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Ever Been Ripped Off By a City or County Dept? In this case: HCPA Ron Turner

Created by tampa on Jul 29, 2012

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Clearwater, FL

#1 Jul 29, 2012
I caught the Hillsborough County Property Appraisers at a game they've been getting by with for a LONG LONG time.

In my case, although we've owned our home three generations we've fallen out of favor with Tampa/Hillsborough because when they sent their thugs to shove us aside and terrorize us we told them to go fuck themselves.

So then the city/county mafia got to work on us. I've saved the piles and reams of paperwork and even court appearances with witnesses, pricey attorneys and WINS in my favor including bogus and outright LIES of traffic tickets (thank you corrupt TPD under Pam never had a ticket in my life til she became mayor, a ticket never stuck even though at least 15 were written against me in her years running this clown dump)

Dog-catcher.(times four I think) Never stuck, was always lies.

Water dept: tried to bill us for peoples' bills who lived DOWN THE STREET. Yes, it's true. We started coming home to our hose running quietly in the backyard or waking up to it. Who knows how many gallons? Call the police. Yes. No thanks. You let those wily bastards and bitches in YOUR yard, they don't come in this one.

With all due respect to the few fine officers left on TPD. Then to the sheriff and there was also the time code enforcement (BUT MARK OBER SOMEHOW) chased us through the streets with lights and siren after a detective lurked THREE DAYS !!!! to give us a court notice for a code violation. No one else in the courtroom had received such treatment. The judge (dominguez)was exceedingly and laughably polite to critters you dno't see outside scarface (even his bailiffs laughed sorry but they did) and then I asked him ONE QUESTION I asked a fucking question and he started saying, "you'll go to jail". this was over a pile of mulch three inches (at one time you know how it is with mulch) too high at THE PEAK. THREE INCHES!!! My question was: "what's the deadline on this your Honor?" Because I had NO intention of moving it until my garden was ready for it. Screw him and screw them. I'm not working twice as hard just because crooked scum try try make me jump with crooked nasty rules they bend and twist. They'll EARN their fucking trinkets fucking with MY time which is so much more valuable and creative than what they have chosen for their own pathetic oily lives.

NOW... THREE YEARS LATER these dumbasses are back code-enforcing the exact same thing. EXACT SAME THING. The judge threw it out in 2009. And the code enforcer wants to run it up the flagpole again. That's cool with me because I like paperwork and videos of judges threatening to send me to jail by way of intimidating me out of MY HOME meantime the whole court room falls dead silent in shock.
Fuck HIM. I actually recognized him from my gym. So I never saw him at my gym again because I wanted to say ... HEY judgeee wudgeee !!!! Because he never had to threaten me with jail. It was a FUCKING QUESTION and he's a mean man.

BUT what I have discovered now is something much more C A R EE R criminal than even a judgeship.

The day before the code enforcer jack ass posted his notice right next to my lovely flowers on my brand new fence,(imagine this timing) came my notice from the appraisers that despite the fact there has been a homestead exemption on this home for DECADES DECADES I have driven it off the rails. No. I immediately went after them to determine the public records flaw I knew I would find.

Clearwater, FL

#2 Jul 29, 2012
It got big FAST !!!!!!

I have now determined that pretty much besides the obvious reasons of profit, the Property Appraiser seems to be selectively stripping homeowners of their exemption in order to blight and steal their property AND/OR market it as a large block of property with all the other homes on the block they have stripped homestead from for no reason OR for reason.

Because about a year ago I started tracking police calls for service to my hood. There were NONE. Then overnight they doubled but I noticed (research) that the reason they doubled was the addition of a business to our police grid (GRID THIS BROTHERS) which has a high rate of petit theft AND "building checks". Before that they were attempting to up the calls by visiting completely empty or empty bldg addresses where, let's face it, they were LYING. The same bldgs there for YEARS, all of a sudden here we go ... the big effort to blight they are convenient blanks.

But it still gets better.

I belong to a civil justice and property rights group (attorneys) which pointed out how cities go about creating "blight" in order to scam properties cheaply. THIS is exactly what Pam Iorio seemed to specialize in.

As well, it just gets BETTER:

The cops started calling in calls for juvenile curfew laws (WTF? never saw that one before) and it still got better ... they were going to EMPTY HOUSES. The yards had some toys strewn in the yard, always in the exact spot, two empty wheelchairs on the porch and NO PEOPLE. NO water service, no electric in some cases. Still, TWO OR THREE CALLS A night.

So I emailed the police records section and asked what the heck they were doing going to VACANT HOUSES????? That stopped ON THE DIME. I mean I'm watching these little plant-high spawned gangers break the windows of a house, call it in but that is not what police come out for. These gangsters are a long arm of the city.

So I kept tracking the police calls and they leaned really hard on the commercial address (which again was ADDED to our quiet grid probably because they already blighted aka commercialized it's prior grid) the vacant bldgs, pure MADE UP THINGS.

