Review: Annie's Vintage Gourmet

Review: Annie's Vintage Gourmet

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New York, NY

#1 Nov 6, 2010
The food is really good,gourmet is really the right word for it and the store itself takes you somwhere else, really creative but then I got to the tacky cheap looking fake blonde. I think she might own it. I'm sorry her look brings down the place as a whole. She acts as if who she is and can't keep her big tits out of a tight shirt. Her caked on makeup really just turns my stomach as she serves me food


#2 Nov 6, 2010

United States

#3 Nov 8, 2010
Mallory, from a psychological stand point, your review and hateful words are very telling of your character. To go out of your way, take the time and expend the effort to write such a review indicates deep insecurities about your own looks. Perhaps, gazing into the mirror before writing your next review will give you a little perspective. I’m sure the woman in question treated you with kindness and hospitality despite how you look! Yet you made no mention of that. So Mallory, maybe focus on the food and quality of service next time and leave your self-loathing, superficial nature at the door.

United States

#4 Nov 8, 2010
Annie's Vintage Gourmet is amazing! It is a taste of home in Florida. I have only been there once, but I plan to make a stop there if I'm ever in the area again. I would totally recommend it.

Jamaica, NY

#5 Nov 8, 2010
For you to judge my character without even knowing me shows how ignorant you really are
Its not about the service,its about the appearance which we know today is a big factor in making business and keeping it. For someone to say I was treated accordingly no matter how I appear, is really naive being in the real world it is how you look, sweetie, regardless of what may be right or wrong
So i was saying that the image of the place is brought down by the hostess, she tries to hard, she should worry more about the food then how she looks, for I felt thats where the effort went
I dont understand how an opinion turns into a defamation of character, when Caroline those are my true feelings, so lets leave a highschool perspective, this is a review site right? so that's what I posted, why dont you worry about your opinion of the place instead of what I have to say
Im all up for looking in the mirror and I suggest the hostess in charge do the same before she leaves the house, being it is a family place not a frat house

Jupiter, FL

#6 Nov 9, 2010
My goodness, I just returned from Annie's and what a lovely experience!
However, reading the above statements makes me sad and disappointed in our society.

Mallory, my dear, I am 71 year old retired magazine editor and speaking of turning stomachs, your comment absolutely sickened me.

You contradict yourself blatantly here - in your first comment, you state that both the food and atmosphere were quite pleasing to you, and in your second response, you claim that the hostess/owner should worry more about the food than how she looks. Now clearly, if you were pleased with the food quality and the atmosphere, the owner has done her job and from your initial review has done it well. I'd say it's you that needs to focus less on the owners appearance and more on the food and atmosphere you admittedly enjoyed.

On that note, I actually had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with this "tacky fake blonde" as you put it, and she is nothing of the sort, quite the contrary in fact. The owner was a sweet, polite, well educated young woman that embraces the old world glamour of Hollywood, which in my opinion, meshes quite well with the vintage theme of the market. I lived through that generation and it is a pleasure to see a young woman open a gorgeous, trendy, little market and look fabulous while doing it!

If the owner of the market is reading this post, sweetie, it was a pleasure meeting you today. You keep doing what you're doing, stay as sweet as you are and let the bitter people of this world choke of their own hateful words

Palm Coast, FL

#7 Nov 9, 2010
Dear Mallory,
The food was fabulous and service more than anyone could hope for. In this day and age when people who work in the public eye come to work looking like they just got out of bed, this beautiful young lady was delightful to see. It might be that Caroline hit the nail on the head with her assessment of you. You seem to have a problem with others in general. Hope you get some help with this.

Spartanburg, SC

#9 Nov 9, 2010
Great market, I've been there several times since its opening and haven't been disappointed yet. The chicken pot pies are delicious and loaded with all fresh veggies, my kids love the pizza and especially loved "Miss Annie" who got down on one knee, played with the children while I shopped and helped them select a free toy from the treasure chest, what a great idea btw!
Adorable market with a super friendly staff :)

Preston, UK

#10 Nov 10, 2010
The food is AWESOME! I am nuts about this place.The store is super cute and is a great place to sit, read a book and have a delicious sandwich. I cannot wait to visit again! And major kudos to whoever put that foxy lady behind the counter!

Spartanburg, SC

#11 Nov 10, 2010
I can't believe some of the comments here, not trying to sound sexist, but I'll never understand why women get hung up on such BS.

My wife and I both work in Jupiter so we love the convenience of the market. When we went in the store, the owner was extremely helpful and polite, greeted us at the door and thanked us for shopping when we left. Was she a little overdressed? Maybe, I don’t really recall what she was wearing, only that she was an attractive young woman, sweet and very polite. Honestly, I don’t see why this is even a topic of discussion, we’re reviewing the market, not rating the owner on her physical appearance.

