Dogs' excrement and not on leash

Dogs' excrement and not on leash

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Crawford, TX

#1 Jun 18, 2008
Guys - I'm tired of seen every day more and more dog's poop in front yards and public places.

Additionally, what part of IS THE LAW the stupid dog owners do not understand when you tell them they have to walk their dogs on a leash?

Do you happen to have this issue in your area? I live on the west side of Main St.

Laredo, TX

#2 Sep 4, 2008
YES! We live on the peninsula and there are several folks who let their dogs run all over peoples lawns, through their bushes and do their thing all the while the owners are either jogging or riding their bike and just grin at me as I go by with my dog on a leash and me picking up her poop! These loose dogs are huge, by the way! I don't know if it happens all day but we walk early and this is when I see this happening.

Roseville, CA

#3 Sep 9, 2008
Well, I know one of our neighbors in Stewart Peninsula tried to have this issue resolved througn the Home Owners Organization (HOA) with no luck. He even provided ideas of how to address this (newsletter, post signs, have animal control patrolling couple of days and issue citations, etc.), however, it seemed the HOA board and Lone Star Management proved to be useless to address this security and health issue. This neighbor sent a follow up email to the HOA Board and they replied they were not able to print the newsletter and send them. However, HOA and Lone Star Management keep harrasing the rest of the homeowners forcing them to resolve 'cosmetic' issues (paint fences, make sure edging is done when mowing, etc.) rather than thoses issues that represent a real hazard (pet on the run, poop that causes health problems, etc.)

I have found this article that provides a good case for those who may want to end this problem by their own and not be press-charged.

Just for the record, one of the HOA Board Members is the guy who voted against the Share Line Trail. He is looking over his own interests rather for the benefit of the community.

United States

#4 Sep 9, 2008
I was copied by the Stewart Peninsula Homeowner who sent the note to both, Stewart Penninsula Board of Directors and Lone Star Management. See below:

Sent by homeowner on Wed, 18 Jun 2008:

Board Members, Lone Star Management,

Thanks again for allowing me to participate in last week Board meeting to share my -and some others- concerns about dogs issues. As agreed, attached is the article to be added into the next newsletter issue. It is long, but since this is the first time we will address these pets issues, it is important to attract the attention of most homeowners. We can assess the impact of this article, and probably, in the next newsletters we just need to add few reminder lines.

Follow up by homeowner on Monday, August 25, 2008:
did you ever send the newsletter? i did not receive it.

Stewart Penninsula Board of Directors response on Mon August 25, 2008:
Thanks for your email. The newsletter was delayed but is now being prepared. It will be published very soon. Thanks,

Lone Star Management response on Mon August 25, 2008:
We have not. We have not forgotten you or your article. We are waiting for a few more articles to be submitted. I will check with the rest of the board members and see if we canít get this out quickly. Sorry for the delay. Thank you for checking in. We appreciate your help!

In other words, the HOA fees are being used, as someone said, to harras those homeowners whose acts do not represent a health or security hazzard. It's a shame to have useless people as board members and Lone Star Management getting paid for nothing.

The Colony, TX

#5 Sep 11, 2008
I live in another area of The Colony and get this, one of the former home owner association's president was letting his dog run loose in the neighborhood doing his business! Once the dog did his work (sometimes in his next door neighbor's yard), he would call the dog to come back to the house.

As a person who has two dogs, I always take a bag with me. It's common courtesy.
Peninsula here too

United States

#6 Sep 13, 2008
I also live in the Peninsula. This was a great place to live, before so many "new middle-class" people chose this neighborhood to live in. The issue with these 'new middle-classers' is that they come with few money and a lot of bad habits. They probably grew in low-class neighborhoods where there is or was trash and dog's excrement in the streets. They came to the peninsula and think it's normal not to clean after their dogs.
I agree with having Lone Star Management and the Board Members resolving this issue, it is their role while our responsibility is to pay HOA fees. I wonder why they haven't taken any action... it may be that they (board members) walk their dogs and not clean after their dogs.
Something that is also gross is watching the guys either jogging or walking the dogs without shirt or t-shirt. This is gross... seeing hairy chests is disgusting and far beyond from good manners and etiquette For example, the guy jogging with 3 orange dogs; he keep them on leash, but he should keep himself in t-shirt.

Roseville, CA

#7 Sep 24, 2008
I'm one of thoses unlucky homeowners whose a 3ft by 3ft portion of the front yard got damaged due to dogs peeing in it. I wonder if dog owners will come and say 'I'm sorry, I will put a grass patch here to do my wrong right'... nah, they are so coward to do this!

They do not have class nor education... and their manners are getting worse!
Leave Stewart Peninsula

Dallas, TX

#8 Sep 24, 2008
All of the sudden Stewart Peninsula flooded with so many red necks that some people has decided to move out before their homes price/value declines.

And agree, the guy running with 3 'orange dogs' is the worst red neck ever... running with no shirt on.

Hayesville, OH

#9 Oct 21, 2008
Agreed, the guy who runs without shirt is a moron and red neck. Would be good for him to go back to school and get good manners, thou.

Hayesville, OH

#10 Nov 20, 2008
What is the status of this issue and the red neck guy mentioned to run shirt-less?

