Menifee- will it take a turn for the ...

Covina, CA

#43 May 20, 2011
Are we in 2011 or 1960 or something? I'm in awe. My husband and I are contemplating moving to Menifee. I'm hispanic and my husband is white, anyway not even important. We are both medical professionals and save lives on a daily basis not caring about the persons race. We absolutely fell in love with your community and encountered nice people where ever we went and all were different races. We chose Menifee for its beauty and family oriented town and it's affordability. We chose to live life than to live to pay a mortgage payment and Menifee seems to be the place to raise a family at a reasonable price. We understand we are in tough economic times, thus, bringing tensions among one another, therefore, tendencies to pointing the finger to certain people. This is definately a class struggle. We are in tough times and must stick together people! Ignorance has not steered me away from moving to Menifee. Looking forward to contributing to the Menifee community.

Menifee, CA

#44 Aug 18, 2011
wendy wrote:
I think she's talking about white girls..."THE WHITE PEOPLE ARE THE NEW MINORITY so stop calling non-whites minorities". LMAO
Yeah I did contradict myself, I was trying to be sarcastic

Menifee, CA

#45 Aug 18, 2011
The male employers I've encounered at the stores in the Marketplace (Famous Footwear, Best Buy, Radio Shack) have been snobby and rude to me, I guess I'm not pretty enough to fit in. Give me a break where do they think you are?

Menifee, CA

#46 Aug 18, 2011
wendy wrote:
I think she's talking about white girls..."THE WHITE PEOPLE ARE THE NEW MINORITY so stop calling non-whites minorities". LMAO
Is this Sofie's Wendy?
Goin back to Cali

Glendale, AZ

#47 Dec 18, 2011
Can I get a straight answer without people making their Hipster Socio-Political stand here. I am a high school teacher who is currently living in Surprise AZ (a very nice bedroom/family community). I am originally from So-Cal and my wife wants to move back; SW riverside county is one of the top spots on my list.
My wife stays home with the kids, hence $$ is an issue, so Menifee looks like a good's what I need to know.

1) Gang situation, is it limited? Yeah I've read the excuses there are gangs everywhere (not really where I live now though). I've lived in the ghetto not wanting my kids to be there, how bad is it? PS I'm Mexican so save your race bating.

2) Neighborhoods, good and bad (specifically). I don't want to move to place only to find my neighbor leaving coors lites in the street and playing music til 3am.

3) Shopping Amenities- are there gas stations that are in spots NOT just off the FWY (specifically E of 215) groceries too?

Can I find what I want in Menifee or do I need to look elsewhere (Wildomar, Temecula, Murietta)

Temecula, CA

#48 Dec 19, 2011
I dont think Menifee is a bad place, but its got some problems. It borders Perris, which has a lot of gangs and crime, so it bleeds over to Menifee. They have enough amenities for most people, no mall though. It also has a large senior citizen population. I think Murrieta or Temecula might be more like Suprise, the homes are a little more expensive, but they have great schools and all the amenities you would need. Temecula was ranked the 2nd safest city and Murrieta was 4th in the nation according to a recent poll. You really need to visit and take a tour of all the surrounding citys, you could do this in a few hours and get a better feeling of the place.

Redlands, CA

#49 Dec 19, 2011
Murrieta and Temecula are very nice and have plenty of amenities, along with the crowd and traffic. Menifee is still trying to grow somewhat into a mixture of open land and homes plus trying to build shops, restaurants and business'. The traffic is growing since the community is growing and the infrastructure still needs to grow with the city so getting around sometimes gets frustrating. There are plenty of nice areas in and around Menifee...gated or open. It still has it's problems with growing pains. The gas station situation E of the 215 is still a problem..few and far between...pretty much near the off ramps of Scott, Newport or Macall remember thats E of the 215...there are plenty more W of the 215.In any case I moved here 6 years ago to get away from the crowds and traffic and found a home in a gated community that seemed to fit our needs. Have to travel quite a bit to see friends but when I do the traffic here seems very minor compared to where I came from. As far as gangs, I'm sure there here, as I said we live in a gated community so I don't see as much as others might see. I used to live in OC near the beach and had bigger gang problems there than I've seen here.

If your planning on buying and really concered I would first rent. Murrieta and Temecula are a little more expensive since they are more established but you can find homes without mello roos or HOAs that would off set the payments. We over paid for this home since we purchased near the peak before the bust but we still enjoy our home. Anyway I chose Menifee before it became a City and hope it becomes the City I dream it could be.
Proud Black Man

Long Beach, CA

#50 Mar 31, 2012
I moved my family here 8 yrs. ago sold my sd home after I retired from the Navy.. I have the right to live anywhere in this country.. So keep the racist comments to yourself.. All blacks and mexicans are not bad.. Grew up in Ingleood Ca. both of my parents worked hard we stayed away from gangs.

