Mike Bunting would be proud

Mike Bunting would be proud

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Mountain Home, AR

#1 Aug 10, 2009
i say

United States

#3 Aug 11, 2009
Ho De DOO wrote:
<quoted text> I don't care how young or how old someone is, If they have a knife or a gun they are dangers. Why should the ploice take a chance of being cut or stabbed. They had ever right to pepper spray or taze her and they didn't. So it looks like they gave her a bid brake.
And Iam sure the race card has come out on this. That's what happens when the police do there job.
Hey fool,
They broke an 87 yr old woman's head open on the asphalt.

Ho, you are just one miserable f-ck if you think
what the police did was right.

The police were just plain wrong.

I just lost all respect for your hateful ass.

You can hack out all the venom you want, but when you start to let hate blind you from seeing wrong, you become just another garden variety LOSER.

Ozark, MO

#4 Aug 12, 2009
I know for a fact, working with the elderly, they can be VERY strong..so to assume an elderly woman with a knife isn't a threat is a very wrong assumption! I've been almost laid flat by a small elderly woman in a Nursing Home that I was caring for. She had severe dementia and didn't know what she was doing, but still doesn't change the fact that she has a lot of strength. Even a lady as small as the one in this video can pack quite a punch, especially with a knife. It has nothing to do with race. It has to do with people hating police because they've gotten busted in the past--plain and simple--
i say

Ozark, AL

#7 Aug 12, 2009
Ho De DOO wrote:
<quoted text> Why don't you post with an account name? you change your name over post trying to hide.
Come on get real, get your head out of the sand.
You are a sorry S.O.B.
You r the only one who has mentioned the word race--------that's right puke boy----------you are the only one who has mentioned race.
When did it become against the law to walk through a parking lot with a steak knife in your hand?
Now if you were waving that knife at someone that would be against the law.
From what the film showed of the neighborhood it may be wise for all old ladies to carry a knife.
i say

Ozark, AL

#10 Aug 12, 2009
Ho De DOO wrote:
<quoted text> Is that all you can do is name call try to be smatter than that?
And yes it is illegal to carry a knife over so many inches long. If you need to know the law on it look it up.
In that neighborhood the police have allot more to worry about than other neighborhoods. And there is no good reason for them to take a chance. As is said, And think about it real hard maybe you can understand. Age is of little difference when someone is armed with a illegal knife or even a legal one. Also as I said the police gave her a brake when the didn't pepper spray or taz her.
I will do my best to stay out of the bottom of the bucket with you and not belittle my self to name calling.
Now put that race card back in your pocket.
And try to post with a account name and stop hiding.
I suppose I should stop arguing with an idiot, other people reading may become confused.

police gave her a brake when the didn't pepper spray or taz her.

They slammed her, and the only break they gave her was to her head.

When did our cops become afraid of little old ladies?

What I saw in that video was a poor excuse for police work.

That Ho was just plain pathetic.

You are wrong Ho, there was no need for that, NO NEED WHAT SO EVER.

You can babble on till the cows come home------that was not necessary.

Ville Platte, LA

#12 Aug 13, 2009
Ho De DOO wrote:
<quoted text> I don't think they were afraid of an little old lady, I think they were concerned about there safety when the little old lady had a big knife and not afraid to use it on the police. And she is lucky the only thing that was broke was her head.
Many times when we see a video on something like this it doesn't tell the hole story. They video may start late and miss the part that tells why the police did what they did. After all there is no reason to start to shoot a video until something happens, So they miss the first part, And that first part may tell a difference story. Or maybe it has been removed by people like you that just want to make the police look bad.
I don't know anything about officer Mike. But if he is half as bad as people say I would think he would have been fired long ago . And people are going to harass him only so long before he fights back. Everyone has a limit.
hey arse wipe "good ole boys dont git fired.

Columbia, MO

#14 Aug 14, 2009
one time me and a buddy were walking to the store and super trooper u guessed it pulls us over while walking.he says to my buddy where is the weed i know you know cause your mexican and mexicans are known to be drug dealers.so hmmm nope bunting is not racist hahah
The Eye

Columbia, MO

#15 Nov 19, 2009
What a silly conversation. it's what keeps people leaving TOPIX.
This is getting bizarre

Amherstburg, Canada

#16 Nov 19, 2009
watch it you might get screwed by the cops and snuffed out

United States

#17 Nov 20, 2009
This is getting bizarre wrote:
watch it you might get screwed by the cops and snuffed out
Damn that sounds harsh/who is Mike Bunting ?
sorry new to the area

Ozark, MO

#18 Nov 20, 2009
But who do you losers call when one of your own screws you over? Mike Bunting. Isn't that bizarre. You hate him til you need him! Go back to sleep!
just wondering

Ozark, MO

#19 Mar 16, 2010
guess the 87 year old women should'nt have broke the law....they should have just shot her

Mansfield, MO

#20 Mar 26, 2010
I know for a fact that the only ones posting bad things about bunting are the ones that have been caught by him breaking the law. So when you get done being mad about being busted you stupid dope heads then you could post your real names on here and see how things turn up. But you wont because everone done knows your idiots with nothing else to do but smoke dope,give blowjobs to one another and get on topics. You are a bunch of freakin retards.

Mansfield, MO

#21 Mar 26, 2010
Oh and its topix my bad. Not stupid just wrong button.Lol

Branson, MO

#22 Mar 28, 2010
finally, some cops enforcing the laws

“Herp Derp”

Since: Mar 10

Location hidden

#23 Apr 6, 2010
I only ever had real contact with bunting once. It was about 2 or 3 years ago. A friend of mind had been having problems at his job with his boss. He eventually got into a really big argument with her and then quit. What we didn't know is that her husband is friends with bunting.

We were all living in Alton at the time and the one day we were getting gas at the gas station I used to work at when up pulls bunting and his friend. bunting got out of the car and started threatening to pepper spray us and was threatening us.
He ended up not doing anything when we got out of the car.

Didn't even know who the guy was at the time. Figured he was a local cop, but he was in uniform and in a police cruiser.

Mountain Home, AR

#24 Apr 6, 2010
Is it true that Mike was a male escort before ?

Ozark, MO

#25 Apr 7, 2010
so are you saying that he did this to you in alton?

Mountain Home, AR

#26 Apr 7, 2010
What being a male Escort in Alton ?
No he didn't ... what kinda guy do u think I am !

But seriously I heard tha from a fairly reliable source and was wondering how true it maybe ?

Fordland, MO

#27 Apr 8, 2010
I heard Mike has a little deeply tanned nappyhaired son over in Poplar Bluff now also. Born just about a week ago!

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