Richmond, Canada

#47 Sep 1, 2012
Arie wrote:
<quoted text>
LOL!!! The guy that wrote this is such a LOSER!!! He probably couldn't get a woman in his own country so he had to BUY one over the internet & expected a maid...WHAT A LOSER!!!
That's what you get!!!! You deserved it! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA
stupid filipino always criticizing others because you cant take criticism about your degraded culture.

Nottingham, UK

#48 Nov 1, 2012
I live in the philippines and still love the country neing from England.
As for filipinos,they are liars,cheaters,thives.
I have never ever met a honest filipino.
As soon as you start dating a girl they will ask for money as there is illness in the family or something else it goes on and on.
So why do I still live here?
Well being 43 years old dating 20 year old girls often they will try abuse you for money...its very simple...just abuse them back having lots of 20 year old girl friends.
Works for me and yet to be ripped careful and always stay on step ahead off them.
liars yes indeed

Naracoorte, Australia

#49 Nov 10, 2012
I have never met a bigger bunch of immoral, lying , manipulative, cheating scammers in my life than in the Philippines....I met heaps of great awesome moral people too but the proportion of assholes astounds me. To the good filipinos I love and respect you. To the others who even sell their own F@#cking kids...I really really hate you

Lompoc, CA

#50 Nov 15, 2012
In the USA you never see a Filipino in a welfare office. You never see a Filipino begging on the streets. My Family in the P.I. are well educated and of the upper middle class. Like all people there are good and bad..The ones who live here (USA) are very prosperous.

Toronto, Canada

#51 Nov 18, 2012
Shame on Filipinos...those nosy and jealous people,,,who love by inviting you for food out how to scam you..these r bunch of rats should be deported by Canada government ..those scam deserve to stay at their ranch that they were born....uncivilized people that don't have any etiquette and principle,,,come to church or mosque or so just for money.a bunch of ugly ones who doesn't have any culture..and pretty timid,,I think these people really need a lot to .....a they are similar to rat and racists who take pride of that country which spent have any technological,historical,cultu ral achievement,,,anyway ...hopefully the next generation of these people in Canada become humane,,,

Zaandam, Netherlands

#52 Dec 25, 2012
all i can say is that yeah he is right most of pinay is scammers and liars - its not nice to hear or say but yes its true - no offence just saying

Udon Thani, Thailand

#53 Mar 15, 2013
Filipinos are disgustingly corrupt. Almost 75% of Filipinos lie on visa applications. They'll sue for money and turn someone in for money. They are the greediest people despite supposedly being Christian or Muslim.


#54 Mar 31, 2013
Mattheo wrote:
Yup, it's true, some of it anyway. But incase you forgot, the seamen that diliver your oil each year are Filipinos, the nurses that take care of you in the ward are filipinos, the Pedianurse that takes care of you kids are filipinos, the doctors that rush to you in the ER are filipinos, the PT that take cares of your grandma in the nursing homes are filipinos, the engineers that build your plants are filipinos, the agents that answer your calls 24hours a day are filipinos. I admit, we are not the most charming race or country in this planet, but who are you to judge? It can be true that your situation is exceedingly more pleasant than ours, and so true are the claims of blood and screams, but this is our country, we experience it first hand, if you look down on us, very well, just keep it to yourself. One should not venture an unsolicited opinion, it will save you the embarrassment of realizing its actual worth to your listeners
No they aren't. My doctor is not filipino. My mother is an RN and the only filipino they have working at their clinic clean the floors and empties the trash. She does light nursing duties but thats all she qualifies for. Training in the Philippines means 0 in the rest of the world. Filipinos are good for nannies and Maids.

Satellite Provider

#55 Apr 4, 2013
Nikki90 wrote:
<quoted text>
Your response is typical of the lazy igorot that you are. And typical of Filipinos in general. I moved to the Philippines to give you monkeys a chance to prove your worth. After 5 years I left totally disgusted. All your men are drunks, and your women are ALL whores. You know how you can tell if a flip is trying to rip you off? They start their sentence with "I AM A CHRISTIAN" Every single one of them are pathetic lying cheating losers. I know one thing for sure. HELL is FULL of Filipino Christians. I have lived in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore and NOTHING comes close to the shit that fucking Filipinos are. The shame of the Orient.
Monkey hater

Satellite Provider

#56 Apr 4, 2013
JayT wrote:
<quoted text>
No they aren't. My doctor is not filipino. My mother is an RN and the only filipino they have working at their clinic clean the floors and empties the trash. She does light nursing duties but thats all she qualifies for. Training in the Philippines means 0 in the rest of the world. Filipinos are good for nannies and Maids.
You said it. "My doctor is not Filipino" They are too f&*king stupid to be doctors. They can get a fake nursing certificate in the Philippines in a second. The hospitals of the world need bitches to change bedpans and wipe the asses of the sick white people. Suck it monkeys. That is what you are. And just to note. Of all the other Asian countries, Philippines have the lowest IQ. Look it up you proud f@#king bitches. Google it. Taiwan, South Korea and Japan are #1,2,3. Philippines is #60. Stupid fucking brown little monkeys. Good for scrubbing toilets and changing bedpans. And why is it that anytime you bring this shit up, some stupid flip starts screaming about Manny Pacquiao? Where is your HERO now? He got knocked the fuck OUT by a Mexican. I was laughing my ass off watching Jinkie screaming like a monkey in a tree when your HERO was lying like a sack of bananas on the canvas. He is nothing but a LOSER........just like every fucking one of you brown pieces of SHIT. Everything would be just fine if you idiots would just STAY on your islands. But have to crawl all over the world like cockroaches. Infected every country you go to with your lies, corruption and laziness. F*&k off and die like the vermin that you are. I have been to your islands. I didnt just visit. I lived there for years. And the happiest day of my life was when I got the F&*K out of your country. F#$k off and die.........every single one of you.
a fool

