Two charged with gang activity as pol...

Two charged with gang activity as police target group calling itself 'D-Boys'

There are 80 comments on the Perry County News story from Feb 27, 2008, titled Two charged with gang activity as police target group calling itself 'D-Boys'. In it, Perry County News reports that:

“We're taking this incident and the reports of drug activity very seriously and we're going to investigate every piece of information and lead given to us”

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Santa Claus, IN

#1 Feb 28, 2008
Why can't everyone just get along. I think that the POLICE should just leave the D Boys alone and the shit would stop. They do start alot of trouble and they don't follow the rules but rules are meant to be broken and if the D Boys were not here they couldn't be broken. The D Boys are actully keeping other gangs and violence out by kicking their ass first. They are just representing their hood.

Santa Claus, IN

#2 Feb 28, 2008
Im down wit da D Boys 4-life

Paducah, KY

#3 Feb 28, 2008
yeah i was deffientley there when this happened...and since Zeke lied to the police about all this i'm gonna have to say the d-boys had the right to do so.

Eddyville, KY

#4 Feb 28, 2008
ok..The ky kids def lied to the cops. Since that zeke kid pulled a knife on Risse then he definitely had the right to defend himself. The cops just think that the d-boys are a bunch of bad kids. They arent. They are all my friends. Im not one but they never do anything wrong and it was definitely self defense. Come on, what would you do if someone pulled a knife on you for absolutely no reason. And the Ky kids are the ones that came into Tell City looking for trouble. They called the d-boys and said hey we're at the pool get down i think that they were asking for it. The police just need to leave the d-boys alone and stop trying to make this huge 'gang' thing out of a fight. Which was between 2 people. Jp pushed the guy for getting in his face. If someone was in my face i would get them out too. They are just standing their grounds. Standing up for themselves. Dotn let people walk on you guys. I love you guys...Muah meow <3

Eddyville, KY

#5 Feb 28, 2008
i <3 a d-boy
Jerry Marshal

Santa Claus, IN

#6 Feb 28, 2008
I just thought that i would stop bye and leave a comment bout this but i do belive that the police are taking this a little bit to far well im thinking that cause you know that they are probably just wanting something exciting to happen around Tell City and everything but we all know that when people go to the pool and stuff that they see the D-Boys there and they start mouthing them adn makeing fun of their names and stuff so thats probably what makes them so mad... but the D in D-boys does not stand for Drugs and deffinatly dont stand for Daviss County... it is just out of a song that they thought sounded good and everything...but i have seen a fight happen down there before and and this kid said that he wanted to fight so they got all ready and fought and then teh kid taht wanted to figth called that cops and said that he got jumped and another time was when a bunch of people put rebal flags on their vehicles adn drove around the D-Boys and stuff adn they knew that the they didnt like that so they started mouthin all them downt there and they got thier butt kicked and Gary had the right to beat taht kid up cause he pulled a wepon out on him and he was basicaly defending him self...D-boys isnt a gang is it jus a grounp of kids that wanna be called sumthing not any gang where they go around beatin kids up casue the fun of it
yea this is tooooo farr

Santa Claus, IN

#7 Feb 28, 2008
i belive that this is going way to far and as far as the dounuts and stuff that happen downt ehr enad the hot rodding u should look into talked to ppl like joe conrad or arron harper and ppl from PC cause they go down tehre and do that to piss people off from TC and its all gay i do belive that Gary had every right to defend him self cause that kid pulled a knife on him wut would u do in a case like that stand there adn get stabbed i think not and JP was jus gettin that punk outta his face casue he was all up in it mouthin him he jus pushed him away i do not think that he was gonna him hit casue he dont wanna get put in jail casue he has a kid on the way that he would like to take care of if u police and ppl would jus leave him alone he is tryin to stay outta trouble so jus leave him alone and he wont do anything evey firght has been started by someone else not them.... i think that u would push someone outta ur face too if they were all up in it so yea but its all good now they are outnow so peace!!!!

