Beware of Oakley USA products, bad wa...

Houston, TX

#104 Jul 15, 2012
I bought Dictate 4.0 and 2 months down the line I steped on them. I had them ship back to Oakley and 10 days later I got a new pair.

Austin, TX

#105 Aug 18, 2012
Scooter wrote:
<quoted text>
Oakley has not offered a " lifetime warranty" since the late 80's. The warranty for eyewear is 30 days. The tune-up cost for the Juliet is very reasonable. Get over yourself
Very well said

Austin, TX

#106 Aug 18, 2012
For for your information Luxotica only bought a minor part of Oakley, not the entire brand. You people need to be more careful with your stuff, I have a pair of Oakley minute that I purchased back in 2000 and still have them in good shape. Stop crying like babies, Oakley has the best optics and that's what you're paying for.

I have over 100 pairs of Oakleys and will continue to buy them as they have a wide variety of styles, color lenses and they are always improving.

Stop hating. Nuff said!!!

Austin, TX

#107 Aug 18, 2012
Pissed wrote:
Yep, Oakley indeed SUCKS... I have a pair of half jackets bought in may of 08, it is now dec 08, and the left lens is CRACKED, spidering from the corner of the nose, and just like the rest of you they won't help. Not evern 8 months old, never been dropped, or even put in my pocket, and the lense is cracked. Dipsh*ts at the store kept looking at it saying I wonder if its just scratched, ohh.. no your right its cracked. but still flat out refused to help.
I have had many different brands of sunglasses, but none have ever broken so fast and cost me so much money.
Needless to say I will never buy oakley anything ever agian.
(and these are supposed to be safety glasses? Yikes)
Priego | 1 min ago
For for your information Luxotica only bought a minor part of Oakley, not the entire brand. You people need to be more careful with your stuff, I have a pair of Oakley minute that I purchased back in 2000 and still have them in good shape. Stop crying like babies, Oakley has the best optics and that's what you're paying for.

I have over 100 pairs of Oakleys and will continue to buy them as they have a wide variety of styles, color lenses and they are always improving.

Stop hating. Nuff said!!!
Oakley fan

Rockwood, MI

#108 Aug 19, 2012
Many Oakley glasses are made in USA. None of the clothes or bags are made here. You all complain about zippers on the Chinese bags. And all the frames that are being complained about...also the Chinese models. Imagine that, poor quality from a Chinese product. I have had oakleys for 10 years 6 models, customs, polarized, prescription. Always the American made frames. Never had one issue. I just had a prescription pair of Fuel cells blow off my face at 60 mph on the highway. No lense scratches, frames didn't break. I had a minor scuff that has buffed itself out to no longer be visible. Oakley makes some great sunglasses. Stop buying the Chinese products and things will be much better.
James in Tulsa

Jenks, OK

#109 Oct 9, 2012
Have had my Oakley Flak Jackets, prescription ground, for just over 3 years. About a year ago I noticed the coating eroding near the base of the lenses. Now eroding in upper corner near nose bridge and moving down into my line of sight. Contacted my optician to no avail. They contacted Oakley and were told out of warranty. For single vision replacement lenses, they want $340, for bi-focal it will be $490. Just for the lenses!! This almost $500 initial investment is one of the worst I've ever made. And it will cost Oakley. I will make it one of my life's missions to talk anyone I can out of ever spending another dime with them. Piss-poor customer service, and, apparently, a piss-poor product at greatly exaggerated prices. They remind me a great deal of that wonderful (not) company AT&T. All about them, never about the customer.

Plattsmouth, NE

#110 Dec 5, 2012
aNdReSk wrote:
lol Oakley Rocks. I have never had to use a warranty, why? because i care about my stuff, 60% of everything i wear is Oakley and 95% of my shoes are, my bagpacks are oakley and they are perfect, my wallet, bought 4 years ago, it's still in an unbelievable shape.
If u dont like the warranty service, take care of ur stuff!!!
i couldent agree more, all the sunglasses are Oakley, same with my mx goggles, bags and ive had several articles of clothing. ive never had a problem. ever. i take care of my stuff and it dosent get broken or need to use a warranty. but on that same note things wear out. I understand why they wont fix a 15 year old bag. Maybe because its time to buy a new one? and becides that theyve already honored the warranty once. and again, Oakley Rocks

Vancouver, Canada

#111 Jan 10, 2013
Spent $500 on a pair of Oakley and had it for a few years. Perfect condition but the spring in the arm broke off.

