home away from home child care needs investigated

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Steven R

Lake Worth, FL

#1 Feb 6, 2010
Money Laundering???? Drugs??? Mental Issues? Investigate who is running this. Larissa Silva and her husband Juan. Do not assume the children are not exposed to their temper tantrums that are drug related. Protect your children. Read former blogs. There is a very definite problem with these people. Check out and beware..........

Lake Worth, FL

#2 Feb 6, 2010
I thought there might be some hidden issues. That woman who runs it throws temper tantrums. I have seen her a few times, even sitting in her car slamming her fists on the dash and laying on the horn at one event because of cars not moving. It was not a few beeps but laying on the horn excessively. It was probably drug related because her eyes are always funny. I took my daughter out several months ago because I got sick of the lack of safety. You are right to warn parents!!!

Pompano Beach, FL

#3 May 14, 2010
I think your right

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

#4 May 31, 2010
I just put my child in the wpb location and so far I'm not impressed ! There is no staffing in there and it seems as though only a couple of staff members speak English? The school is clean, but I had an issue with the playground outside not being shaded. When brought up to the woman in the office who I barely could understand( Spanish speaking ) all I got was , it was being worked on.. That was 3 weeks ago and drove by yesterday and still no shading on the playground for these children not to be exposed to the sun. These kids are on the playground for 30 minutes at a time , too long for them not to get sun burned!!! If something is not done soon I'm pulling my child from the center! This owner needs to get fluent English speaking employees,and pay attention.

I've heard as well from other parents that the owner has anger problems, one parent thinks she's on something as well. I've also heard that people quit on her for not getting paid but once a month. To pay almost 200 a week for a place that doesn't pay for adequate employees is definitely a concern for anyone who has their child in this school!
heart of a child

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

#5 Jul 6, 2012
Yea..I'm hearing home away from home is not too good and over priced. children should be with family
heart of a child

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

#6 Jul 17, 2012
what r u hearing ...not too good home away from home
SC Mom

Santa Cruz, CA

#7 Jul 29, 2012
Are you guys referring to Home Away From home in Campbell, CA? There is one we're looking at in that area.
Great school

Hollywood, FL

#8 Aug 3, 2012
Steven R wrote:
Money Laundering???? Drugs??? Mental Issues? Investigate who is running this. Larissa Silva and her husband Juan. Do not assume the children are not exposed to their temper tantrums that are drug related. Protect your children. Read former blogs. There is a very definite problem with these people. Check out and beware..........
You must be absolutely delusional to sit with your judgement on an Individual because of how they chose to relieve a stressful situation in the event of their SIXTH DAYCARE LOCATION! people mind you this school has a higher success rate and my son being there since he was a baby being affirmation to the health and positive growth benefits of the atmosphere. If you WANT YOUR CHILD BEING NANNIED PLEASE FIND A NANNY THAT U CAN TRUst (try not to judge them) and hope that your INCOME can afford a SUITABLE MATCH FOR YOUR UNREALIstic expectations of a DAYCARE environment. Please people. I think that u should spend more time judging yourself rather than a complete stranger that has worked her butt off to create a place where from experience IS loved and will be missed after there FIFTH CONSECUTIVE YEAR THERE.
Could not be happier

