No matter how much the mobile
phone industry hates it and is in public
denial. two new studies have shown a
clear connection between mobile phone
use and brain tumors. Dr. Harde, in
Sweden. has shown that there is a 250%
increased risk o f a brain tumor for mo-bile
phone users. The situation is even
worse for children and young adults,
where their cells are growing faster than
in older people and arc thu s more susceptible
to radio wave energy interference
in their reproduction.
Dr. Preece, of Bristol University. found
that a 20-minute use of a mobile phone
changed people 's ability to make
choices that involve the visual cortex ,
the part of the brain which processes
Dr. George Carlo, who worked for six
years on a $25 mill ion cell phone industry
study. went o n an ABC Xews report
recently saying that there were two types
o f risk from using cell phones near the
head . One is genetic cell damage and the
other is tumor formation. To industry
claims that scientist have found no direct
evidence o f risk, Dr. Carlo said that
that was "actually quite shocking
knowing what has been conveyed to
If you are still using a cell phone, keep
it short. Better yet, use the bag type wit h
an antenna o n top of the car.
If you have been convinced that your
HT or a cell phone held up next to your
head can't do an)' harm. you're another
victim of a con job. Ditto if you believe
the power company propaganda that
magnet fields from their power lines
and distribution transformers are safe.
We are fortunate that the leading researcher
in the world in this field is W.
Ross Adey. Ross has been fighting
the power and cell phone industries, trying
to let people know the facts . But the
money. and therefore the media attention.
lies with the affected industries .
There is no constituency for safety. So
money. as usual, rules, in the media and
with government agencies.
If you're interested in reading Ross'
testimony before Congress on the subject.
I've reprinted it for you. His testimony
is backed up by his years of research
, plus that of dozens of other almost
unknown researchers.
Yes. cell phones arc causing brain cancer.
Yes, police radar is causing brain cancer,
as well as testicular cancer.
where officers rest the radar gun in their
lap. Yes, kids arc getting leukemia from
power lines and transformers. Kid s are
particularly vulnerable because thei r cells
arc replicating faster than in adults, so
the influence of magnetic fie lds on their
cells is more evident.
Yes , microwave and UHF ene rgy will
affect your ce lls, and not for the good.
It' s nor so much the microwave energy
itself that's doi ng the damage, but the
modulat ion.
Sure, your car will run fi ne if you
o nly put a little sugar in the gas tank.
At least fo r a while. but if yo u keep
d oing it. eventually the engine is goi ng
to stop. II'S the same when we are poi soning
o ur bodies, whether it's whether it's with
sugar or magneti c fields .