Called Oakley and they tell me this product is no long sold so they cannot fix it for me.

Really?$500 glasses and it's just the spring in the arm that needs to be replaced?

Ask to talk to the manager but of course she is in a meeting...sure I've heard that excuse before and looking at some other people who complained, they got the some run around.

...Left message for call back but it's been an entire day now and still no call back.

DON'T BUY OAKLEY! They may market them well but buyer beware as you will get no service after you've purchased them.

Virginia Beach, VA

#112 Jan 25, 2013
I used to buy Oakley at full retail, then at military discount price in the base exchange. Went a long time without owning pricey sunglasses and my oldest pair predates the sale to the Italian super-corp. My old metal wireframes still work but the metal plate is flaking in a few places, probably from being stored in a bowl instead of the case. Otherwise, they still spring back and fit my dome nicely and the lenses aren't scratched.

Recently heard of a Veteran-friendly/First-respond er-friendly program at which offers great deals on all Oakley gear. I'm really satisfied with my new shades and yes, I do treat them like gold so they last for years. If you can qualify for the usstandardissue deal, you should look into it.

Here's the bottomline. If you want to wear crappy looking knock-offs that cost $10, go for it. If you want to get the latest, stylish, ass-kicking frames and lenses, you'll pay for it. Treat it like an expensive item and they'll last a good long time. P.S. They look good with my Indonesian/Chinese Levi's too!

Pataskala, OH

#113 Feb 8, 2013
DenverSteve wrote:
Oakley charges a premium price for their products, but stands behind them with a weak warranty. I had a pair of snow goggles that had foam break down between the lenses. Oakley said they only have a 1 year warranty. For a pair of $100 gogles I think that is crap.
I now purchase Scott or Smith Goggles (Motocross and snow). I also choose not to buy Oakley sunglasses. I don't agree with their business model and I choose to buy accordingly. BTW, Ogio and Smith both have awesome products and warranties.
I totally agree what horseshit!! I fell hard snowboarding because the foam fell apart and all the foam shavings got in my eyes!!! For two days I had the foam in my eyes!!! 100$ for yeah an awesome pair of goggles but if the foam comes off your screwed! I used them about 6 times.

Tampa, FL

#114 Mar 19, 2013
I have a of Oakley...not even a month after purchases and being extremely careful to clean them to there specs and using compressed air to remove the dust before cleaning, I have a scratch...I have emailed Oakley several times. I have never once got a responded from these arrogant assholes. They lost my business ...I hope they loose yours as well pair of glasses will be a pair of Costa del mars...great customer service and timely repairs and they actually stand behind the product they sell.

Newtownabbey, UK

#115 Apr 13, 2013
Same story here, customer service awful and i will never be using again. Good lenses, awful frames, awful customer service. Back to Ray Ban sunglasses for me and Smith for goggles

Winter Garden, FL

#116 May 3, 2013
None of you people take care of your items neither know how to maintain them. Most of you don't even know what you own! haha yeah it's funny, You expect to trash the hell out of your sunglasses and bring them in a store expecting the sales associate that's there to make magic and fix your shit please! they have rules they must follow just like every company.they don't have a choice of fixing it or not, they are just there to teach you about the product and the company, matter a fact most of you just want something that looks (cool)their glasses have a purpose they're used by many different athletes in many different sports. DO SOME RESEARCH ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY BEHIND THE LOOKS...plain simple, people are just used to the 'let me speak with the manager' and think they'll get some sort of discount or something. the company has a different owner witch has changed all warranty policies, again don't expect the workers in any store to bend the rules for you you're an idiot. That pretty much covers it use these steps right here, learn about the product, research other brands, see the benefits!? buy it, take care of it. Don't leave your sunglasses in the fucking dashboard of your car after the beach cuz that salt water will eat the shit out of your lenses. And ask questions they are in there for a reason some are new but some know more about Oakley than their actual boss.
Oaklys suck

