Leon County Fatal Accident

Leon County Fatal Accident

There are 83 comments on the KBTX-TV Bryan story from Jun 9, 2008, titled Leon County Fatal Accident. In it, KBTX-TV Bryan reports that:

One person was killed after a traffic accident on Interstate 45. It involved four cars and happened south of Buffalo around 6:00 p.m. Sunday.

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Saint Louis, MO

#41 Jun 30, 2008
thank you to all of you who rendered aid in such a horrific tragedy! The families would like further information on eyewitness to any possible racing between Tundra & Aston Martin...help, please!

Hurst, TX

#42 Jul 1, 2008
We would all like to know WHY the speed? Grace family /nor Meg's family has received ANY communication or contact from the Stankas family. No answers, NO explation, NOTHING. As we know they are not responsbile for his actions i think a lot of the lashing out was @ his neice AS who posted that he himself was not responsbile for the accident, that he was "kind, loving, man" He is responsbile for his actions of driving wrecklessly. None of them are taking responsiblity and that is why the posting started b/c she posted something on the sight on 6-21 that was NOT appropriate for this sight. TAke a look. We all have the same answers as you and appreciate MORE communiation that what she provided. WE also would like to know if anybody witnessed him racing with Aston Martin? and did anybody dial 911? i just wonder if SO many witnessed this driving why NOBODY called for help to try to PREVENT such tragedy. If SO then where were the state troopers OR somebody when MOST needed?
Anonymous in Tomball Tx wrote:
I was one of the many 18 wheeler semi's Mr Stankas passed on the shoulder at 90+ mph a few minutes before the tragedy took place and once I pulled upon the site and seeing the Grace vehicle, Mr Stankas on the pavement and the remainders of his Tundra it was nothing short of bone chilling and frightening. I have never in my 27 years seen anything like it and hope not too again. My prayers go out to the Grace family and for a swift healing for Jamie, I can not speak for the Grace family nor can I even imagine to begin to understand their trauma and grief but I would like to point out that the Stankas family are not responsible for what Dennis caused. On another note what was his hurry? any comment? I have questioned this with all my co-workers (and family (who know nothing of either party or what happened).Was there some kind of family emergency? Phone call? Whats his immediate family coping like? Are they at least communicating with the grace family? I just have so many questions b/c it was a very graphic scene. I gave my statement to the troopers and left, I only had a quick glance at the scene and did not care to look any more. I even find myself going really extra slow through that part of 45 and thinking if there could have been something I could have done to have avoided it.(I travel 45 3 times a week to and from Houston to Dallas on my route).

Templeton, CA

#43 Jul 1, 2008
My husband and I are close friends with Meg's brother who is home with us now. He was in my brothers wedding this last Sunday. He himself is getting married in August. It would have been the first time in years we all would have gotten to see the family together. But the one thing that keeps us all going are the wonderful promises found in the Bible. Its been a little over three weeks and not a day goes by when we don't think of Meg. But based on our strong hope in the scriptures, we look forward to seeing her again on a beautiful paradise earth (Revelation 21:4). Please keep Meagan and Jamie in your prayers. And thanks to the 8 month pregnant woman thats the nurse for stopping to help. That was very loving on your part!
curious TX

Hurst, TX

#44 Jul 2, 2008
So it has been almost 30 days, did we get test results on Dennis STankas?? His service is this Sunday the 6th....... I am having hard time accepting what his family "claims" he was. He took our sweet Meg, and Jamie remains in hosptial and will NEVER be the same again. Do we have any other answers? did we find out what his urgency is or is it all in the lab findings? meaning no real reason at all. Where did AC go after she made her comment to upset ALL

Hurst, TX

#45 Jul 2, 2008
please help FAMILY is looking for ANY eye witness they may have seen the Aston Marten actually RACING the Toyota truck, IF anybody saw this please contact the family via comment here OR see Jeremy Grace comment with email address provided for direct comment. We need your help so please help us out. thank you SO much I will see if the family will update the site with Jamie's condition. They have started reconstructive surgery process. Still pending neurological testing @ this time. Also would LOVE to hear from STankas family.... is there any reason for his driving this way??? was there emergency at home OR what the reason for this at all..........
Jules Arlington TX

Hurst, TX

#46 Jul 10, 2008
I was VERY close to Meg, I have twin sister and we use to work with her. I feel her loss daily :( I hope some people took this in to slow down, the few seconds or minutes you "might" get there faster are simply NOT worth it. WE would get with Meg once a month when possible for lunch dates. She was kind, gentle, sweet, considerate, radiant, and beautiful person. So many of us are know struggling to continue in this world without her. I was curious for ANY recent updates on Jamie and his prognosis or current condition. I was also wondering about the toxicology results on Denis Stankas as i know it has been OVER 30 days :( I check 2 websites every few days. Please feel free to share information on Meg, the wreck, the police report, anything you know to help bring closure, So many unanswered questions. I am sure many will remain unanswered~

