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#82 Apr 7, 2011
that there is a new CEO at PBE. First thing he needs to do is send Nancy Howell packing, and then shake a few more old timers who have been holding that place back. Good luck to the new guy.

Tazewell, VA

#83 Apr 7, 2011
Yeah - go Australia!
Hated pbe

Nashville, TN

#84 Apr 15, 2011
Ms Howell is the one who screwed me out of my insurance. I live near there, have for years, its like trying to drive backwards thru a nascar race when you're trying to go to anywhere when its time for PBE workers to be on the road. The little old ladies there treated me like scum when they found out I wasn't married when I had my 1st kid. Like they have any room to talk. Some of the guys found out I was married and tried to get me interested in them, when that failed, the too turned into brats. I've worked in call centers with many more employees of all different ages and PBE employees appear to me to be the most miserable and it felt like they were trying to take all those they can down with them. To the lunch theif, if you like PB-n-J so much, all you needed to do was ask and I'd share.

North Tazewell, VA

#85 Apr 15, 2011
Yes I have a sister that works out there I hear it is very horrible. Anyone ever think to go to the labor board over this sh*t?

Clay, WV

#86 Apr 21, 2011
Pyott Boone employees DO NOT trust anything Maggie Asbury says or does. She screwed people over at Kersey American LaFrance, Blue Ridge Wood and anywhere else she has ever worked. BEWARE of MAGGIE ASBURY- she will turn on you in a second.

Murfreesboro, TN

#87 Apr 21, 2011
So What is it she did that was so bad?

North Tazewell, VA

#88 Apr 29, 2011
So let us in on what Maggie Asbury has done at other jobs?
Stig 357

North Tazewell, VA

#89 Apr 29, 2011
I hear that if u go to Pyott Boone on a Satuday and go to the very back they make midgets fight for their lives! How cruel is that! Thats really sick! What the hell did those little guys do to you huh? My husband works out there and he said its awful! HE said when the midgets are done they feed the loser to a bog fat woman with a mustash!
Trashy Women

Lebanon, VA

#90 May 4, 2011
Zed wrote:
I worked there one summer and it wasn't THAT bad but it wasn't great either. I had went to vocational school for computer electronics and when I got on at PB I was hired as an inspector right out of training due to skills in soldering and passing everything in training with flying colors.
I met some awesome people working there and one that I later one worked with at Lowe's. I made my little click of friends and stayed out of other's drama.
The problems....
1. I am a guy and I felt as though it was a sexual harassment lawsuit just waiting to happen if you pissed off the right person because there are more women that work there than men.
2. The amount of drama was so unreal but I did manage to keep away from those types.
3. Get used to NO WINDOWS! It could be a beautiful day outside and you are stuck inside all day besides lunch and you can't see outside! It bothered me but it may not bother you. LOL!
4. Tedious. Tedious. TEDIOUS WORK! if you have bad eyesight and cant stand doing repetitive work this is not for you. Some days my eyes would cross so bad looking through the microscope at wire ends all day! Sometimes having to count and measure over 500+ individual wires.
5. Smells. Rubbing alcohol, chemical cleaners to remove flux from soldering, melted flux, solder smoke and water proofing fumes... some days I left there with migraines.
6. My manager could have been Satan's mother.
7. The mandatory overtime on the weekends that would just "pop up" out of not where.
8. Would not (at the time) work around a college schedule.
The reason I left was the fact they would not work with me (when I worked there in 2002 so it may have changed) on a college schedule and the fact most days I left with a headache so bad it was hard to drive home.
It's not a bad place to work per say and it's like any place... just avoid the drama, like repetitive work and be immune to chemical smells and you will be ok.
Who was your manager? I worked there for a little while too.
The Squirrel

Johnson City, TN

#91 Jun 2, 2011
Pyott Boone is Satans home. If you get injured at work they spend time and money trying not to compensate you. Bob Sluss is the worst manager on the face of the earth. My advice is "never work there" you do assembly work for minimum wage and everyone is ill all the time. We stay for the insurance and well they don't benefit you very much either.

Greer, SC

#92 Jun 3, 2011
I must say I truly enjoyed working at good ole PB. Was my first job out of college, and they put me through the ringer. Learned a LOT and made a ton of friends. Folks, EVERY company has their secret spots and likes & dislikes, but it was a job I was thankful to have. Take your falls and keep going. One thing I do NOT miss.......that Senior and his tantrums. Do miss lunch with all the boys, though.

Mocksville, NC

#93 Aug 31, 2011
Worked at PBE for longer than most of you have been alive! There is lots of drama, but there are some of the finest people you could ever meet, too! If you have a problem, then take it through channels. If you don't like the results, then go to Maggie. If that doesn't suit you, live with it, or quit. Quit your gripe session, and DO something about your problems!

United States

#94 Aug 31, 2011
The Squirrel wrote:
Pyott Boone is Satans home. If you get injured at work they spend time and money trying not to compensate you. Bob Sluss is the worst manager on the face of the earth. My advice is "never work there" you do assembly work for minimum wage and everyone is ill all the time. We stay for the insurance and well they don't benefit you very much either.
So you must have been one that didn't your job. Tried to fluff off and get paid for nothing right? Use every second of your goal hours and never went above what was required of you. How could you say that about Bob. he is the funniest, nicest bosses I have ever had but then again I do my job and do it well too and have had nothing but good evaluations from him. Quit.... if it's that bad.. quit... we don't need your negativity around us anyway.