AND ONE ADDRESS they banged on over and over again, after I emailed the police. THIS was a juvenile call also .. sometimes between HE and one other "kid"s house there were EIGHT CALLS PER NITE. Highly odd. So I did a driveby, here's an obvious little ganger kid. NEVER AGAIN. After that, the car was there but it was obvious NO ONE was living there yet the police were still going on calls there two or three times a day or night. WTH is curfew?? The other address, too.

OKAY, there's still more. The houses belonged to a fireman and the lady who owns big cat rescue (hello sheriff and etc) totally dirty and corrupt.

There's STILL MORE and there's a lot more than what will be told on a topix board.

The cops gradually slithered back into the area around my home MY HOME not MY RENTAL PROPERTY despite the fact you tried to scare me out of there. And they use two different but always the consistent visits for domestic this or information that and they've added another commercial bldg or rather suddenly it has all kinds of alarm or problems. Yes. Sure.

Guess what? The same addresses used by the cops (EMPTY) to go on calls FOR NO REASON are also those listed to go before "the special magistrate" for code. WHICH BY THE WAY is where I was supposed to run into them and believe their lying tales about how they also got chased through the street. Isn't that IRONIC???


Clearwater, FL

#3 Jul 29, 2012
SOOOOO this time when I get to code court where remember I already paid an attorney who is well-known here and he had this matter dismissed. Three years later, back up again. Hang on.

WHEN I GET THERE .. in case I ask, there's this fake slew of people they've rounded up who will lie and say they were also chased through the streets over a code violation. I kept asking how that happened and no one could tell me. I recorded it all. Because I think whatever goddamn lame ass brain is in charge will be going on youtube very embarrassed. I mean who sits around thinking up stupid shit like this????

So, code is faux enforcing empty houses that the police are ALSO visiting (new on the list) even though no one lives in the house. How ironic.

But wait. It gets MORE ironic. We're back to the shady firemen again and he has sold ALL HIS HOLDINGS to beacon consulting group.

MY GUESS is in order to try to ABSOLVE HIMSELF of any connection to this. Because they've already BEEN CAUGHT. Isn't that interesting how he "just" sells them to FAMILIAR NAMES ON THE BEACON CONSULTING GROUP LLC NEW YORK and all of a sudden they become patrol issues, faux liars of the tale and also code issues despite the fact they've been in the same condition for YEARS.

Meantime, the code enforcer is blind until he gets to my house.

AND this huge scheme that the Property Appraiser is involved in is EASILY PROVEN and maybe Ronda Storms would be interested BOB BUDDY with your alligator face smile.

OOOOH it's good to be BACK ON TOP.

I've always liked it on top.

You people need to stop. You are making stupid fools of yourselves and you will end up in prison.

Or not because some of the other associated property owners are lawyers and judges and MORE FIREMEN and sheriffs. BUT WAIT..... one lawyer actually paid the tax deed for the house and then moved in the most disgusting sheriff's employee ON EARTH who also follows people around and tries to pull them over with a fake badge.

Can't imagine why an attorney ALSO INVOLVED WITH THE HOWARD JENKINS FAMILY would be INTERESTED IN ME. But I'm gonna by letting someone else decide.

Keep an eye on the property exemptions in your hood. These suits can stay tied up for YEARS AND YEARS keeping everyone in hell.


Meantime you enjoy fucking with my car, peanut heads.

Clearwater, FL

#5 Jul 29, 2012
For me, it is a very serious accusation to be called a liar and a tax cheat which is basically what is being done here.


I don't COMMIT any criminal acts and I pay my bills and taxes so they are forced to MAKE STUFF UP.

JUST TO HARASS ME and my family and attempt to terrorize and harass us from our home.

BUT, they can do this very conveniently for no reason and just not fight it at VAB.

In this fashion: They don't really want your homestead exemption they want to stealth market your property and blight it and sell it out from under you in a big secret deal.

This gives them from approximately June 25th til some time near the end of the year to leave your house appearing as though it is either rented or vacant but NOT a homestead.

In order to understand the importance of your homestead exemption you should merely google it and read and read. Many rights come with your homestead.

A person who can't even keep his dick in his pants at work should NOT be in charge of what I look like on paper.

I carefully built a life that is just where I want it. He is committing criminal enterprise and RICO activity is being committed with the cooperation of all these different city and county employees who have also damaged our property, stolen items, damaged my vehicle, broken our fence more times than I can remember, let our dog out into the street (locked the newly built gate after that) and vandalized the engine AND BODY of every car (five total or more) I have ever parked at our home.

They try to isolate you by vandalizing the cars of anyone who visits you or leaves their car at your dwelling.

But now they have been well and truly caught.

My Grandpa had a saying or two.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Give em enough rope to hang themselves.

Voila.... enjoy dangling by your britches, bitches.

Clearwater, FL

#6 Jul 29, 2012
A person who can't even keep his dick in his pants at work should NOT be in charge of what I look like on paper.

