to pay all of the pensions and benefits that a large city does. It would be interesting to match our town against similar sized towns in number of employees and benefits paid out.Is this why the town has been audited or because of money paid to engineers without proper approval or what drew red flags for the audit?

Blossvale, NY

#83 Feb 17, 2013
The audit, when finished and reviewed by the board should be available to anyone who files a FOIL request. Problem is, by that time it usueally is too late for corrective action.

If it isn't available locally, it will be available at the NYS Comptroller's site. Anyone can access the State Comptrollers web site.

Check and compare other audits filed on the Comptrollers site. Also if one had the time, they can do a comparison themselves of prior year audits to see how and where our budget has ballooned. Then comes the hard part.....making cuts.

Ardsley, NY

#84 Feb 17, 2013
small wrote:
Forestport is a very small town, in the old days the town clerk and other officials worked from home .now there are all kinds of appointed (assistants?) Our small town Government has grown to the size of a large municipality ,why? We cannot not afford to pay all of the pensions and benefits that a large city does. It would be interesting to match our town against similar sized towns in number of employees and benefits paid out.Is this why the town has been audited or because of money paid to engineers without proper approval or what drew red flags for the audit?
Every town gets audited every year or three

Blossvale, NY

#85 Feb 17, 2013
NYS audits communities and schools on a rotating basis of scheduled times. The web site is intereting to look through. You can review other communities, their expenses, etc. etc. and if Towns/Municipalities/Schools are following the rules.
I am particularly interested in the recent scheduled audit of the Town by the NYS Comptroller's office.
This schedule is regulated by NYS and I believe it is every 4 year for townships.
Please go to that site and check out the vast amount of knowledge there. You can review audit of other communities, and get an idea of what others are doing. In particular I believe you may well find the costs for services to employees there. If we are concerned about our benefits for the town employees, comparisons with comperable towns in the State can provide one with data that you cannot gleen anywhere else.
It is interesting.......
We all can learn from that and find a basis for asking questions that we may not even know we can ask.

Next best thing is to form a group of residents who are cool headed, reasonable and who can present data for comparison when it comes budge time for the community.

Please use your computer for something constructive rather than mud sling and call. That gets you NO WHERE.

If you love Forestport, learn about it and contribute some good things to help make it better.
I don't see that trend in our elected officials sad to say. It appears they prefer to wait to see if we give a hoot!
Fpt Insurance

Vernon, NY

#86 Mar 11, 2013
Check the Town Board Minutes posted on the Town Web Site for the activities at the board meeting where employee insurance costs were discussed, and what action was taken. Go to Town of Forestport web page and you will find the link there.

New Hartford, NY

#87 Mar 17, 2013
Seen Parker's letter in the Boonville Herald . Can this group exist legally , for both parties? Will they nominate people? It is possible run for office without being involved with them ,If you choose not to ,you can run on your own.We need good people that have knowlege and love our town, that do not have skeletons in their closets that will eventually derail them come voting day .Who is in charge of the democrats and republicans in town?

Vernon, NY

#88 Mar 17, 2013
Be VERY, VERY cautious of whomever is to be chosen to represent the two major party members in this community.

Hamden, CT

#89 Mar 17, 2013
You might just wanna look outside the community.

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