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Corona, CA

#299 Jan 17, 2011
ThG wrote:
<quoted text>
And, no! cops dont protect each other, they tell the truth, even when it goes against another.
You just lost any credibility you may have had with that.

San Diego, CA

#300 Feb 13, 2011
Surly this is written by one of our valued "peace" officers deputy whater... Our country has the most violent Police in the world...They scare me and I am not nor have I ever been a criminal...
Leashed or not wrote:
Was the dog leashed? If I had a Pit Bull running towards me, I'm afraid I would have done the same. Also, it's Deputy not officer - Temecula does not have its own police department, it subcontracts with RSO.

Murrieta, CA

#301 May 13, 2011
Serpico wrote:
<quoted text>
You just lost any credibility you may have had with that.
Not really; Real cops dont protect the guilty, only the innocent and vulnerable. If you are not in the mix then you really dont know, do you?

Murrieta, CA

#302 May 13, 2011
How bout an update? Come on,,, what happened with the civil lawsuit? crickets, chirp, chirp?

Sorry, but I have to, "told ya so!!!"

I knew it wouldnt go anywhere because the cop was legal and justified in shooting the dog.

And, I will bet that by now the son is back in prison!

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

#303 May 19, 2011
Nonsense wrote:
I have followed the story of Dakota extensively.
I have alot of questions that even the Chief of Police Andre O Harra doesn't seem to be able to answer.
Why was Officer Kuhn there? What made him make a u turn to question anyone sitting in the front yard on private property?
Wasnt Officer Kuhn ever trained to use pepper spray if he supposedly knew of this owners "vicious dogs"
Why wasn't the owner allowed to put Dakota back into the house INSTEAD OF USING AN ANIMAL AS TARGET PRACTICE IN FRONT OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD.
Even guard dogs are allowed to guard ones property.
Officer Kuhn is trained to protect and serve. If he was so afraid of a 40 something pound dog how can he really believe he is profient enough to protect the community against the REAL CRIMINALS.
It also must be noted that Officer Kuhn had met Dakota and actually handled her 2 months prior to her shooting.
Was he really "afraid"?
I highly doubt someone who is trained to break down doors and climb thru windowns of felons and gangs would fear a 40ish pound dog.
If you had been following up on the case so "extensively", then you would know that the officer was completely justified.
To answer your first question, the dirtbag he was questioning was a heroine addict and had a history of using and selling. The dirtbag was on parole so he had every right to be there.
To answer your next question, yes he was trained to use pepper spray on vicious dogs. But you must understand that a majority of the time that it is used on the dogs, it just aggravates them even more, so the officer did what he needed to in order to neutralize the threat.
Also the officer warned the owner several times to get control of the dog. It even says that on the petition site.
And the dog was well over 40 pounds, it was between 60-80, and it was an aggressive breed. So if you think it is smart to try and restrain an aggressive dog with your hands, you've never dealt with one.

Clarksville, TN

#304 May 20, 2011
return the favor the cop gave the dog......

United States

#305 Jul 7, 2011
I have read about this case. There were plenty of witnesses, not just the family, that say that the dog was just standing there. The cops had no warrant or reason for being on the property. The officer shot this dog FIVE times! He kept shooting even as she ran AWAY from him screaming in pain!

The dog has a right to stand in his own house without being shot and killed. The people posting negative comments obviously know nothing about animals or the rights of people.

If this was my dog, I'd be suing the pants off this guy.

United States

#306 Jul 7, 2011
Oh and by the way, cops aren't just killing pit bulls. I've been reading about a lot of cases. Labs, a corgi, even a five pound toy dog was shot! Now why is it that other people like mail men and firemen who also deal with the public and their property regularly can deal with dogs without killing them when the police don't? Mail men are only armed with pepper spray for pity's sake!

There was even a case where a cop shot a five month old kitten who was trapped in a cage! And all these cops claim they were "justified" right. Then why are so many pet owners suing and winning? Why does VIDEO EVIDENCE show they are lying?

Two of the dogs were even shot in the BACK, yet they were charging forward and attacking? Right.

The truth is a lot of these officers didn't have kids as pets and are uncomfortable around them as adults. This has been researched.

Oakland finally is teaching their cops how to deal with pets... after hearing that another city had to pay out $700,000 in lawsuits. So all I can say is keep suing, because they only care about losing money, not our faith and trust in them.

It's sickening and sad.

Cleveland, OH

#307 Jul 12, 2011
PottyMouth wrote:
<quoted text>
Yea yea yea. Like there is such thing as a responsible pitbull owner. Just a bunch of punks thugs and wanta bees. The experts say leave raising pitbulls to professional trainers. Too bad most professionals wish to stay away from them. The exception being attack dog trainers.
I own a pitbull,and I'm responsible. My grandmother owns a pitbull,she's responsible. You're a know it all piece of shit. Most of our police forces are nothing but thugs themselves. I've seen them "investigate" shootings,like playing with night vision goggles as they let the man that just shot up two houses with an ak47 walk away. I've had a police officer pull his gun right after he saw my dog sitting behind our steel security door.Not barking.Just,sitting.I hope you get mauled by a lab.Oh,the cop was also trespassing.Private property signs,and beware of dog signs.Asshole.