Hollywood, FL

#9 Aug 3, 2012
My son has been in the school since he was a baby! He will be going go kindergarten now and every single day tells me how much he will miss it even with tears in his eyes. NO ONE will ever be completely u argumentative to the surroundings of their childrens childcare environment but please people for the love of god if you are being real with yourself you would be a fool to not have considered the NUMEROUS amounts of child abuse even found from people that you would have thought you new better than a relative and trusted with your life. People are entitled to carry themselves in whichever Manner they chose in which they can rest there head at night and JUDGING ON THE SCHOOLS GROWTH THERE MUST BE WAY MORE PLEASED PARENTS THAN THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT HAVE TIME TO SIT ON THE INTERNET WRITING ABOUT A DAYCARE THAT HAS PROVEN THERE INTEGRITY THROUGH STATE LAWS AND AVAILABILITY INSTEAD OF FINDING A MORE CONSTRUCTIVE MANNER TO CONDUCT THEMSELVES WITH THERE OWN CHILDREN THAY THEY HAVE MUCH MUCH HIGHER EXPECTATIONS OF THERE WELLBEING IN ANY COMPARED ATMOSPHERE THAN ARE REALISTIC. if you are sitting here writing inappropriate comments I can garantee it is because NO ONE OWES U TIME OUT OF THERE DAY TO DEAL WITH YOUR DEROGATIVE ATTITUDE ON LIFE AND NEGATIVE CONVERSATION SKILLS THAT PUTS IN ENOUGH HARD WORK AND DETERMINATION FOR THE 2 of you to let u ruin there day. Good work speaks for itself. You are an American you have rights you have a CHOICE to take your child where you please and if the OWNER OF THE SCHOOL DOES NOT AGREE WITH YOUR WAY OF THINKING AND YOU ARE MAD ENOUGH TO POST A BAD COMMENT ON THE INTERNET THEN I AGREE WITH WHICHEVER WAY THE OWNER CHOSES FO CONDUCT HERSELF AND HANDLE
STATE OF MIND WHICH SHE MUST BE TO HAVE A MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL LIFE THAN YOU TO BE BRINGING YOUR CHILD THERE TO BEGIN WITH. so instead of judging people you do not know and making yourself look unethical and not worth knowing then why don't u do what I'm sure the owner might have told u and should have and take your child somewhere else where u will b happy because that's how much u care to have brought them there in the FIRST place and atop wasting her time on trivial nonsense like your child will forever live in a bubble and make more time out of your day to do things the way YOU like with your child in the atmosphere of your own home WHERE U ARE ENTITLED TO ACT AS IF YOUR WAY IS THE RIGH WAY AND ANY OF YOUR INPUT MATTERS TO BE JUDGED SO IGNORANTLY BY A STRANGER ON TOPICS THAT DO NOT INVOLVE YOUR CHILD! my son could not be happier and I can promise you even as a spiritual woman that there is no way that if any of these accusations where true my son would have been in these schools for 5 years and be as educated if not more than a child in his first year of kindergarten and crying about leaving his school. Let's get real people day care is daycare if u have a better idea please find it and leave the hard working citizens of our county to be judged correctly by the right people.
Because they do.
Five years here

Jupiter, FL

#10 Aug 3, 2012
heart of a child wrote:
Yea..I'm hearing home away from home is not too good and over priced. children should be with family
Let me take u back to a time where I'm sure you carefully evaluated the "competition". Am I correct? But it is so easy for us as parents to quickly give criticism where it may seem necessary because there isn't anything we won't do to guard our beliefs as parents and what we feel is "ethical". Well, what did you see what was Any "more" suitable when u toured the schools and compared carefully the pros and cons and discussed I'm sure with your spouse on how u feel "this is the one". Nothing. People those of us that do not have the luxury of being stay at home parents also do not have the luxury of putting SIX schools together from the ground up mind you and giving it an integrity rating high enough to find your very self saying "home away from home is the place I'll put my child". So please try to be as rational as possible in your trivial judgements when you sit and reflect on why it really is that you sit here passing such negative judgement on a womans "personal" character when you do not know her "personally" it is of VERY immoral character to judge someone so negatively and harshly on the Internet on accusations that there isn't a way you could back up with evidence enough to defend your choice in demoralizing someones character. Someone I'm sure has a passion and a god given grace to expand so vastly And give people like me the opportunity to say 5 years later that I too had to let go of my unrealistic expectations of a daycare atmosphere to find that if you apply your efforts in a more positive and nurturing way, getting involved positively rather than how I'm assuming you have quickly jumped the gun because you weren't able to get past the fact that "no you aren't going to be able to guard your child day and night with a protective invisible bubble leaving anyone hurt who is able to effect your child inevitably" . Day care is day care. And your accusations on Anyone no matter who it is personally are merely a reflection of yourself without facts and that's clear to anyone with a moral sound mind. I love the schools and I can say that there isnt a single other place I would even want to leave my dog. You are missing out if your ego on a matter is effected so much that you could pull your child,out of a school that has a reputation not only with the state but with thousands of other parents that are truly happy And less willing To point fingers at other people to get a desired outcome.

West Palm Beach, FL

#11 Jul 12, 2013
First of all I was very deceived by the west palm beach florida location of home away from home in the villages the directors ms Ashley & April are the two most rudest incompetent people. I would never advise any parent to put their child in that child care facility. The owner Larissa doesn't have any care or concerns to talk to the parents if we have concerns her policy is if your kid is not perfect she will kick your kid out of the school, my poor son who is four years old has ezema really bad so his skin is sensitive and he came home and said the teacher ms maci hurt him by picking up because his skin is so sensitive and my son said she grabbed his arm super hard so upon addressing this issue ms April was so unprofessional and rude and asked my child to leave and not return which I'm happy she did because I would not want my kid to be surrounded by people like that. Ms April who is not a mother will never comprehend what it's like AS a mother to love and worry and deal with issues that concern our children. Home away from home is a huge disappointment and is very mismanaged and none of them should own or be working around children!! Ms April may have an education but se not be allowed around children she is a disgrace to child care facility's and both directors are the most disgusting people I ever came in contact with.

