Burks now Hamilton Center's CEO

Chicago, IL

#21 Feb 9, 2012
hmm, another one down, and a couple on the bubble. The board should be squirming coz I heard 60 minutes contacted the agency and are doing an investigation.
wuz up

Terre Haute, IN

#22 Feb 11, 2012
Mel once hired Otha Scott at HC . That speaks volumes .

Milwaukee, WI

#23 Feb 20, 2012
5 directors gone. Mel has got to be in panic mode. Wait, no he isn't, because he does not understand how detrimental this is because he is stupid. Boy I miss working for Galen.

Hoffman Estates, IL

#24 Feb 29, 2012
Mel worked hard for the company and the former CEO had enough faith in him to make him acing CEO. Why is it when a black man works his way up people say its only because of affirmative action..

United States

#25 Feb 29, 2012
Galens Ghost wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm more concerned about the staff. They're the ones closest to this mess, and by politicizing the process and letting Mel bully his way into the top spot, the board has put many of them in harms way.
Look for defections and/or terminations of longtime employees. They're the ones who know Mel best, and they also know how unfit for the job he is.
My experience as a former employee years ago is that HCI doesn't give a darn about the client or the staff and they just want the dollar and when they staff is acting in the best interest of the client they end up getting screwed by the higher ups and favorites and eventually pushed out to where they want to quit or take action. They don't pay their staff near enough for their personal mission of helping others. this not for profit is really disguised as a for profit enterprise... And exactly why smart clinicians go into private practice
Ned Ryerson

Park Ridge, NJ

#26 Mar 1, 2012
I saw on a job website last eve that Hamilton is looking for a CFO, funny............
agent 99

Chicago, IL

#27 Mar 11, 2012
Tamara wrote:
Mel worked hard for the company and the former CEO had enough faith in him to make him acing CEO. Why is it when a black man works his way up people say its only because of affirmative action..
Mel is the only one making this about race. He is not qualified for the job. All the leadership is gone and what is left is getting it by default and not qualified either..He will merge the company or lose it by years end. He is absolutely clueless. Remember that when tons of people in this town are now unemployed and clients are not getting the services they need.
the really real

United States

#28 Mar 12, 2012
i think its great that mel got this position. Lets hope it keeps him busy enough that he dosnt have time to keep importing his dope selling crack smoking rapist nephews and cousins from gary IN. To terre haute. He helps get them here then lobbys to get them out of jail, he lobbied for otha scott and then played the race card when otha got arrested for selling dope. Then otha got out of jail and got arrest again for......you got it, selling dope. And thats who mel wanted around our kids. Mel is a great judge of character. and yes, he will play the race card to death !!
the really real

United States

#29 Mar 12, 2012

There are many black men in terre haute who would be great in this position. Mel burks is very very far from being one of them. He is about as sharp as a bowling ball

Brazil, IN

#30 May 19, 2012
I heard from a reliable source that all the higher ups have all left Hamilton Center and that people are afraid to open there mouth. Mr. Burks is spending money like theres no tomorrow on things to get him on the news.t this guy is so in love with himself it ain't funny. Rumer mill says the place will be closing this year .

West Terre Haute, IN

#31 May 19, 2012
Ned Ryerson wrote:
I saw on a job website last eve that Hamilton is looking for a CFO, funny..........
Darrell Shouse need a Job?
Just the Facts

Mattoon, IL

#32 Sep 5, 2012
Mel Supporter wrote:
<quoted text>
Mel is actually very well qualified. He has his Masters degree, is articulate, and is not a bigot. Don't be so judgeMENTAL.
I would only offer this advise, if you don't like Mel, get your counseling elsewher. There are plenty of bartenders that double as shrinks, just tip them well.
True, Mel has three degrees, though he is known to tell people he has five. He has a Bachelor's Degree from ISU in African American Studies. That certainly prepared him to run a 30 + million dollar not-for-profit corporation, didn't it?

Then there is his Master's Degree, which I believe was in Agency Counseling. It is also from ISU. Mel saw a few Hamilton Center patients for a couple of months, years ago. He had to be supervised by another LICENSED clinician. Mel was so incompetent that the supervisor felt uncomfortable being legally responsible for the care Mel rendered. That was the end of Mr. Burks' clinical career.

Lastly, he has a Master's degree in Public Administration, again from ISU. It sounds impressive, but trust me, it isn't.

