ATI Career Training Center in Dallas,...
Sad Instructor

Waco, TX

#248 Aug 8, 2011
As a former instructor st ATI it is ashame what happens at this school! The instructors where I worked were good instructors. I can't speak for everyone but I can say this, not all private school's are run like this. I attended a school that was private and did very well in my career. The difference is I had to take an entrance exam and had to have a high school diploma. We could miss no more than 7 days total and it was a very strict enviroment. I had a very good career as an MA, but ATI has no moral's or boundries! They prey on the less fortunate. As for Carli Strength and his crew in Dallas what a shame you are. I left ATI and the reason is clear. You had no right to hurt not only students but employees. Your employees are victims of poor management and you are fully aware of this! The big survey you did to find out how your employees felt about you should have been a big clue! You did nothing except give them the so called academy. That is such a bunch of nonsense! Kathy Fox should not be incharge of anything. Dean Jenkins assaulted a teacher and you promoted him? He should have been fired! Shame on you and all you claim you do for the staff and students you are lacking on the basic rule of first! Students first, not bottom line. Good luck on watching the empire fall! I hope your students find a better place to go to school. Trust me it is always better to go to a 2-4 year college but if you can't there are good private schools out there.
Hayden B

United States

#249 Aug 8, 2011
I went to Ati in north Richland hills MST program. I missed my graduation because no one seemed to inform me! No calls, no letter in the mail... They have emergency contact numbers and also my email. I drove one hour and thirty mintues one way to school so 3 total of driving each day. I lost many hours in sleep just to try to better myself at this oh so "great" school. There was also a bomb threat one day at school every one I knew at school got a text message saying there was a bomb threat but me... This school promised many things, perfect attendance you would get a roll around tool box, most the people in my class came every day till the school said we don't need to bride kids to come to school they took that out of the picture. Last day of being at school they said they would buy you a steak dinner and cook out there. That also went out the window.. I was also leaving school for the night the truck right next to mine had the window smashed out of it that was only one of many break ins at the school. Sitting in some classes were nothing but a joke I know people in elementary that act more proper than some of these idiots in class. A fight almost broke out in class once and the teacher was just standing there. It was so hard to learn much at this school since these idiot "adults" would act a fool. I have also been hearing rumors about the school will get people off the street and pay them to go to school so they can get there numbers. Idk if it's true but I've heard that before. Before signing up to school the admissions office said they had a child day care. I don't have kids but I knew a guy that only signed up because they told him the same thing.... Job placement I have talked to career services they said they would put out a resume I haven't heard nothing back from them since that. Working on the lab motorcycles was another joke. How are you supposed to work on something and see if your fix actually worked or not on something that doesn't run? I can't be certain of the bikes we had there but over 20 maybe 5 ran on a lucky day. The school didn't want to pay for any parts to fix them. If anyone is thinking about going to this school I would NOT recommend this school to anyone at all!
Sad EX Instructor

Waco, TX

#250 Aug 12, 2011
Cindy wrote:
I was thinking about enrolling at ATI in Waco. Now I'm not so sure.
Don't do it!
Josh Winsor

United States

#251 Aug 14, 2011
I attend the ATI located on maple and mockingbird. I was threated to be arrested all becuase I stood up for myself and all the other students who where fed up with their crap. Yet all the students who stole the equipment and tools we needed to learn our trade were simply exspelled from the program.
They where suppose to help me find a job but never did. I graduated about 4 years ago and never recieved a fallow up phone call or letter asking if I had found a job in the EST field. This was just a big waste of time and money.
from richardson campus

Dallas, TX

#252 Aug 15, 2011
i am n the MA program n im suppose to b takin my last class b4 my externship. but i took sum time off for medical reasons and now they r telling me that i have to wait till the work force says i can go back. can sum one tell me the attorneys name i can contact to get my name on the lawsuit as well.the texas lawsuit.
Educated Individual

Saint Paul, MN

#253 Aug 17, 2011
from richardson campus wrote:
i am n the MA program n im suppose to b takin my last class b4 my externship. but i took sum time off for medical reasons and now they r telling me that i have to wait till the work force says i can go back. can sum one tell me the attorneys name i can contact to get my name on the lawsuit as well.the texas lawsuit.
If you learn how to spell and proper grammar maybe you can fo somewhere.
Unhappy RT Graduate