Los Angeles, CA

#51 Apr 2, 2012
I understand comments on both ends actually. I grew up in a neighborhood in Los Angeles; it was a beautiful community. In time, people of color moved in, all the whites eventually left, and I hate to say it, but the neighborhood became horrible and scary. No one taught me to be racist in my family, however, I have formed my own decisions by what I have encountered in my life. I have met good and bad people from all races and nationalities, however, I understand how these bad experiences remain in a person's perception of a certain race. They left impressions on me as a young teen ager.

Los Angeles, CA

#52 Apr 2, 2012
BTW I lived in Menifee for a few years, so I know the community pretty well.

Temecula, CA

#53 Apr 5, 2012
Menifee is the next Moreno Valley.

Oceanside, CA

#54 Apr 8, 2012
I love Menifee Everything about it I am a Marine currently deployed my wife is Japanese And I read this whole thread I laughed and shook my head at some of the remarks I am black no not in a gang I just want the best for my family and Menifee is providing that. I love everyone in the communitie My kids play with EVERYONE. Menifee schools arent bad there is great shopping and great resturants (the new steak house) If there were a Movie theater it would be even better I drink at the local pubs I interact with everyone and have never had a problem my neighbors are very friendly and I watch out for them and their family as they watch for mines so is Menifee going downhill? My answer is no Menifee is becoming a great City I am from Buffalo NY and I have seen the worst. So to cut this short anyone looking to move to menifee should it's a great town that is growing (EVERY CITY HAS THAT 10% OF PEOPLE THAT ARE TERRIBLE EITHER GANG BANGERS OR RACIST JERKS MENIFEE HAS ONLY 8%) I LOVE THIS TOWN!

Los Angeles, CA

#55 Apr 21, 2012
Proud Black Man wrote:
I moved my family here 8 yrs. ago sold my sd home after I retired from the Navy.. I have the right to live anywhere in this country.. So keep the racist comments to yourself.. All blacks and mexicans are not bad.. Grew up in Ingleood Ca. both of my parents worked hard we stayed away from gangs.
Where is Ingleoood Ca.?

Hacienda Heights, CA

#56 Apr 21, 2012
Banjo wrote:
<quoted text> Where is Ingleoood Ca.?
In the South Bay...about 15 min. South of LAX via freeway, about a half hour East of the beach depending on traffic. I grew up in Gardena about 15 min. East of Inglwood...back in the 60's it was a very intigrated community with a very good school system. The community started down hill around the late 70's and the school system took a nose dive. I raised our kids in Huntington Beach cause I couldn't see sending them through the LA school system if I could help it. Even in Huntington Beach there are problems in the community...all races. Kids got a great education, graduated from college and started their lives....we then moved to Menifee after I retired....wanted to get away from the stress of where we lived. So far so good other than the periodic commute to visit friends.....

United States

#57 Apr 30, 2012
Colored people do not belong in white cities mexican gang bangn trash thug life go bak to mexico white people would like to breathe ur like cockroach infestation multiply n shit on everything u come to white towns to try n get in on are lifestyle clean ur not so back off I dont want to raise a child n lttle.mexico im white n ya there are white people u stare talk shit n we know it u dont like us we dont like u they make borders for a reason we dont want u over here but u to stupid to understand that

Temecula, CA

#58 Apr 30, 2012
Don't move to Methafee. Its going to be another Moreno Valley or Perris. I lived there for many years, too much crime, home prices are so low, gangs are moving in. Moved to Murrieta, now the crime is spreading here too. Im getting out of California soon. Jerry Brown loves illegal aliens and is turning So cal into Mexico. Methafee is full of illegals, gangs, meth heads, and too much dirt. If you do live there, pick a gated community to keep the gangs out.
Wish Menifee was nuked

Chino, CA

#59 May 7, 2012
I hope you wont be dying someday, and needing a black or hispanic to save your life.... Because I hope they look down at you, laugh, and walk away!
Wish Menifee was nuked

Chino, CA

#60 May 7, 2012
More likely Indian, Asian, or White doctors.
Wish Menifee was nuked

Temecula, CA

#61 May 8, 2012
If you were dying of thirst, I would piss in your mouth. See I can be nice.
educated hispanic

Los Angeles, CA

#62 May 15, 2012
sandwich wrote:
I think Crimehater is brilliant and 100% correct about minorities in our town. Everybody should be lily-white; blacks & Mexicans have absolutely no right to live in this city. As a matter of fact I encourage him to start a petition with Mayor Wallace Edgerton to ban ALL "colored people" within the city limits. We'll also have to contact the Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (just to make it equal for white folks). CrimeHater, I like the way you think and don't forget to send me an invitation to the next KKK meeting, or any other type of minority hate-fest. I'll bring the chips and soda, it sounds like fun.
You sound like an ignorant person. Not every person of tinted skin poses a threat to your family or neighborhood. I find it insulting. Im a second generation Mexican American with university education and you should be focused on the persons income not race to base judgments on. Remember there is also white trash in this world and currently you are landing on that category because of your racism!

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