United States

#8 Feb 28, 2008
So... i agree with Lips. I say that if you go somewhere other than your hometown and you mouth people from that other town/city then you are just askin for everyone from that town/city to do something about it.
im pretty sure that if some bitch or even a guy got in my face i would definitely push them out of it.
also, if someone pulled a knife on me like that guy did to gary then i would definitely have to whoop some ass.
i know how the police can consider them a gang but they dont do anything to start shit with other people. if that was the case then they would go else where to fight but they stay in there own hometown and try to have fun without any bull shit and what do they get? thrown in jail for something someone else started and they finished.
if that guy wasnt askin for trouble then he shouldnt have pulled the knife on jp and gary. thats how i see it.
The D in D-boys doesnt stand for drugs or dope just so everyone knows, it stands for their friends from Davis County Ky (the obky-boys) and yes they also go it from a rap song so if they are getting in trouble for a song they like and people they are friends with from ky then thats definitely BULL SHIT!
If i was in charge the kid with the knife would be going to jail or even prison. i would consider what jp and gary did selfdefence but NO!!! everyone else is FUCKIN STUPID and cant see that.
yea im friends with most of the "d-boys and d-girls" but what the fuck...who cares...they are good people. if you fuck with them then your most likely going to get fucked in return. its just bull shit that the kid came from across the RIVER!!! to a different state to start shit and what does he get??? NOTHING!!! because hes a puss and cant handle what he gets for pullin a knife on someone that was able to kick his ass.
i say that if there is going to be a fight there should definitely NOT be weapons involved. dont be a puss and just stand up for yourself.
if you get your ass beat then thats just one person you cant beat. but thats what i think in a nut shell and if your going to lie about something at least try to be a good lier.

United States

#9 Feb 28, 2008
im definitely not from cincinnati, oh
im from TELL CITY INDIANA!!!!!

Lewisport, KY

#13 Feb 29, 2008

Lewisport, KY

#15 Feb 29, 2008
thier is no hood in tell city. They all live in suburbs. everyone just needs to stop acting like idiots.

Utica, KY

#16 Feb 29, 2008
i work in tell city

everyone whos not a D-boy

hates the D-boys

just grow up and start acting like adults.

and no keith, your not gonna "get paid"
put some ds on dat

Utica, KY

#17 Feb 29, 2008
i hope the bloods and crypts in Owensboro and Evansville knock you flat
grow up.
D-boys burn in hell

Utica, KY

#18 Feb 29, 2008
stands for Dicklicker boy
tc citizen

Huntingburg, IN

#20 Feb 29, 2008
This is ridiculous! I don't care it was "self defense". These children, because that's what they are, need to realize that younger children are going to look up to them. That isn't exactly the way I would want my son to behave. At their age, they should stop this crazy behavior and be role models for younger children. Gangs are only for people who feel like they need to excepted. There are other ways to be excepted in this world. Try doing something possitve and productive. D-boys, I think you all just need a hug or something.
tc citizen

Tell City, IN

#21 Feb 29, 2008
I forgot to mention one thing. I don't know if you d boys have realized that you are WHITE not black so quit using the n word it makes you sound ridiculous! Real thugs would have some fun with the d boys. Just what part of Perry County is ghetto?
Gangs R Stupid

Owensboro, KY

#22 Feb 29, 2008
pshh i didn't especially love zeke, but I like the D-boys even less. I doub't zeke can be any bigger than he used to be, you couldnt have been to scared. If you were you still should have dried the piss coming down your leg and called the 5-0. Thats what the law says for everyone to do, homosexeuals included.
Gangs R Stupid

Owensboro, KY

#23 Feb 29, 2008
pshh i didn't especially love zeke, but I like the D-boys even less. I doub't zeke can be any bigger than he used to be, you couldnt have been too scared.
If you were; you still should have dried the pee coming down your leg and called the 5-0. Thats what the law says for everyone to do, homosexeuals included.

Kingston Springs, TN

#24 Feb 29, 2008
what took the law so long to arrest these thugs? they have been asking for this for over a year. they make our town look bad. hurt business, and are a dark spot on our community.
former gang member

Saint Meinrad, IN

#25 Mar 2, 2008
Reading all these comments I think I have a general idea what happend... one pu**y pulled a knife and 2 pu**ies beat his a$$ right?.. so what should have happend is the knife pullin pu**y should have never pulled it out and one of the other 2 pu**ies should have beat his a$$.. The only "gang" in Tell city is the so called D Boys.. I have heard alot about these dudes.. and I know a few of em.. gettin your dad to fight for ya.. not a gang thing... 2 or more people to beat up someone younger or smaller... not a gang thing.. it just means you cannot fight for yourself.. throwin up colors from not one but two other gangs that actulally are well known.. askin for alot of trouble.. bein an idiot and throwin up "blood" in a picture that I now have... Suicide.. If the other day/week was self defense.. whatever, you did what you had to do.. if not.. you all are still some pu**ies.. if you are just "runnin these streets" from your momma's house to your friends house.. ok.. but 12-19 year old pu**ies are not tellin me what I'm gonna do or not gonna do.. and no these streets ain't hot and your not gonna get paid or put a cap in my a$$ or some other gay sh*t like that.. if you all think your a gang, you the laughing stock of TC.. That's not what a gang is supposed to be about.. Let's see how the D boys react under some pressure from MORE outsiders.

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