Southwest Virginia Regional Jail in T...

Port Republic, VA

#43 Sep 1, 2009
It's funny how some people on here don't care to throw somebody under the bus, and especially when you don't know who the hell you are even talking about!
The Bass Man

Tazewell, VA

#44 Oct 18, 2009
You can all say whatever you want about Tazewell. No town is the same for any two people. However, here the air is clean, the pace is slow, the people are laid back and friendly, the seasons change, and the meaning of life has meaning. This is my home and I love every good thing that it brings. If you don't like Tazewell then why would you come back like I did so many times?

North Tazewell, VA

#45 Oct 25, 2009
almost half of the police at this jail has had their wives cheat on them with a fellow officer

United States

#46 Oct 26, 2009
Khrystalynne wrote:
I am not a convict...I am just a person liiking for a place to transfer to so I can be closer to home! Sorry if I offended you in asking....geeessshhhh!
<quoted text>
For the most part it would be a decent place. Just depends on each individual... ya know? I hope you don't listen to those who are bad mouthing Tazewell. Don't get me wrong, we have problems, but I've never had a body guard while i'm pumping my gas, there are no anti-aircraft artillery and for the most part, people are friendly...

North Tazewell, VA

#47 Oct 26, 2009
no u just gotta worry about people talking krap about u and putting everything u do under a microscope

Reno, NV

#48 Mar 5, 2010
outofstateRN wrote:
Just wondering what kind of reputation Tazewell Jail has....I live in GA and am moving back to Tazewell County...have been in corrections for a bit and am looking for a place to transfer whadda you all think of the place? Is it a good place to work?
Tazewell is one of four facilities of the Southwest VA Regional Jail Authority (SWVRJA). The three others are Abingdon, Haysi, and Duffield. The main office is Meadowview VA.

The SWVRJA was created to consolidate all of the smaller city and county jails into a single entity. The Sheriffs of each County and other local officials serve as the governing board of the authority. The MD level medical services are out-sourced, however the nursing staff may be agency employees. You should contact the Meadowview office.

North Tazewell, VA

#49 Mar 6, 2010
There is GOOD and BAD at all jails WOW people
If your wanting to come home to be near ya family i think that's great i'm so tired of people get'n on here put'n Tazewell County down i was born and raised here and most on here run'n their mouths are being idiots if you dont like living here MOVE it's simple
Yes there's drug's here but you know what it's our an i said OUR as a community's fault
CALL ON SOMEONE YOU KNOW TURN THEIR BUTTS IN there goes one down then someone else do the same we'll eventually take our coutny back
I love it here and i know alot of people who work up there and they are nice so you come on home to ya family and dont worry bout there rest GOD will take care of you;)

North Tazewell, VA

#50 Mar 6, 2010
This is Redneck territory and WE LOVE IT HERE.........People are friendly dang we talk to anyone even the one's who think they are better than others lol
We can take time to smell the roses most people forget to just stop and breathe
Sure there's problems here but overall it's the best dang place to live in this whole wide world
I was born and raised here I LOVE IT........

Bristol, VA

#51 Mar 9, 2010
melissa wrote:
<quoted text> Well there is a place call appalachian correctional center in honaker. Its all right good pay state job its a boot camp for all ages and crimes. There"s also one at what they call pocahantos correctional center it's a federal prison. try them they also pay good. There's another one at what they call Keen mountain correctional center another prison..
What boot camp for all crimes and ages??? NOT//Male inmate must be over 18yrs of age,, and also a NON-violent offender with no history of escape or abscounding charges. and "federal in pocahontas" NOT... it is a state Va-DOC facility. the nearest Federal facility is Lee Co. VA super max fed... or Beckley... geez people do your damn homework before posting misinformed information

United States

#52 Mar 16, 2010
The jail was over populated WAY before it was even built lol throwing a ton of tax payers money down the drain and as for HS he's a joke too and the cops are RIDICULOUS yes i know not everyone is innocent but when you pull somebody over and you handcuff them just because they're trying to adjust their wrists is NO reason to BEAT them we need some decent officers in Tazewell co. the town police officers are really nice my favorites are Jeff white and Greg Lane

Oakwood, VA

#53 Mar 21, 2010
very crowded

North Tazewell, VA

#54 Mar 21, 2010
The sheriff no longer has anything to do with the jail, now that it's a regional one. In fact, he had nothing to do with designing or building it; that was Joe Johnson, the old reprobate who refused to allow the county to be part of building a regional jail instead.
no 1 spcl

King George, VA

#55 Mar 23, 2010
you people in tazewell really run down your little town , i love that little place i used to live there . i have family there get back down there every chance i get get out ... go some place to live i assure you , you will not be any better off

North Tazewell, VA

#56 Apr 10, 2010
one free criminal wrote:
tazewell co sucks, they lock up the young 2 hide their problems and if you can pay off the judges and lawyers you can actually sale dope, drive drunk(judge mullins)and laugh while your simple adddicts are denied treatment,but instead offered a nice long jail sentence to only get out more fuct up than befor their bid is up!!! truth sucks but so does our legal system
You said it! You are so right!
voice of justice

Murfreesboro, TN

#57 Oct 25, 2010
From experience the management of the jail is more criminal than those behind the bars. They have done much harm to many. If you are male you will get along better if you are a drunk or play the game, than if you are female. They don't take to female employee's and they get abused.
Not disgruntled as they would like people to believe just stating the full truth. If I were you I would stay totally away from these jerks
Released Tazewell Inmate

Port Republic, VA

#58 Apr 27, 2011
The Major name is Major Stanley and the Captain name is Captain Cunningham
Harry wrote:
Who's the boss?

Since: Feb 12

United States

#59 Feb 11, 2012
I had to do 2 months n dat jail casue I didn't do my liter pick up cause I worked 6 days a week from day lite to dark. They treat u like ui r nothin but shit n there. I know first hand. Its nasty has hell. About all the guards think there so much better then the inmates for real. But the only difference n the inmates and them r the inmates got caught and the co's didn't. Hell they had co' fu/kin the inmates bringing them drugs n and shit. I don't think people shoiuld have to go there unless they done a serious crime.
Slick mountain

North Tazewell, VA

#60 Feb 12, 2012
Man what junk. I like it here. Nice place to raise a family. I have lived in Tazewell 30 years. Raised 3 children. Worked hard. Been great. .

Tazewell, VA

#61 Feb 24, 2012
This town blows. All this county cares about it having docotrs giving out pills to anybody and there mother, not drug testing them , and knowing damn good and well they are sellig them . Having all of these ppeople in town turn into pill feans, and then aressting them and fineing them out of the ass. They let all of the sex offenders and wife beater run the streets, but if youhave pills its the end of the world. All this county cares about it intrapment and MONEY. This bitch is corupte. It's sicks

Greensboro, NC

#62 Feb 24, 2012
Well shedevilfox, did you expect a recliner with a TV, remote control and a buffett? You were in jail for goodness sake. You should never expect to be treated with respect. Its a place of discipline, not a resort. Sorry, just my opinion. I think half of what is wrong with the jail system is the inmates think they deserve some measure of respect or a good life in prison after they got to disregard the rules of society. Sorry, no sympathy here. My tax dollars are paying for enough of your crap, luxuries you can do without.

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