He is concerned that people think he's illiterate. Having worked with him at Hamilton Center, I can tell you that he is not functionally illiterate, but his spelling is atrocious, he has no concept of grammar, usage or punctuation and he commonly uses ebonics in business settings. When I worked there, I could always tell immediately whether he or one of his underlings wrote a specific email, simply due to his incompetence with the written and spoken word. Is this the kind of image we want for Hamilton Center and Terre Haute? I can also tell you from personal knowledge that Mel is the laughing stock of his contemporaries in community mental health across the state of Indiana.

Mel has also been heard saying that an IQ test was required as part of the search process for the new Hamilton Center CEO and that he scored the highest score in the history of the test. That's a lie. There was no such test. If there had been, every single candidate in the running for that position would have eclipsed Mr. Burks on such an examination, as all were much more intelligent and much better educated than he.

It is also known that the Hamilton Center Search Committee, at the insistence of Donna Wilson, Chief Financial Officer of the Vigo County School Corporation, allowed Mel to progress to the level of Finalist in the search, even though he did not meet the criteria that the committee had pre-determined as necessary to be a finalist. Other internal candidates from Hamilton Center were not given such treatment. I guess you could call it "affirmative action."

You may like Mel Burks. He may have helped you in some way or you may just know him to be a pleasant fellow. But if you think he's qualified to be CEO of Hamilton Center, perhaps you should seek out the care of one of their very few psychiatrists, because you're delusional.
Just the Facts

Mattoon, IL

#33 Sep 5, 2012
Tamara wrote:
Mel worked hard for the company and the former CEO had enough faith in him to make him acing CEO. Why is it when a black man works his way up people say its only because of affirmative action..
The other three Executive Directors at the time were all asked if they wanted the Acting CEO position and they all declined. Mel, being the narcissistic megalomaniac that he is, jumped at the chance. Galen Goode also knew that the upper level executives could run Hamilton Center effectively, provided Mel would stay out of their way. The problem Mel has now is that once he got the permanent position, all the talented upper level executives abandoned ship because they knew Mel was incompetent and they did not wish to work for him.

Terre Haute, IN

#34 Sep 5, 2012
Could not have said it better Just the Facts. It still amazes me that this actually happened. An example of blatent use of reverse discrimination. So many of the qualified and caring staff have gone as the work environment became too hostile to stay.

Horrible stories have surfaced since he took over. People interogated by him concerning negative comments about him which had been reported to him by his snitches. Unbelievable.
So sad. Staff used to take great care of clients. Now they have to concentrate more on what they say, do, or who they talk to. If he cared about the agency he would have stepped aside and let the good work continue. Too bad for the clients his ego got in the way.
One more thought----I thought the staff currently supporting him had more integrity than they appear to have.

Sad Sad situation.
Employee of the decade

Terre Haute, IN

#35 Sep 5, 2012
I am a former employee, and witnessed Burks as the head of the HR deptartment. He had a horrible ego and tried to intimidate workers, he once had me brought in to his office to apologize for telling a co-worker the way he acted towards me. His office had his signs for running for school board in it, a clear violation of company policy. He is a jerk and an idiot I'm stunned he got the position.

Terre Haute, IN

#36 Sep 6, 2012
STUNNED is a great way to describe what happened.

How they (backers) can live with themselves and hold their head up is beyond me.

Clients who are court ordered for treatment are being turned away if they don't have the $10.00 co-pay. Wonder if the local judges know this. Other clients in crisis are being denied services if they have a balance on their account. Galen I'm sure has twisted himself out of his grave. He stood for helping others no matter their ability to pay. Now no one seems to care about the clients.

Brazil, IN

#37 Sep 6, 2012
I heard the new medical director is just as incompetent as he is.

Brazil, IN

#38 Sep 6, 2012
I went to get scripts filled for my kid and that Dr. who took over said we had to wait till after the weekend because he would have to see him and he couldn't do it till Monday. My kid is on some meds that can't be stopped without consequences. Harsha wrote a script for 3 pills to get him through the weekend and he doesn't go there, his sister does.So I guess they are doing the Hamilton Center's job now.

Terre Haute, IN

#39 Sep 7, 2012
Not surprised you were denied from everyting I've heard.

Brazil, IN

#40 Mar 29, 2013
Any news on the demise of Hamilton Center? I heard it was quite sparse these days. I overheard someone talking in a restaurant about Mr. Burks cozying up with some chick named Lacey. Eww.

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