Since: Jan 10

United States

#11 Jan 31, 2010
I was perusing the net and looking for information regarding Stewart Peninsula and came across this post. The good news, I am the shirtless guy with the three golden retrievers. I appreciate all the candid inferences regarding my character and I apologize if my running shirtless in the oppressive Texas summer heat has caused anyone any discomfort.
About me,(the red neck). I grew up in Santa Monica CA. Attended private school until graduating HS at the age of 17. I then was accepted to UCLA on full academic and athletic scholarship for track and cross country. I graduated with honors in 1987 and continued my upper grad work at Yale University graduating MBA/MA, International Relations Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. I launched my first business venture in 1991 and have enjoyed the highs and lows of business development through the years.
I am an avid athlete and passions are water sports, triathlon, golf, etc... Currently I have offices in Dallas, Los Angeles and Chicago. I purchased a lake home in Stewart Peninsula so I could be close to some semblance of water while working in my Dallas research office. As well, my organization is passionate about philanthropic work and its primary focus is on cancer research and veteransí affairs. The summer of shirtless running came about as a result of my competing in Ironman Hawaii for the purpose of raising money for Challenged Athletes Foundation. The oppressive Texas heat leant itself to a perfect environment for preparedness for the heat and wind of Hawaii.
I found it extremely amusing that I would be characterized as a red neck. Truth be told, I am the polar opposite. I grew up in Southern California. Iím Ivy League educated; I park my cars inside my garage instead of backwards on the street in front of my house like the majority of my neighbors in SP. My beautiful goldenís are always on a leash and I always have poop bags with me. I take extreme pride in everything I do. Be it personal, professional or otherwise. I guess growing up on the beaches of Southern California (where everyone exercises and are shirtless) doesn't translate to acceptable behavior in Texas.
I will make it a point to wear a shirt from now on while running in Stewart Peninsula. But at 6 foot, 165lbs and under 10% body-fat would hardly consider myself (shirtless) to be far beyond good manners and etiquette as stated above. I do however appreciate the feedback and always do my best to lend myself to a positive environment.
Westway Dr

United States

#12 Feb 6, 2010
To 3 Dog Guy,

Some comments about your post.

1.- 3701 Cottonwood Springs Drive The Colony, Texas 75056 is not a lake home. This property at this location is the smallest in the entire neighborhood (and the cheapest). So many properties you say you own that you cannot even afford a fence... yep, it is also the only house in this subdivision without a fence.

2.- How philanthropic work you do and show when the facts prove otherwise. According to a report, you kept replying 'shut your mouth' when one of our neighbors at Shoal Creek asked you to put one of your dogs on a leash when your dog was stepping in our neighbor's property and pooping. We (because this incident was escalated to block wardens, police, animal control and homeowners association) are impressed about how philanthropic you prove to be.

3.- You said 'I lend myself to a positive environment'. Really? With the example stated in point 2 above?

4.- Trying (and of course failing) to over-sell yourself made me remember a personal disorder: narcissism.

5.- Is the Dallas research office just a PO Box at 121 and Main?

6.- Your statement 'I park my cars inside my garage instead of backwards on the street in front of my house like the majority of my neighbors in SP' was the same argument you told our neighbor at Shoal Creek (mentioned in point 2 above). By making the same statement several times; have you noticed who doesn't fit in?

And I would like to ask you a favor: when you jogg over Westway Dr. put on a shirt. And I almost forgot: even that you claim your dogs are 'trained', you and your wife (or partner) keep always your dogs on a leash... Educated people need not to be reminded about the rules, red neck do.
SP Slacker

Dallas, TX

#14 Aug 23, 2010

I have seen you jogging in the neighborhood many times - with your dogs. I will admit they appear to be well trained - but they need to be on a leash - period.

See, when I walk my dog (who is always on a leash) and a stray dog comes up to us - I have no idea what his intentions are. And, if i don't see a "master" real soon - there may be a problem.

Also, I never see a bag (or three) in your hand while you jog - so I can only assume your dogs have also been trained to hold their bowels until you return home - or you are leaving it where it falls.

Garland, TX

#15 Aug 23, 2010
Wow, Westway Dr dude, you sound like a real douchebag and a bad neighbor.

Tyler, TX

#16 Aug 25, 2010
people walk their dogs ON leashes all the time in my neighborhood and leave their dog poo where it drops.its biodegradable, but wtf does that have to do with wearing a shirt while jogging?if it offends you so much, turn your head...
Local 2

Wilmington, NC

#17 Sep 2, 2010
To local - there's something that evidently you do not have or did not learn through life: it is called good manners and politically correct. By the way, I'm sure you are so proud too of your neck glowing red! Way to go!

Tyler, TX

#18 Sep 22, 2010
bite me

Tyler, TX

#19 Sep 22, 2010
what do good manners and politically correctness have to do with running w/o a friggin shirt????you need to crawl back up inside your mother and search for the half of your brain you left behind

Aubrey, TX

#20 Sep 23, 2010
Your life is rockin if all you got to complain about is a little dog shi7 in the yard.
Local 3

Dallas, TX

#21 Nov 12, 2010
Local- seems you are the one needing the brain. Evidently, you do not get basic things?

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