Plano, TX

#254 Aug 17, 2011
Educated Individual wrote:
<quoted text>
If you learn how to spell and proper grammar maybe you can fo somewhere.
Talk about grammar!! What is "fo"???
omgruseriousreal ly

Oklahoma City, OK

#255 Aug 19, 2011
Doberman wrote:
Very good, Ashley. You hit the nail right on the head. All you are seeing here are the negative posts from a VERY FEW unhappy people. The hundreds of thousands of happy ATI graduates are out in the world making money and living, because they were dedicated and focused. They aren't spending their time on a message board, attempting to smear a school. I am currently employed as an instructor at ATI and love every minute of it!
Just curious now, are you employed there still? There is only 1 instructor, 1 recruiter, 1 finacial aid rep & NO CAREER COUNSELORS left today that were there the month I started. Hmmm. And why on earth would soooo many of the former employees up to EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR be posting on here about how horrible it is? It's a no-brainer.

As far as making effort, trying? I spent more of my time helping the other students, and often the instructors as well, to understand the subjects. I missed 1 week of one MOD due to health issues, was present everyday other than that, pulled STRAIGHT A's on all assignments & tests, had a better understanding of the subject than ANYONE else in the class, yet got a "D"???-- was told it was because of that first week...Then the joe blow sitting in the corner was there everyday, failed every assignment and test, understood nothing, yet managed to pull an "A"???-- makes me think that it is not about knowledge, education or learning a life skill or trade, it's should be renamed ATTENDANCE 101 (to make sure they get the governments money.

With the way the country's economy has become, it would make sense to QUIT GIVING IT TO THESE THIEVES---they have stolen so many young people's hopes, dreams & futures, set them up for failure while they drive away in their fancy little cars without a concern in the world for the lives they have destroyed.

Rey Torres is a self-absorbed jerk that cares only for himself, but then this is seems to be a requirement for ATI corporate members. Carli, well,who cares about any of them. They are simple amoebas feeding on the weaknesses of people wanting to make their lives better. In my book that makes them the slug slime. Good luck to these guys, you are soooo impressive. Now we know what we don't want our children to grow up to be--society slime.
omgruseriousreal ly

Oklahoma City, OK

#256 Aug 19, 2011
Educated Individual wrote:
<quoted text>
If you learn how to spell and proper grammar maybe you can fo somewhere.
I must say, Mr./Ms. "Educated Individual", you may want to learn to spell and USE proper grammar as well as actually complete a word before you decide to judge someone else for the same. You crack me up. For such and "Educated" person, it seems someone forgot to teach you how to proofread your post before you actually post it so that you won't appear as the idiot you truly are. Don't judge these people based on such a petty detail. You are not any better.

There are REAL and GENUINE crooks operating these schools. Just salesmen that misrepresent their product for profit. They play games, make empty promises, provide unrealistic hope for individuals that obviously are seeking a change for the better. Don't you DARE judge someone for trying to improve themselves, their lives and the lives of those that love them. You are a hypocrit. If you were truly an "educated individual", you would have observed the many accounts that are posted on here from the former instructors, administrators, representatives, etc. that ARE EDUCATED and are still telling these students and prospective students that it is a RIPOFF...a SCAM.

If you are a product of education, I wouldn't want to attend your alma mater either...Good luck with that attitude; you may be "educated", but your intelligence is nil!!!

United States

#257 Aug 22, 2011
The maple campus in Dallas is being sued by over 300 students. I was wondering if any of you guys are included.

Arlington, TX

#258 Aug 22, 2011
Former Executive Director wrote:
<quoted text>
I think you meant to say Carli is passionate about MONEY. You only defend them because you have been promoted and promoted again Jacque. Give it a rest. The game is over TWC is forcing the money grabbing machine out of business and the people of the State of Texas are better off for it.It's like curing an infectious disease. The panacea in this case is the revokation of their license to operate. Oh Happy Day!
So have you found another job yet? Perhaps selling Kool Aid?
Hey former Executive Director guess what, NO panacea No revocation(that's the way its spelled) No happy day for you!!!