I really LIKE that sentence.

Clearwater, FL

#7 Jul 29, 2012
Local News online for Brevard County brought to you by:
Nippon Thai (Dining)
FDLE agents raid Brevard County property appraiser Jim Ford's office
Rating: 3.57 / 5 (54 votes) ShareThis
Posted: 2007 Apr 27 - 00:29
By Darrell Johnson

Staff writer

Agents with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement served a search warrant at Brevard County property appraiser Jim Ford's office last week.

They then went to a nearby storage area, seizing five boxes of documents and correspondence.

Susie Murphy, a spokeswoman with the FDLE office in Orlando, said, "It's an active investigation. I can't say anything until we have something."

Ms. Murphy also said the agency had received a complaint but declined to talk about the significance of the boxes and their contents.

Mr. Ford said he thinks any allegations against him or his office are politically motivated and added that he welcomes any investigation.

"It may have been a disgruntled former employee, or maybe even a disgruntled current employee," Mr. Ford said.

"Someone made allegations that values have been reduced to reduce people's taxes for (campaign fund) contributors. We reduce values for thousands of people when errors are determined to exist," he said.

Mr. Ford went on to explain that Florida statute says when someone gets a value notice, they can call the property appraiser to ask questions or raise concerns.

A value notice is a document that lists the appraised value of a piece of property, any tax discounts - such as homestead exemptions - that apply and the total taxable amount.

"If anything is wrong, we'd like to know," Mr. Ford said. "If a friend found something was not right, and if it was true, I'd fix it no matter who they were."

Ms. Murphy would not specify whether the investigation had anything to do with offering benefits to campaign contributors.

The boxes that were confiscated by FDLE all had labels referring to assistant property appraiser Lance Larson.

"Mr. Larson has requested that all questions be referred to Mr. Ford," Mr. Larson's receptionist said.

Mr. Ford said he does not know why FDLE targeted those specific boxes.

He said many variables exist in the tax appraisal process.

The law caps assessment increases for tax purposes at 3 percent a year, he said, but when the home sells, the cap "goes away."

Taxes are then based on the new market value, Mr. Ford said.

Clearwater, FL

#8 Jul 29, 2012
You think this stokes thief is any relation to our own Curtis Stokes??
That Curtis of ours here in tampa sure seemed to have the inside track to PROPERTIES TO BUY JUST LIKE CHANDRA FOREMAN who is also involved in a national transportation board

There they both are snapping up properties beside the interstate. You know????

Wonder where old curtis and old chandra know each other from she a big city girl and all.

FDLE launches investigation into Collier Property Appraiser's office
Posted May 25, 2012 at 7:30 a.m.
Consultant report on Berkshire Commons appraisal
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement opened a criminal investigation two weeks ago into the Collier County Property Appraiser's office after allegations that officials were improperly devaluing properties.

Collier County Commissioner Georgia Hiller asked for a similar investigation on Wednesday.

An FDLE spokeswoman wouldn't confirm which appraisals were being investigated, but a Collier County Sheriff's Office email indicated the case stemmed from the valuation of an East Naples property once appraised for $3.4 million that is now valued at $237.

FDLE opened the criminal investigation of the Property Appraiser after a citizen complaint was received and reviewed by its agents, FDLE spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger said.

"It's an open investigation, so we're pretty limited in what we can say," Plessinger said.

The Property Appraiser's office has been scrutinized after a dramatic drop in the valuation of a Berkshire Commons parking lot, located near the corner of Santa Barbara Boulevard and Radio Road. The lot was appraised at $3.4 million in 2008,$3 million in 2009 and $1.3 million in 2010, then dropped to $237 in 2011.

Chief Deputy Appraiser Julian Stokes said the property had been improperly appraised in years past and that the lot has no market value — a finding backed by Property Appraiser Abe Skinner and outside lawyers contacted by the office. An independent consultant hired by the Daily News reviewed Stokes' appraisal process and called it "a reasonable approach."

But Kevin Lilly, who is running against Skinner this year, has said the lot should be appraised much higher and the case should have gone to the Value Adjustment Board.

Efforts to reach Skinner on Thursday were unsuccessful.

On Wednesday, Hiller called for the State Attorney's Office or Collier County Sheriff's Office to investigate, citing a mid-April article by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune about Stokes and the Berkshire Commons property. It was later learned that FDLE officials already were on the case.

© 2012 Naples Daily News. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

United States

#9 Jul 31, 2012
In case it wasn't obvious Judge Dominguez' buddies and riff raff purposefully had me called downtown to hear that threat. Do you have any idea the length they went to in order to perform such a web of a criminal conspiracy and act to threaten me?

In the past they would satisfy themselves with putting my name and "cell" on an auto tag and slithering by or every time I'd enter the interstate one of thei JJ vans would be right there OR better yet the Tampa Police crime scene vans. What a bunch of lunatics. Inbreds and lunatics.

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