Winnipeg, Canada

#117 Aug 5, 2013
I will never buy them again $275.00 for one year before they self distructed. Life lesson learned , but I feel the need to spread the work Oakley sucks!!!!!
Oakley Suxs

Kuching, Malaysia

#118 Sep 4, 2013
Had a Whiskers ... frame brown coating peels. Very poor quality for $200 ! My 10 year old Rayban remains perfect
Another angry customer

Killeen, TX

#119 Sep 4, 2013
Purchased a pair of oakley fast jackets xlj polarised from a oakley dealer in TX. Spent 298$ for these glasses only to have the switch lock mechanism break after 1.5 years. I use these for work and decided on the oakley brand because of all the good things through word of mouth i had heard as well as watching the o-lab videos on you tube about quality and durability. The oakley product is no longer superior. I did not abuse these glasses at all and they just did not hold up. I called the customer care rep at oakley to see what could be done about it. Maybe i could buy replacement parts. Nope, they want you(not required) to take pictures of whats broken on the glasses and send them in along with a questionare and receipt. The lady specifically said no warranty work is done but if found defective they would replace my frame for 50$. The simple statement of replace it not fix it tells me these products are not made here in the US. STAY AWAY FROM OAKLEY. Don't buy into the flashy marketing hype they have!

Since: Aug 13

Ardsley, NY

#120 Sep 11, 2013
If you want a heavy duty bag with a FOREVER warranty no questions asked check out red oxx!! Wicked heavy duty and good looking!!

Indianapolis, IN

#121 Jan 12, 2014
Take care of them and they last. Oakley is the best let nobody tell you different.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#123 Mar 4, 2014
kyle wrote:
Take care of them and they last. Oakley is the best let nobody tell you different.
What kind of baseless pointless comment is that? What do you have?
Even about 5 yrs ago, my friend warned me about Oakley sunglasses. He drives in his work in doing video for events coverage and the lens coatings were peeling and cracking from normal use. No impact or user related damage. The current products are even worse now.

Smithtown, NY

#124 Mar 13, 2014
Buyer Beware,
My wife bought an expensive pair of Oakley Sunglasses for my son who is a Marine and was overseas, Less than one month after he wore them one of the pins in the hinge came out and he couldn't wear them. We called Oakley Customer service and they told us to send them in, mind you they were only worn one month and they looked brand new. Customer service called and said that the lenses needed to be changed and the fames as well and it would be over $70.00. What a scam Oakley has going on. We said forget it. And one more thing is that when I first saw the sunglasses I was truly amazed how cheaply they were made. Never buying anything Oakley again. BUYER BEWARE....
Jim wrote:
I am informing everyone about a problem I have encountered with . In October 1997, I bought an Oakley backpack from a Oakley retailer, paying full price. Color black.
Back in April 2000, I had contacted Oakley that my backpack stitching was coming undone and color was fading away. Oakley customer services, said send us the backpack and we will fix it. They said the product was guaranteed for a lifetime. They fixed the pack and I was left feeling happy again after they fix it for me.
Now in November of 2006, I had a different issue with Oakley. This time when I called Oakley I said my backpack zippers were broken as they needed to be repaired,. Yet Oakley customer service said, we donít offer repair on our products, in fact they send they repair nothing. They only said we offer a 90 day warranty from the date of purchase, thatís all. Well I said to their customer service that they repaired the same backpack before 6 years ago and it was fixed, how can that be(?). As they had the information on their computer from April 2000, they fixed the bag but were denying it. I said I donít understand, I bought this backpack with a lifetime warranty and they said, noop, no warranty, we never had a warranty.
Well as expensive as Oakley is, how can they not offer a warranty on expensive luggage? This is considered camping outdoor equipment and they competitor who make the same products are guaranteed for life.

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