Porter, TX

#47 Jul 10, 2008
While checking in for any updates on this case, I came across a couple of postings that I can comment on. After my last post, the question was raised if Jamie and Meagan were talking to each other at all. They were unable to do so because of the condition of their truck. As I mentioned before, I couldn't even see the passenger side of the vehicle from Jamie's window. I wouldn't describe him as "irrational" at the scene, just unable to talk because of his injuries. I do believe he could hear me. I was not surprised to hear that he had lung damage, because that was my initial thought at the scene. Again I am so sorry for your loss and continued suffering as he recovers. In reference to the questions about the Aston Martin "racing" the tundra, I can account for probably 5 or 6 miles before the accident. At that point there was definitely NO racing going on. Stankas in the tundra was driving wrecklessly on the shoulder going at least 10 or 15 miles over the speed limit when he passed us. The aston martin passed us leisurely a bit earlier, but was not driving carelessly or dangerously. In fact, we took a double take to confirm that it was actually an aston martin (as you don't see many of those). I can't account for anything directly before the accident. I question constantly what could have fueled Stankas' wreckless behavior. I wish we could have called 9-1-1 in enough time to prevent this tragedy. I'm sure everyone on the road that day feels the same. It has forever changed the way I will react in the future. My prayers remain with your families, and I will continue to check in for updates on Jamie's condition. I'm broken-hearted for his loss, but I know that the purest healing comes from One greater than all of us. Thank you for the well-wishes for my baby.
Confused HELP H town

Hurst, TX

#49 Jul 19, 2008
WE are still seeking word from witness of accident scene. As Meg is NOT with us to speak and Jamie is still unable to speak from accident. Anybody that was THERE that can share more detail? One person said Meg was coherent and awake saying her neck hurt, then another said she was never awake. Also ANY word from Stankas family (since his neice) Any explation, any anwers being seeked? WHY was he driving this way? was there any reason? what are toxicology results? Any new information would be SO much appreicated.....

Hurst, TX

#50 Aug 30, 2008
I still check numerous websites DAILY looking for ANY new information. Nothing posted in sometime.
If you know anything I'd LOVE you to share! I am missing Meg each and every day :( Any witness news? any news on Jamie? Any news on Denis Stankas? anything at all is always helpful ~
Thanks too much!!
Jamie Grace

Mansfield, TX

#51 Aug 31, 2008
I thank all of you with kind words about my wife. This event has impacted my life forever. I have yet to fully grasp that my wife is gone. I am still recovering physically from my injuries. I have limited use of my left side after suffering a stroke. I have survived due to the overwhelming prayers and support. Please hold you spouse close and tell them how much they mean to you. Waste no time together. My wife was my world,
Jamie Grace

United States

#52 Sep 1, 2008
I am still in rehabilitation trying to learn to walk again. Thank God I was spared my mental faculties, I was not expected to live, much less able to communicate, Those who know me know I am not a cryer, but as I start to try to comprehend the loss of my wife I break down at the sight of her photos. It crushes my heart every time. There is no way for me to even comprehend the loss. My life will have to start over in many ways. My mom and brother have been with me every day pushing me forward and keeping the grief from overwhelming my very being. I have always been perceived as a confident strong person, but this has shaken me to the core. I will never be the same. I would like to thank those who have supported me. My work has treated me more like family than a co-worker. I only hope this tragedy propels my spirit to help others in Meg's memory. Please everyone do something kind in Meagan's memory. Please post your act of kindness om the board. I also have a myspace account. Do a search on James Grace I would like to hear from you.
Jennifer Robertson

Arlington, TX

#53 Sep 1, 2008
James - we think about you and pray for you every day. I am so sorry for your loss. I know there are no words that will help, but please know that we are here for you. If you or your family needs ANYTHING...please let us know.
Aunt Robin

Lake Havasu City, AZ

#54 Sep 2, 2008
Jamie,-I think about you daily hoping one day you were able to see how much love and prayers you had at your moment of need. I am so sorry for your loss of our dear sweet Meagan. She will truly be missed in this world. But her memories live's on. You concentrate on getting better and time will heal all wounds. I just hope for your sake your heart will mend in time too. If there is anything you need or want please let us know. My family loves you and cares for you deeply. You will remain in our prayers and thoughts daily and please contact us if you need anything . We love you, The Mayton's
Anonymous in Tomball Tx

