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What is up

Terre Haute, IN

#21 Sep 21, 2010
Now I thought u told me that the name was diversified financial ? Which is it? You just told me the name was international capital group, I'm confused. Has he worked with any other business in Terre Haute that can say they went to him for help? And if so who, if I'm going to go to this guy to invest money I need to know who he has helped or some well known client or clients?

League City, TX

#22 Sep 21, 2010
Dont worry about what anyone has or how they got it, and that is "What Is UP". Go intern for someone and get some knowledge for yourself, "The game is to be sold not told". This whole forum is so that snitches can hide behind computers now. If you dont know someone there is a reason for it, and mostly likely its to keep them succesful and you wondering how. If you want to know something do some foot work for yourself instead of being lazy, jealous and ignorant.
Get a Life

Fayetteville, GA

#23 Sep 21, 2010
I bet he sells drugs but does not get arrested because Denzil Lewis gets a cut and then Norm Lowery cleans the money through the County. You people are shot out. GET A LIFE!

Terre Haute, IN

#24 Sep 21, 2010
What is up = Brian Cottee

With that being said Brian, why are you trying to bust LJ's balls? I can only think of a couple of reasons why, so here they are:

#1. You are jealous of LJ because he was a better athlete than you were.
#2. You are jealous of LJ because he is a better golfer than you are.
#3. You are jealous of LJ because he has a more successful professional life than you have.
#4. You are jealous of LJ because he has more money than you do.
#5. You are jealous of LJ because he has more friends than you have.
#6. You are jealous of LJ because he took your girl (oops - I hope your wife doesn't read this).
#7. You are just a jealous person in general.
#8. All of the above.

If this were a true test, I would pick #8.

Terre Haute, IN

#25 Sep 21, 2010
So Larry J stole Brittany from Brian?! Oh [email protected]#t!! Emily won't be happy....
8 inches

Punxsutawney, PA

#26 Sep 21, 2010
HAHA, Brian got caught, "coach" called his punk ass out on it. I hope Cottee isn't mad at LJ b/c of Brittany skank ass. What about that amazon looking thing that Cottee has at home. WTF, hell i might have to go and see Emily while Cottee is out at night doing what he does. Me and few of my boys can make a "kim kardashian" video off of the amazon...

Sorry Cottee, if your out doing you then maybe I can go and play with Emily... Just stating the facts "brother"!!
Larry Russell

Gary, IN

#27 Sep 21, 2010
creeper wrote:
So Larry J stole Brittany from Brian?! Oh [email protected]#t!! Emily won't be happy....
First and foremost I would like to thank those who have had good things to say about me. I would like to ask you all to cease and desist on responding any further to "What is up" in this cowardly forum. I don't need anyone to validate what I do for a living. I am comfortable with my life and don't care about those who want to cast dispersions because they are not happy with some aspect of their lives. It is not the first time and I am sure it won't be the last. Secondly Brian and I are very good friends and have been for all of our lives. Whoever wrote the list of reason's why he would say bad things about me is way off track. This forum is structured so people can hide behind screen names and start vicious rumors about people that are entirely inaccurate. Again thank you for the support but I would appreciate it if you would not feel the need to defend me as it is something that I can deal with myself. "Bears make money..Bulls make money... and pigs get slaughtered"!!! Again thank you....LJ

Terre Haute, IN

#28 Sep 21, 2010
As one of the company's founders, Larry helped to establish ICG as first among securities lending institutions for client satisfaction and transactional capabilities. Larry currently manages an extensive global network of marketing and sales associates as well as client relationships.

Prior to launching ICG, Larry was Director of Business Development for a private equity firm specialized in asset-backed lending and before that he worked extensively on a range of factoring, equipment leasing and commercial real estate acquisition/development transactions involving both large and mid-size institutions.

Larry began his financial career at Fidelity Finance, a residential and commercial real-estate firm specializing in real-estate acquisitions and mortgage banking. Since the mid-1990s, Larry has been focused on direct marketing, sales channel and customer relationship management, communications, and various operational functions.

Larry is a graduate of Indiana State University and resides with his family outside Indianapolis, Indiana.

Terre Haute, IN

#29 Sep 21, 2010
Just to let who ever coach is, he doesn't know me to well because I'm not one to not say what I have to say face to face and not on something like this with some false name. You can what u want on this thing about me my family but I know the truth. I have a good Job as well as a good family. I'm happy with where I'm at in life despite what I came from. You can say what u want. Thanks
Columbia House

Warren, PA

#30 Sep 21, 2010
Didn't Larry Russell use to work for Columbia House or is that a different Larry Russell?

Terre Haute, IN

#31 Sep 21, 2010
worked at CRC for Robert Miller
TH is full of Idiots

Punxsutawney, PA

#32 Sep 21, 2010
I think it's really unfortunate that people get on here and say whatever they please regardless of the effects it might have on others. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for intentionally putting yourselves in situations you don't belong. It sounds to me like most of you talking sh*t are either:

A.) Jealous
B.) Lame
C.) Bored
D.) Really, really Jealous
E.) Broke
F.) Trash

If I had to guess, I would have to say F....yes, definetely F.....

I think you people should grow up and stop being concerned with other people's personal lives, financial situations and so on. Get a life....really....

United States

#34 Sep 22, 2010
White trash with half breeds.
In high school she was a slut.

Rockford, IL

#35 Sep 22, 2010
CRC owner Miller had a really hot wife.

Terre Haute, IN

#36 Sep 22, 2010
hiphopnanny wrote:
CRC owner Miller had a really hot wife.


Terre Haute, IN

#37 Sep 26, 2010
Im not understanding the problem BRIAN COTTEE. Is all of this a part of jealously because his girl dont want you. What is it that you are really wanting. Larry is a man of standard who doesnt mess with too many and that is right. But look at what is being said about you blame him. you have tried your best to destroy his character, but what are you going to do when they come knocking at your door and telling your wife about all your indiscretions Mr. Gas Guy???

United States

#38 Sep 26, 2010
Emily was tramp in High School, but of course her mother was a full time drunk.
Emily liked doing it with 3 guys at a time, I think one person this has a picture of her box.
She made her mother proud and marryed a coon.
Emily and her half breed kids. TRASH

Clearwater, FL

#39 Sep 26, 2010
Speaking of mothers, you must make yours proud too. My daughter is 38 and I would still slap her face if she referred to people like you just did. Especially the kids. I will pray for your poor children. The life they must have had. Such a shame. I am sure they deserved better.
TH is full of Idiots

Punxsutawney, PA

#40 Sep 27, 2010
I'm still trying to figure out what this forum (LJ) is even starts on some nosey dumb ass trying to figure out where someone gets their money and continues with a bunch of Hatin' Hautians always talking sh*t....jealous much??
You all need to grow up, get a life, stop worrying about everyone else's lives and find something better to do with your time. As a matter of fact, try getting out of Terre Haute and learn something! You might see that this kind of hater trash talking is contagious is stupidity!

Somerset, KY

#41 Sep 27, 2010
this thread has got off course. it sounds like larry is a shinning example of the advantages of getting an education and makeing a good liveing. would be nice if everyone wanted to lift themselves out of the muckraking of people on topix and go to school, or get a good job, be respectful of others. there are idiots all over the world. you just cant argue with success in life..

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