Harker Heights, TX

#259 Aug 23, 2011
Believe it or not folks. Any school will lie to you about what they have an what they can offer when in all reality they can't. Most ATI graduates are also looking for ATI to help them find a job. It's called, get off your lazy asses and put towards forth the effort to find your own damn job. It can't and will not be handed to you. I am going for automotive right now as we speak. I enjoy it, it's very hands on, and I have learned a lot. I am already working in the automotive field and I havent even finished nor graduated yet. There are also a few of the guys that are already working in dealerships and arent even done with school yet. What I am gathering from some of tha spelling of you people, you probably didnt pay much attention when you were in high school either. That would explain all the negative remarks. I have passed tha classes I have taken so far with A's and I continue to strive for excellence everyday. So quit your belly aching already and get over it and yourselves. Case closed! You are the weakest link...GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!
ATI Idiots

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#260 Aug 28, 2011
"it should be renamed ATTENDANCE 101 (to make sure they get the governments money.)"

Well said.

The schools have very little interest in their students...except to make sure they log 3o minutes every 10 days, so that ATI can scam the taxpayers for the DOE money.

Total B$

Dallas, TX

#261 Aug 31, 2011
Sad but true. Eveything everyone is sayn is true. I graduated in 2/2011 and still havent found a job. Im afraid to send my resume with " ATI" on it with fear that employers may look at it and laugh. Sad thing I have to pay all this money back and HOW??????

United States

#262 Aug 31, 2011
I pay 208$ a month to these crooks!!!! I dont want to mess up my credit.

Brandon, FL

#263 Sep 13, 2011
zam wrote:
<quoted text>
DON'T DO IT!! Sanford Brown is much more repitable and honest.

Dallas, TX

#264 Sep 22, 2011
princess wrote:
ati sucks!!!!!we hardly ever had an instructor..we got a steady one 4 months into enrolling. they dont teach anything..ati should be closed for good and give everyones money back!!!!;not only that the computers never worked and everyone got the same grades even thought you worked harder than everyone else..
omg u are so right..the exact same thing happened to me and my sister. They suck and people would cheat right in front of their one should have to pay the money back.

Plano, TX

#265 Oct 4, 2011
Like everybody else has said this school sucks. I graduated from the respiratory therapy program in Dallas, TX earlier this year. Compared to the other programs such as MA, massage therapy, DA, etc our instructors were great. They had plenty of experience and knowledge. I really feel I received a quality education. I was able to pass my CRT exam the first time. Problem is that it's impossible to find a job as a respiratory therapist. I've applied for EVERY hospital in the DFW metroplex as well as the Houston, Austin, San Antonio areas as but I can't even get a interview because the school's reputation is down the toilet.

As far as career placement it is a joke. I know it's not their job to find you a job but only to assist but they do a horrible job at "assisting." All the leads they give are leads I was able to find just by doing a simple google search! I was told by previous grads that were able to find jobs that if you find a job on your own and you inform them that you found a job they will say they helped you get the job so they can get credit for it!

Also they enroll so many students to get more money from the government. Pumping out so many graduates every year results in a glut of rt's in the area. Add to that they just enroll anybody regardless of whether they can pass the entrance test or not and criminal record. Due to the low character of the graduates getting jobs and getting fired it makes it harder for future grads to even get interviews!
karen in texas

Maitland, FL

#266 Oct 22, 2011
i attended ati this year,unfortuantly,to say the l east turned out to be the most costly mistake i have ever made in my life,they dropped me after i had returned from a leave of abscense after my husband had his third back surgery.when i returned july 29th they said i could finish up my last mod in sept. and october,then they said no i couldnt cause TWC said no re-enrollees,i wasnt,i had been going for 7 months and needed to finish up.they are still wanting my money and have refunded hundreds of others there at the waco location,not fair and would not recommend this school to anyone.

United States

#267 Nov 12, 2011
If I would of heard about ATI before I would of never had attended. Now I just graduated in August and trying to find a job. They say they help you find jobs but it's not true all they say it's just lies. And as soon I graduated they started charging me the loans and without a job how they gone think ima pay back all that money without a job they crazy. It was a mistake going there, they don't even teach alot all the teachers do just talk about there lives and it's so boring....

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