United States

#55 Sep 3, 2008
Hey there Jamie, Dude I'm so glad to see you coherent and active. Let me start off by saying I'm so sorry for your loss and the trauma and hell Mr Stankas put you through. I was one of the trucks going southbound Mr Stankas passed at 90+ miles an hour on the shoulder literally moments before the incident and you and you're wife have been in my prayers from that very day. I make a point to check this board evry other week (when I return home from being on the road). I can't say i know how you feel b/c I don't but I lost my parents tragically very young some years ago. I will tell you time heals all, we/you will NEVER forget Meg but you'll come to accept it a bit easier as time goes on. Thank God for what it is and not it's not, You're here and you WILL fully recover, and have a healthy productive life b/c your a fighter and Meg would want this for you. I know you don't know me nor do I really know you but i can't tell you how you made my evening by seeing your up and running so to speak. You and your family are in my prayers and just try not to beat yourself up over what happened.-MJA
Jamie Grace

Mansfield, TX

#56 Sep 6, 2008
Sorry I can't keep up with all of you. I type much slower with one hand. I will be discharged from the hospital soon. Julie/Lynette come visit me after I get sent home. I will begin 6 weeks of outpatient therapy, Still learning how to use my left side. I appreciate all of the support. I am also glad I have good insurance. Otherwise I would be buried in debt because Stankas had nothing. I imagine it will take me a year to deal with the emotional trauma hanging over my head. I loved my wife and must deal with that at some point, Now I need to find why God let me live. What purpose do I have?
The Lords Girl

Los Alamos, NM

#57 Sep 12, 2008
Jamie, I am so sorry for your loss, and wish you God-speed with a full recovery. I've been reading this forum since day one with hopes of knowing how you are doing. I thank God you're doing better.
Your last question (What purpose do I have?) compels me to share my story with you in hopes I can help just a little.
When I was 19, I died on the operating table, but I came back to life, much to the amazement of the doctors. Then they told my family that although I survived the surgery, I had only a few hours to live, and to 'make arrangements for my burial.'
However, my family and friends didn't believe them and refused to make arrangements. They continued to pray, and by the grace of God, I awoke out of a coma a week later to find out that, although I was alive, I would never be able to have a child of my own. I was devastated, but never let on to my family or friends.
I didn't die, and at first, my only thoughts were, "Why me?" and everyone told me that God must have something big for me to do. But, I have never done anything that I would consider 'big' so, I lived for years wondering about that and waiting for the 'big' thing.
However, after more than 30 years since that fateful day, I've come to realize that the Lord didn't have a 'big' plan for me; He just wanted me here for the little things.
He wanted me here to provide everyday help and kindness to others, and to be who He asked me to be: my brother's keeper.
Recently, I have been blessed to learn that I've helped people whom I didn't even know I had helped. Just by a kind word of encouragement, by giving what I could, by living my life as an example of God's goodness and grace, and by loving my neighbor as myself.
I suspect that is all that He wants of you, as well; to continue to be the good man that He made.
And if I may be so bold, the biggest lesson I've learned with regard to my own situation is to forgive, because that was the most difficult thing for me to do. It ate at my very being for years; it hampered my mental health, my physical recovery, and my relationship with God and my fellow man.
But, one day when I was at my lowest, hating my life and what had happened to me through no fault of my own, and daily hating the person who brought this upon me, I found the following quote which changed my life forever:
"When you forgive, you in no way change the past, but you sure do change the future." -Bernard Meltzer.
I hope that you try to do that...for your future.
Because your purpose is to be here, Jamie, simply as The Lord's Boy, to hunker down in His loving embrace, and to be a blessing to others.
Afterall, your name isn't GRACE for nothing!
God Bless you, Jamie,
The Lords Girl

Los Alamos, NM

#58 Sep 12, 2008
sorry...I must have double clicked.
Jamie Grace

Mansfield, TX

#59 Sep 22, 2008
I truly appreciate your comments. I will take them to heart. I question why I was left and my wife taken every day. Everyone tells me I have another purpose here much like you were told. I have no idea what is in store for my future.

Baldwin City, KS

#60 Sep 27, 2008
Hi Jamie. My sister Donna from Lufkin, who was a
friend of Meagan's, is unable to take time to
keep up because of her husbands health. So I am
doing it for her. I only met Meagan once some
years back when I was visiting in Lufkin. We are so sorry for all you are going through. But we
are so very happy you are up and around. Please
keep us posted on your recovery.
Jamie Grace

Mansfield, TX

#61 Oct 13, 2008
I do occasionally check back on the site. I do continue to work out-patient rehabilitation at Baylor in Dallas. Hopefully soon I will move out of the wheelchair into a cane. My left arm is slowly coming along. My mouth has fully recovered, much to the dismay of my family and doctors. To those who don't know I might be the most honest and direct person around. They warned me that my 'filter' (frontal lobe) may have been damaged in the wreck. I told them I never had a filter so it could not be damaged. I will be spending days at Baylor volunteering once I am recovered. Feel free to look me up on myspace or keep posting here.

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