West Palm Beach, FL

#12 Jul 12, 2013
The west palm beach location in the villages in Florida they should be ashamed with themselves how they treat the parents and most of all the kids. Ms April emotionally abused my child by saying very hurtful things about my kid in front of her and its uncalled for! She should be fired with Ashley the center directors!!!!!!! Larissa the owner should not own any child care center she is a pathetic and has no balls to be a grow up and a lady to talk with a parent who has a concern and the directors would rather lie and say messed up things! That place home away from home is terrible!!!!!!!! Do NOT put your kid there!!!!!
From one mom to another!!!!!

West Palm Beach, FL

#13 Aug 24, 2013
I am horrified and relieved!! I took my baby a month after I enrolled her in. All these posts just confim my gut. My issues are very small compared to the ones mentioned above. Thank God I didn't let it go on long. I saw a little girl being yelled at by her teacher so loudly and cornered like a little animal. This was I the hall way away from the cameras. I am horried!

Jupiter, FL

#14 Sep 6, 2013
I just wanted to share that my daughter has been in HAFH Jupiter location since she was 14 months old. She is now 3 years old and still there. We LOVE it! I can't speak for any other locations, but the Jupiter location is great. There are some Spanish speaking teachers, but they speak English just fine. The facility is always clean looking and smelling. Every teacher, EVERY teacher, knows my daughters name. I have never met the owner, but the two directors are always pleasant. There is never a concern of safety regarding my daughter. She never complains about going. We will be keeping her there until she goes to Kindergarden.
Friend of a parent

Dania, FL

#15 Sep 24, 2013
Heard the directors there are big time drama queens! Liars, and don't treat ALL the kids the same. Heard from an ex employee that they treat employees like crap. Heard they have an issue with sticking their noses in employees personal lives. If you ask me, it sounds like this place is a dump!
Jane Richards

Lake Worth, FL

#16 Oct 1, 2013
My children went to the village location and I hated it. They let the children color all day and do not teach them much. The assnt director attitude sucks and she really needs to be trained. The director is fake and she doesn't know whats going on majority of the time. This was not a good school and parents she actually watch their kids online and they will remove them immediately. The teachers do not interact with the children AT ALL. Horrible.
PBG Army Mom

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

#17 Nov 6, 2013
My child has been at the WPB locatin since it opened. He loves it and I have never had any issues. The director Ms. Ashley is always helpful and runs a great school. If she ever leaves my child will follow as I feel she in a major contributor to the success of this location. And the location is covered in cameras including the hallways so everything is being watched.
Happy WPB mom

Hollywood, FL

#18 Nov 7, 2013
My two children have been attending WPB since August. My husband and I have never been happier. Ms. Ashley and Ms. April the directors are always helpful, polite and promptly look into any concerns that I have regarding my children. I have personally heard parents attack each of the directors. These people only tell their side of the story and these poor ladies have to grin and bare these awful remarks, not to mention being cursed at....in front of the children these parents claim the directors emotionally abused. Just awful. The way some people conduct themselves and come to this forum to speak about these ladies. Like I said they are ALWAYS polite to my family. Directors greet me every morning along with every child entering the school. The directors and staff seem to have a lot of pride regarding the cleanliness of the center especially when it comes to keeping the bathroom clean. Like "PBG Army Mom" said the school is covered in cameras and I feel safe leaving my babies in the loving arms of the caring teachers that work at Home Away From Home. My children have advanced socially and academically since they have been going to this school. My children were originally at KinderCare which was a nightmare, I won't discuss here.
As far as parents discussing the owner, Larissa, I hear she owns 5 schools in the area so it makes since that she doesn't address all of your concerns. That's why she hires competent directors like Ms. April and Ms. Ashley to enforce the polices she puts in place. No school is perfect, but the employees here care about my children and their safety. If you are looking for a quality school, just go see for yourself.
Great School and Staff

West Palm Beach, FL

#19 Nov 8, 2013
My son attends Home Away from Home Childcare in West Palm Beach and my husband and I have only positive remarks about the daycare. The teachers are sweet, caring and affectionate. The director Ms. Ashley is very welcoming and appreciates parents feedback. At Home Away from Home you and the teachers become a team and work together.

GREAT school! GREAT teachers! GREAT management! This is a wonderful place that my son really enjoys as he learns and play. Every teacher is caring and kind. There is such concern and trust with every teacher. The curriculum and activities are amazing. It is learning made fun.

I highly recomend Home Away from Home Daycare in the West Palm Beach Area.
Hillman PD

Concord, CA

#20 Nov 9, 2013

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