Let me pose this question, What if the owner was grossly overweight with a severe acne problem and psoriasis on her legs? What then? Would you comment on her appearance then in your review? I think if you answer honestly, you know that your response would be no, you would not, because that would be hurtful to call someone repulsive. So, if this woman was ‘really’ so repulsively tacky and fake that it “made you sick to your stomach” why then would you feel it’s okay to blurt out such an awful comment about someone’s physical appearance? What if someone called you out in a public forum about what he or she thought was imperfect about you? Or are you such a perfect specimen of beauty that no one would dare? Somehow I doubt that.

The fact is, tacky or not, fake or not, blonde, brunette or redhead, the owner seemed like a very nice person. So give the cat claws a rest ladies, the market is clean, aesthetically pleasing, and the food is good, end of story.

New York, NY

#12 Nov 10, 2010
Overall I'm being attacked because of my Opinion which I thought everyone living and breathing has a right to and I could express it anyway I please for these are My feelings on My experience bottom line. You can't control what someone has to say regardless of how much you might want to. And if someone was to call me out so be it because we can't all be liked and I rather know someones true feelings for me instead of superficial ones or none at all. I'm a big girl I can handle criticism and what the world throws at you that's just how it is. And I really get off on the fact that I could get such a rise out of people from something that I naturally felt. Really interesting. And men on a food review site yea ok keep sporting that hardon you have for the hostess

Palm Coast, FL

#13 Nov 10, 2010
I really enjoyed my visit to your lovely store today, and the food.. well thats italian!!!! The best I've come across in a long time. My hats off to the owner!

On the bully who's writing on the looks of the young lady who seems to be a hot topic of discussion, you really don't understand the first amendment too well. Look it up, because what you did to that girl was not what our founding fathers had in mind! Also get a spell checker,and learn to form a sentence. that would be a better use of your time.

Palm Coast, FL

#14 Nov 10, 2010
I'd just like to say the food was great and the girl "behind the counter" was helpful and nice. Don't understand why this Mallory chick is so freaking rude! Talk about high school, sounds like shes still in it and obviously still jealous of the pretty girls! LOL Grow up honey and move on already! Cause you have some serious issues!

Jamaica, NY

#15 Nov 10, 2010
I am not a bully, just someone with an opinion, which is what I don't understand. Our founding fathers? really and you know what they had in mind because its clear to me that not even our president does, so I wouldn't bring up a topic you clearly dont understand and/or know what your talking about and the clarity as of me forming sentences; try allowing your words to carry some substance towards what this site is actually about instead of worrying what I have to say. It seems I'm the main focus of this site, not Annie, so thankyou for giving me a piece of that. Not once have I said anyone elses review was false or wrong in anyway because hey that was your experience, but for everyone to mention mine in theirs well that shows the level of maturity on this site. Oh and as for me being jealous of pretty girls, I myself am into girls so you can all get your heads out your asses and stop assuming liek you know my motives and my true feelings because I'm not that easy to figure out sorry to disappoint you. The guys on this site btw "freaking" rude, dont worry about me why dont you alter your speach as to not sound so much liek a fag.

Palm Coast, FL

#16 Nov 10, 2010
I visited the shop last week and want to say their selection was top notch, and the eggplant delicious. But what the ****** is this lady ( and i use the term loosely} "M' talking about? I thought it was a way to come and talk about food. instead she's attacking the help! Please somebody get her the **** off this sight!!!! Why is she still here? Maybe it is a last ditch chance to relive her high school years. Doesn't she have anything better to do?

Palm Coast, FL

#18 Nov 11, 2010
I want to thank you for a lovely meal at your place the other day. I haven't been out of the house in weeks because of an illness, and it was a treat for me to be pampered by the wonderful staff. My husband picked the perfect place for my first outing, italian my favorite, and boy was it good!
To the beautiful young lady who helped us, don't mind the petty people that were never brought up with good manners. Life is too short to worry about others insecurities, which is why they lash out at everyone in it.
Keep serving up the great food and your winning smile because it is a great store and you'll due just fine. Best wishes for a great success!

Belleville, NJ

#19 Nov 18, 2010
I'm with you Mallory - there was a piece on NYC radio where ppl called in to describe what their office slut was wearing. Lets all just relax. Tacky outfits are meant to be made fun of. BTW, boobs do sell hooters!

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

#20 Nov 20, 2010
Wow this is great gossip,yeah the food is good but to compete with Carmines and Joesphs markets she will have to do a whole lot of tweaking.Annie is who she is and that is not going to change.She is old school New York Italian who wears mini skirts and tons of makeup.Who cares as long as the food is good.
Annie Lover

Stuart, FL

#21 Dec 2, 2010
Eating at Annie's is amazing..the food isn't half bad either.

Since: Jan 11

Jupiter, FL

#23 Jan 28, 2011
Check out the violtions on their health inspection

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