Boycott Z Tech, Audio Plus, and Big O...

Boycott Z Tech, Audio Plus, and Big O Tires

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#1 Oct 9, 2010
It is 1:23am on Sunday morning and the noise at my home from the concert they are having is extremely loud! The Police won't tell them to turn it down or stop or anything! These business's should be held responsible! If I was playing my radio loudly I would have the police at my door. I live a mile and a half away from where the concert is being held at!


#2 Oct 9, 2010
Not only that, I was at the concert. Teenagers in plain open view were smoking "pot" and drinking liquor. It was disgusting. Plus, some of the performers thru a bottle of vodka on the crowd, soaking many in the front row and beyond. Many of those soaked were ages 15-18. This was one of the most dispeckable outlaw performances allowed by the Terre Haute Police. I don't get the Terre Haute Police at all. Cracking down on road blocks, then allowing teens to smoke pot and drink in and outdoor concert not designed to be a concert. Big O, stick to selling tires and forget this type of crazy illegal activity. It did nothing to help your business image. I will not buy anything at your shop again.
Couldnt believe it

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#3 Oct 9, 2010
The cops just stood around and did nothing! I will not go back to any of those business!

“Topix Gunslinger”

Since: Oct 09

Punxsutawney, PA

#4 Oct 10, 2010
more importantly...was the music any good?:-)

Boca Raton, FL

#5 Oct 10, 2010
Couldnt believe it wrote:
The cops just stood around and did nothing! I will not go back to any of those business!
Interesting. Any clue who the cops were? THPD or Vigo County?
silly rat

United States

#6 Oct 10, 2010
WTF are for real! it does not matter where the concert is or who it is snoop dog or conway twitty. there is no age restrictions for adittance to the concert. it does not matter who or where the cops were from mayberry or NYPD stuff gets in one way or another. or passed out from the performers. if you said or did nothing to assist the security/police in previnting or letting them know illegal activity is happening then keep your mouth shut. maybe you should get on the people that brought the "kids" to a RAP concerts not the ones trying to help bring some exitment to this boring town


#7 Oct 10, 2010
The music sucked. The power went completely black eight times, leaving the performers onstage looking like complete idots on stage in the quiet dark. I laughed because it happend so much. This was one of the most messed up and laughable concerts that I have ever seen. I am sure that Twista is going to sue Big O tires for poor planning and event structure.


#8 Oct 10, 2010
The cops were too busy hagging at the Ticket gate searching people. They didn't count on "Friends" at the back supplying them pot and liquor. This is where the breach occured. No undercover cops or cops up by the stage, where the illegal activity was occuring.
chill out

Tyrone, PA

#9 Oct 10, 2010
Describing Woodstock as the "big bang," I think that's a great way to describe it, because the important thing about it wasn't how many people were there or that it was a lot of truly wonderful music that got played.


#10 Oct 10, 2010
Wonderful music???????? Power going out 8 times. Are you out of your friggin mind. This was botched from top to bottom. Everyone involved in planning this thing needs their head examined.
silly rat

Glenview, IL

#11 Oct 10, 2010
Big O had nothing to do with the planning. They were approached by another outside/local promoter and asked if they could use the property behind Big o for the event, and had to show/provide a very large insurance policy befor even setting up on there property. The Police presents was low but it was a last minute deal and most of the cops were working the ISU homecoming so they did the best they could at a last minute deal. These "BIG TIME" performers are supposed to bring there own or notify in advance if they dont have security, and the performers failed to do both. So if Twista sues anybody it wont be Big O. Twista brought his own sound guy and equipment so he if anybody is to blame for poor sound quality and black out's its his own sound guy.

League City, TX

#12 Oct 10, 2010
What a bunch of babies!
i agree

Garden City, MI

#13 Oct 10, 2010
I think that it was something great for Terre Haute. So instead of everyone complaining offer advice on the situation. Terre Haute does not offer certain people that live in this community the same venues that they offer others so they make do with what they can. This was held in the middle of nowhere and people still complained. We should be happy someone had enough pull to get any talent to come to this po peck town.
seventhcoordinat or

Terre Haute, IN

#14 Oct 10, 2010
After reading all the previous comments it has dawned on me how people forget the outside perspective on things. For the people that complained about the noise, guess what? You live in or around an area zoned for industry, not residential. Why don't you complain about the fair, car racing, or mall carnivals? With the power going out 8 times, well does anybody really know the cause? Really know? Most likely not, unless you are involved with the event personally. Things happen, people have problems. People are just so quick to complain then to understand a situation better before snapping to a quick judgment.


#15 Oct 11, 2010
To seventhcoordinator, that kind of logic is "OK"for a free promotion, but not when you shell out $40.00 for 2 people. I got ripped off. Another thing, I informed a person standing there about the pot and liquor whom I thougt was security, and he said "so what". The THPD were no where in site. This has got to be one of the biggest stories in Terre Haute, and no WTHI?????? How corrupt and crooked can you get Terre Haute, slimy, nowhere, out of sync town.

Terre Haute, IN

#16 Oct 11, 2010
I will boycott companies that do me wrong, not just because some moron is upset with them. All this boycott stuff is so child like.
silly rat

United States

#17 Oct 11, 2010
Rudy, Rudy, Rudy If every one Boycotted every place they got "ripped off",cheated,or didnt get their money worth, then this place would be a ghost town. and if you would open your eyes a little bigger you would have seen cops at both ends of the stage, up front at the gate and behind stage, NOT in the middle of the crowed. You can not and will not control drug/alcohol use at concerts. When you have 400 or 4,000 people and the cops are out numberd 100/1 they have to pick and choose there battles and getting killed by a pissed off crowed is not worth taking someones joint.


#18 Oct 11, 2010
I was all set to buy 26 in rims, a new sound system, and new lights at Z-tec. Forget it now guys, you dropped the ball. I'll get everything elsewhere now.
silly rat

United States

#19 Oct 11, 2010
Tom wrote:
I was all set to buy 26 in rims, a new sound system, and new lights at Z-tec. Forget it now guys, you dropped the ball. I'll get everything elsewhere now.
I was all set to buy a yacht, a couple jet boats and a personal plane but B.P and Trans air screwed that up. WHAT EVER you aint no baller quit being a bunch of bitches Grow the F up Don Magic juan

Terre Haute, IN

#20 Oct 11, 2010
wow all this crazy talk.... really for once someone famous comes to this boring ass town and everybody gotta problem ONE NIGHT!!! for real? to all the crybaby asses talkn about the loud music and security get over it and why u boycottn z-tech...u think its bad for business ithink its a goos way to promote. i think some ppl are probably just racist. seventh coordinate has a good point about the zoning, its always loud in that area and it stinks 2. it does suck about the lights goin out...i musta been too drunk and high lol to even notice but hows that z-techs fault? it was a good ass time evn if it wasnt perfectly planned. BOO FRICKIN HOO

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