Cherryville, NC

#95 Aug 31, 2011
thinkintomuch wrote:
Is it pretty light work at this place? I mean is it just assembly line type sit down work? Could they accommodate someone with disabilities is they needed a sit down type job. I have assembly line experience but can't be on my feet 8 plus hours a day... do you know if there hiring? Whats the starting pay? Health insurance any good? How long till it goes into effect after starting? I've read this blog long enough to know about the drama that goes on there but I could care less about that so please don't start telling me about the crap that goes on. I want to work, get my check and get the hell out, don't need no more drama in my life, I have my own soap opera. Please don't take me wrong I'm not a crotch I just know how "Topix" is about bashin the crap outta people.
How about you go there and ask all these questions.
The Watcher

North Tazewell, VA

#96 Aug 31, 2011
Pyott Boone A place where there are really fine people and not everyone there is bad dont ever think that. There are alot of hard working people out there who work hard and get paid less than people than people at Wendys.

I work in mining and there has been alot of changes there lately. I have seen people here lately quit cause their nerves are just shot and the stress of just being there is just to much. And trust me its not the job its self.

We have to many people there who claim to know what they are doing and very few that really know what the hell is going on. I watch one woman from across the room work her a$$ off while Karen and Bob Sluss sit on their lays A$$es and watch the world go by or in the case of Bob Sluss fall asleep at his desk and have the nerve to fire that one poor guy for the same thing. And yes it happens.

We are loosing to many good people and are about to loose alot more thanks to people in positions who should have never been put there in the first place.

Peggy, Dorris, or Carlina should have been put in the positions Bob and Karen are in. But from what Ive seen in the last year Bosses dont last long there anyways.
Fellow Employee

Newburg, MD

#97 Oct 2, 2011
I've been working at PB for about 5 months now, When I first started I had a real rough time, gettin hell from every which way. After my 90 days, It completely turned around, I don't have any problems with anyone. Of course there will be drama anywhere you go, that's life. There will always be immature ppl no matter how old they are. Benefits are ok, they don't suck and they aren't great but this is the only job I've ever had that you can "make up hours". I find that very useful. As for the sex stuff, yea there is flirting going on, but again that happens everywhere too, I've never heard or seen anything to that extent (stuff happening in break rooms and whatnot) I honestly enjoy my job there and I love the ppl around me, they're great! I believe im on the best line in Mining (getting along with everyone wise) Bob is alright, I've haven't had problems with him, he's understanding and is always smiling. My supervisor is alright to, he/she may have her moments, but I believe she means well. I think PB is a bad place to work at all.
Fellow Employee

Newburg, MD

#98 Oct 2, 2011
Blah, Is NOT a bad place to work...

United States

#99 Oct 8, 2011
I agree Fellow Employee.... I really need to go back. I recently quit in mining due to family issues but on extremely good terms with everyone... I too am a Bob fan, he's a good guy if you work like your suppose too he respects you and recognizes a job well done. I've done my fair share of silly stuff and got in trouble for it (misuse of company them dam stick people are hard to get outta yur mind when you gotta play with Q-tips all I guess what I'm trying to say is I MISS YOU GUYS!!!! You were some of the best people to hang out with all day long... Minie Mouse... oh I mean Karen, she's a trip.... she's got your back when your in a jam... many the times she's helped me outta a pinch (when i mess something up she's more than willing to help me fix it or at least kept an open mind when i bitched to her about Good times... good times...

Greenville, SC

#100 Oct 16, 2011
ive been at pbe for 7b years and i know who neighbor is with the love my job however the big dogs need to take some advice from the pups..we do know what we r talking about sometimes and it wouldnt hurt to listen far as the new guy(Stu) hes ok..i would say he doesnt know a lot that goes on out their (the big dogs arent going to tell him)...he needs to have a 1 on 1 day for the employees to go and talk with him and let him know the problems and the ones that go to him wont suffer and concenquences when they do.....some people need their jobs and scared to speak up.........anyways thats my opinion
Crappy Job

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#101 Oct 21, 2011
I would tell anyone not to get a job at Pyott-Boone. They never tell anyone inside the company if there are job openings. The pay is crap. The work we do there we should get starting out 10 dollars a hour. But you barely get over min wage. Ask just about anyone that works there. They will tell you.
Wondering wrote:
Pyott-Boone Electronics seeking a qualified
A great opportunity for advancement by joining a team where we pay 85% of employees
medical coverage as well as paid Life Insurance and Short Term Disability. PBE also offers a matching 401-k, vacation, personal days, 9 paid holidays.
High School graduate required. Preferably Business or Engineering degree. Must be able to provide administrative and office support to our entire Sales Team. Strong communication skills both written and oral as well as computer with Microsoft Office and Auto-Cad required. Must be dependable, detail orientated and able to work in a fast paced environment. Prior Sales Office experience a plus.
Applicants must be able to pass pre-employment Drug Screening.
E-mail cover letters and resumes to

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