Nottingham, UK

#57 Jul 5, 2013
ok a few years on...I first moved to the Philippines in 2011..went through many years of hate...still in 2013 I have never met a honest true Filipino,they are liars cheats and thieves...I have had 2 iphones stolen,camera laptop peso lots of things all under the influence of alcohol..I have never met a honest business man,girl or any respectable Filipino person..Yes they have great crocodile smiles but will rape you of all peso you have,all your goods and the girls are not even good at telling lies....And I am still may ask why am I still here..I was an investor in Boracay,palawan and Cebu..still have small business in boracay and yet you ask if I hate it why am I still here...Well after many tears 3 times actually of falling in love engaged 3 times finally after I returned back to England for 3 months I decided to give it one last try...Now I love the Philippines "Why" I abuse the girls as they do me..I have new girl friend 18 years old every 2 weeks..I no longer buy them gifts and give peso..If you can stay away form falling in love it's a great place to be,yes I still want to meet a nice true girl but for now I don't get emotionally attached to them,have fun party and move on...time after time I gave money to street children and the same exscuse mom or popa is sick I need peso for medicine does not work anymore..I lost thousonds of peso over 1.2 million to investors,girls but most of it was my fault. So many times I hear Filipinos say not all are like this..I hear this 1000 times yet still since 2011 I have yet to meet this person all keep telling me about that is true and honest...Ask a Filipino,they don't even trust their own for me it's the perfect life now..I don't get angry like I used too I just abuse the girls as they do me..right now there at least 20 I can call upon if needed..Sorry Filipinos but you made me this way..I went to the degree of having business cards made titel says Boracay investor..find the finest looking woman who thinks you are a millionaire and for sure she will call or text you...Free sex for 2 weeks then see just have to learn to play the game and trust me I got stung many many times but never again.
Take It From Me

London, KY

#58 Aug 21, 2013
There are good and bad Filipinos. Some are crooks and some are honest (although the crooks may possible outnumber the honest). Some are clean and some are nasty. Some are liars and some are truthful. Some work and some are too lazy. It's the culture norm that speaks for the people.
Come to think of it, it's no different here in America.

San Diego, CA

#59 Nov 30, 2013
Filipina women are lying cheating deceitful materialistic women who only care about themselves and name brand purses lol

San Diego, CA

#60 Nov 30, 2013
The sad part about them is they have no integrity are able to look you in the eyes and lie to you with no shame the women have control issues and when they don't get there way they become very vengeful and sleep with your friends they are very sneaky also always have a secret agenda I've met some good ones but even they are liars at times it's almost as if there coulture trains them to be this way putrid people for the most part

Mount Vernon, KY

#61 Nov 30, 2013
I agree. It does appear that lying is part of the Philippine culture. However, not all Filipinos are sneaks who sneak around on their spouses. But lying is a total different story.
lilian gador

Acacia Ridge, Australia

#62 Mar 4, 2014
lilian gador of pagadian city is a scammer and a liar she has scammed many men over the internet sites dating and on face book she also works as a prostitute and has many policemen as boy friends to protect her just be careful of her she will suck you in when you meet her then run away with your bank account leaving you broken hearted and broke bank

Quezon City, Philippines

#63 Oct 3, 2014
its simply the land of thieves and liars at the start u dont understand them cause they have this smile and this hi sir thing but after few months everybody gets to know them.They will smile on u and lie to u on a scale u cant imagine AS FOR THE WOMEN cheaters and manipulators,if u are a foreigner and u are thinking of coming here dont do it please save ur self this pain. these people will steal everything they can steal from u ,me after been stolen so many times i kept even my pens and pencils in a safe its so bad even toothpaste and nail cutters were stolen from my house even food its not a joke .once i invited some people for dinner in my house so they came eat drink and they stole from me a phone and a comb .As for the women slowly slowly they will cost u the same as an american model and i mean it and if u really thing you will find love here u are mistaken even if u look like tom cruse they will still have a filipino bf behind ur back its their nature they are cheaters for them ur the foreigner to whom they will lie and use like an atm machine


#64 Oct 3, 2014
Nikki90 wrote:
<quoted text>
.hey hey hey its takes more than 12 years to be what u say u mother is but im sure u have a phd in pseudomania

United States

#65 Sep 9, 2015
anonymous wrote:
Filipinos are not animals Filipinos are HUMANS PLEASE RESPECT!
They lots from me........scum thieves.....I was robbed 8000 from me..

United States

#66 Sep 9, 2015
They do not care about anyone....ruined my car....I do not have any one she robbed me. Go home thieves and stay there.

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