Houston, TX

#308 Jul 13, 2011
Most so called Police Officers are cowards and afraid of their own shadows. All of them are
"Sworn to uphold the Laws" They think "They are the Law" and whatever they say or do is Okay because they have a shield and a gun.
How many Police Officers have you know that has really helped people? When they are in a chase or pursuit their Adrenalin kicks in then they are like
wolves on a hunt. Look at some of the Police videos where they have beat up cuffed blacks, Mexicans,or whites laying on the ground that have already given up. Still while they are kicking them or hitting them they have the audacity to holler, "QUIT RESISTING, QUIT RESISTING"." I have known many a cop, most are chasing skirts, because they wear the badge. many are losers and become alcoholics. The ones that hate their jobs, take an early "OUT" after 10 years claiming they hurt their back, so they can get a partial retirement check every month. In a Court of Law they will
lie to protect their fellow officers or themselves or to make stand a conviction, so they can send an innocent person to jail. Yes they will Swear Upon A Bible.

A Police Officer QUITTER (because of all the Liars)
Sue Hym

Van Nuys, CA

#310 Nov 19, 2011
Sue the COP, and the County who employs such a OVER REACTING TRIGGER HAPPY COP!!
Two cops, one dog, three owners.
Born Local

Temecula, CA

#311 Nov 19, 2011
witness wrote:
Yes this was off of cosmic and north star court in starlight ridge.
Not only did he fire 5 rounds at the Champion show dog he did it while the owner and her son were within 10 feet of the rounds.
Where is the media? Why did officer Kuhn yell don't move when they attempted to get their dog in the house? So he can murder her right in front of the neighborhood?
Deputy Kuhn and Deputy Hamilton are both Known for thier courageous stupidity, Sheriff sniff puts a badge and a gun on an ass and it quickly grows a whole!
Well Wisher

Van Nuys, CA

#312 Mar 30, 2013
glad to see the owner is suing this county and that ignorant cop too.
That cop should be accountable just like any other human being would have.
I hope they WIN!!!
Well Wisher

Van Nuys, CA

#313 Mar 30, 2013

The family is suing the County of Riverside and Jon Kuhn.

We hate to tell YOU idiot,


United States

#314 Apr 3, 2013
Karen wrote:
Sept 11 2009
Officer Kuhn has taken it upon himself to invade private property where he had no offical business being, he was not dispatched to the location.
Officer Kuhn took it upon himself to open fire with FIVE ROUNDS, three which struck and killed a champion show dog that was not showing any signs of aggression. This was an act of rage and an overkill.
The dog was under total control and supervision of her owner.
Officer Kuhn's defense will be that he felt his life was in danger, I'm sure. That is his easy way out.
TRUTH Is that officer Kuhn is an unstable police officer that murdered a prized show dog which was well socialized with people but more importantly she was a beloved family member.
Where is the media in a situation such as this, a Pit Bull Attack.. Media frenzy. Where is it?
I called a officers to my residence to keep the peace with an Idiot neighbor and he took this stance and held his weapon thinking I was going to touch him.He freaked out I am not kidding.This overweight Boy obviously had many Deep issues.Arent we suppose to trust these people?Never will I call these people again.I guess I interrupted his Donut break.What a waste of time.Trigger happy force.I am sorry for the loss of this pet.This is why I trust my pets more then people!

Thompson, CT

#315 Aug 15, 2013
YOU are a pathetic cop lover.
Seriously wrote:
<quoted text>
I am only aware of the basic story regarding the fireman, but either way, no one should have to be bitten by another person's dog. If a dog acts vicious, every person has the right to defend themselves and PREVENT an injury.
The cop that shot Dakota felt he was about to be bit by a dog he felt was vicious. Several of Dakota's neighbors were scared of the dog due to it's aggressive behavior and the owners denial of reality. Cops carry guns to protect the public and themselves. It sounds like this cop was well within his rights to shoot Dakota. If the owner wants to blame anyone for this untimely death, she should look at whomever allowed Dakota to come out of the house.
I have reviewed the incidents from Animal Control and they have clearly identified Dakota and her owner as being continuous problems. Unfortunately the politicians in the city failed to support AC's recommendation to remove the dog from the owner.
I have dogs and no matter who you look at it, this incident, and most other incidents where a cops shoots a dog, fall back on the owner and their lack of being responsible dog owners.

San Jose, CA

#316 Sep 27, 2013
It is very sad that Dakota was shot and killed by a police officer, on duty, off duty, in uniform or undercover, I don't know the details so I am not going to judge any party involved. But I do know as a pit bull owner myself we have certain extra responsibly and precautions we must take to prevent unfortunate circumstances that can fuel the negative image of our breed. That being said, my pit bull is training with law enforcement and search and rescue. He has a canine good citizen cert and is used in training to train other dogs with dog aggression out of it since he has NO aggression issues at all. (His housemate is even a cat). Yet when anyone comes to my home I put him in his crate in my house until I choose to properly introduce him. I also never take him to dog parks where he can be attacked by another dog and blamed. And I never leave him unattended with my children. My kids are rough like most kids so I do not put him in a situation where my kids could get rough playing with him an he could accidentally hurt them. You just can't set this breed up for failure.

Chino, CA

#317 Oct 1, 2013
Officer Kuhn has now been suspended pending rape accusations against him. This after other incidents where he was supposedly removed from the Drug enforcement unit for other violations and behavior. Of course this has all been conveniently kept from the public. If action was taken back in 2009, would that alleged rape have happened? I believe this man to be an evil person. If he is found guilty of rape, and God willing he will, all those who have had cases involving him can now seek to have them over turned. I hope the charges also help Dakota's owners with their lawsuit.

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